How to Prepare For PTE Speaking: Read-Aloud

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How to Prepare For PTE Speaking: Read-Aloud

The PTE exam is conducted with the objective of testing the candidates’ English language proficiency in 4 different sections. These sections are; Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Read-Aloud is a sub-section under the PTE Speaking section, where candidates have to read a given text and then speak that content louder, just like a native speaker. For a lot of candidates, the PTE Speaking Read-Aloud section because a difficult and tricky task, because here candidates have to read all the words and pronounce and speak in the right order like a native speaker. Under this section, candidates are given scores for both reading and speaking.

Exam NamePTE
Full FormPearson Test of English
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Application FeeINR 15,900
Sections or PartsThree (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking)

PTE Speaking: Read Aloud

Under this section of the PTE Speaking, candidates will be given audio, and to prepare their response, candidates will be given 30-40 seconds. After the end of the recording, you have to start speaking immediately. Do not start speaking after the microphone opens, because then your voice will not be recorded. Candidates who will are able to read the sentence properly without any mistakes, and whose response is fluent, with correct pronunciation, then you will get better scores.

Below are some tips mentioned, which will help you in preparing for the PTE Speaking; Read Aloud.

Tips to Prepare for PTE Read-Aloud

Here are some tips to prepare for the PTE Speaking Read-Aloud.

Increase Reading Speed

For getting through the PTE Read-Aloud, candidates should have a habit of reading fast. This will help you in saving time, as time is very crucial in the entire PTE exam. Within seconds, you have to read the entire question text. For this, you can begin by reading newspapers by setting a timer on your stopwatch. In the PTE exam, you will be given 30-40 seconds to record your response. Prepared accordingly.

Pick Words You Can Emphasize

When we speak in our natural form, we usually highlight the words that carry information. We put stress on these important words which is a sign of good speaking ability. This indicates that you know which part of the sentence or question is important and that you have the skills to carry on that information to others. For improving this skill, start by picking 4-5 words from each sentence you read daily.

Understanding the Text

If you understand what you are reading or listening to, the better you will be able to provide your response accurately. Whatever is said in the text, it’s not necessary that you understand each and everything, but it will definitely help you in deciding which text is more important and which is not. Whenever you are listening to some audio, try to scan the texts and understand what is being said. This will influence the way you say words whose meaning you don’t know.

Know How to Sound Out Words

You will be given only 30-40 seconds to prepare your response. This means that you have to understand how to sound out words so that your response is complete within the time limit. During your practice time, try to scan words that you don’t understand and don’t know their meanings. Sound out those words repetitively, to make sure you get through this part of the exam.

Speak in Larger Chunks

When you are good at a particular language, you can easily read and speak a bigger part of a sentence. To convey the same impression in the English language, you have to make sure that you speak a sentence in a single try. When you are practising for Read-Aloud, start by speaking 4-5 words together, and then gradually increase that number. Do not set a fixed pattern and always try to increase the number of words in a single try.

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How can I score more in the PTE Speaking; Read-Aloud?

Candidates appearing for the PTE exam should focus on things like Timed Reading, Understanding Text, Sound Out Words, trying to Speak in Larger Chunks and focusing on words you can emphasize. For more tips to score more in the PTE exam Speaking; Reading-Aloud, go through this blog.

Is the PTE exam application fee refundable?

No. the application fee for the PTE exam is non-refundable. If any candidate has provided any false information in his or her application form, then his or her application will be rejected and the candidates have to apply again and pay the application fee, which is INR 15,900.

What is the time limit for the PTE Speaking and Writing section?

The first part of the PTE exam, Speaking and Writing, is 54-67 minutes long and this part contains seven question types. This part is the longest in the PTE exam. You will be given scores based on your speaking and writing skills, where you have to use the English language.

For students or any other candidate who wants to study abroad or for a job, the PTE exam is compulsory in many countries. This exam tests candidates’ English language proficiency in four different sections; Reading, listening, Speaking and Writing.

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