PTE Daily Speaking Task 18 (Image)

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PTE Daily Speaking Task 18 (Image)

Q-  Look at the image below. In 25 seconds, please speak into the microphone and describe the details that the image is showing. You will have 40 seconds to give your response. 

Ans- The Great Pyramid of Giza, depicted in this image, showcases a triangular design with a height of 146 meters and a base width of 230 meters. Accessible from the bottom, the entrance leads to a grand gallery, followed by the queen’s chamber. Situated above the queen’s chamber is the king’s chamber, featuring a stepped construction at the rear. At the top, there is a ventilation shaft that traverses a 30-meter-long void structure. In summary, despite its apparent simplicity, this renowned pyramid exhibits an intricate and elaborate architectural composition.


Check out the audio sample of this answer below.👇

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