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bcom in usa

The U.S.A. provides high-quality and flexible education. Moreover, the country has an excellent support system for international students and is incredibly diverse. Hence, pursuing B.com from the U.S. is a great idea. As a B.com student in the U.S., you will get to learn commerce, trade, economy, and related concepts in a detailed manner. In this blog, you’ll find everything related to B.com in USA.


Why Study B.Com in the U.S.A?

The top reasons why students choose to pursue B.ccom in USA are as follows:

  • The USA has some of the best QS-ranked universities 
  • High demand for professionals with an understanding of commerce
  • Enjoy the cultural diversity and lively campus life that the university offers
  • Have a successful career after completing B.com

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Top Universities for B.com in the U.S.A

These are the best universities for B.com in USA:

The University nameInstitution TypeQs World Ranking 2023Qs Subject Ranking 2022ProgramAnnual Average Fee
University of Notre DamePrivate 243123Bachelor in commerce (Finance)43500 USD / INR 3450970
Cornell UniversityPrivate2036B.com50900 USD / INR 4038031
University of MarylandPublic164161B.com (Finance)30000 USD / INR 2379979
Colorado State UniversityPublic40811B.com (Economics)$25300/INR 2007116
University of California Public235151B.A in Business Economics, B.A Business Informatics15000 – 20000 USD / INR 11 Lakhs – 15 Lakhs

The University of Notre Dame

It is an excellent choice for pursuing B.com in the U.S. It comes under the best business universities in the world. The University of Notre Dame equips its students with both conceptual and technical skills in commerce. You will be able to build a strong foundation in business and finance with 8 courses. It includes Accounting, Business IT, Economics, Business Law, Business Communication, Principles of Management, and Marketing.

Cornell University

Pursuing Bcom from Cornell University will enable you to solve the economic challenges of the world. You will be educated on business principles and management techniques. Moreover, you will be able to learn about business analytics, Marketing,  Investment Banking, and accounting laws in the course.

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is known as one of the best universities for teaching programs. Here, the students will get real-world experience with concepts of commerce, finance, accounting, and business management from top faculty members.

Colorado State University

It comes among the best BCom colleges in USA. Students opting for further studies at Colorado State university will be able to learn extensively about economic concepts, World Business Laws, Trade, Finance, and Investment banking. The university gives importance to both practical and theoretical learning. Students can also take advantage of the various internship opportunities that are included in the curriculum.

University of California 

The University of California helps students to cover all important aspects of commerce. For example, Principles of Economics, Public Theory, and Global Economy. You can increase your knowledge of concepts such as Business informatics, Business Analytics, Business Administration, Marketing, Banking, and Finance. You will also be able to take advantage of the internship opportunities and projects for overall development offered by the university.

B.Com in USA: Syllabus

B.Com general subjects are as follows

2.Financial Systems
4.Business Management
5.Financial Accounting
6.Business Economics
7.Company Law
8.Cost Accounting
11.Financial Economics
12.Management and Information Systems
14.Organizational Management

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B.com in USA: Eligibility Criteria 

These are the requirements to study B.com in USA for Indian students.

  • High school qualification- A high school qualification with at least 60% marks is required as B.com admission eligibility. 
  • English language proficiency– Students have to show proof of English language proficiency. For this purpose, they can take up exams like IELTS and TOEFL. 
  • U.S. student Visa and Passport are other requirements that a student would have to fulfil.
  • Study Gap- A justified gap of 2-3 years is accepted by the universities 
English proficiency TestMinimum Marks Required

Documents Required 

The following are the documents required for applying to universities. 

S.NoDocuments Required
1Academic transcript
23 LOR (Letter Of Recommendation)
3SOP (Statement Of Purpose)
4Standardised test score
5English language proficiency score 
6U.S.A study permit 
7Copies of passport
8Passport size photos
9Your updated Resume
10Extracurricular certificates

B.com in USA: Application Process 

The application process for applying to the universities in the USA is as follows:

  • First of all, you would have to be clear about the degree and the specialization that you want to pursue.
  • Next, check the official websites of the universities and colleges that are offering the program.
  • Look for the eligibility criteria and the admission process of the respective colleges
  • Next, fill out the application form and submit the scanned documents, pay the application fee and wait for a response from the university 
  • When you get selected you will be given an acceptance letter. You would also receive a call for an interview 
  • Once you clear the interview you can pay your tuition fees and enrol yourself in the university 

B.com in USA: Cost Of Study

The USA college fees for Indian students vary from university to university. It depends upon whether you are pursuing your studies at a public or private institution. The course that you have selected also plays an important role in it. The living expenses in the US for international students are completely dependent upon the lifestyle of the student. Here, is an estimate of the cost of the study and living expenses in the U.S.

Cost Of Study$25000 to $75000  (INR 20.6- 62 lakh)
Cost Of Living900-1000 USD  per month (INR 74,509- 82,788 lakh)

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These are the scholarship for Bcom in USA in 2022 that Indian students can avail 

Scholarship NameTypeB.com scholarship amount
Tata scholarship- Cornell Univesity Need-basedVariable
Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai scholarshipMerit-based$150,000 
BrokerFish International student scholarship Merit-based$1,000 (INR 82,787)
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial ScholarshipMerit-based Variable
QS ScholarshipsMerit-based Variable 
VueVille Future Technology ScholarshipMerit-based $1,000 (INR 82,787)
Innovation in education scholarshipMerit-based $500 (INR 41,347)
Go clean scholarship Merit-based $3,500 ( INR 286649)
Presidential Premier- Florida  International universityMerit-based Fully funded
Libermann Scholarship, Duquesne UniversityMerit-based 5000 USD – 22000 USD
( INR 4.13 -18.21 lakh)

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B.com in USA: Job prospects 

Here is the job list and salary after completing B.com in USA. 

Job positionAverage Job Salary
Accountant60500 USD
Marketing Manager50000 USD
Financial Analyst81000 USD
Operations Manager103000 USD


Which country is best for B.com?

The United States Of America is the best country for B.com. It has a  total of 14 universities from the top 50 best institutions for business and management studies.

Which type of B.Com has the highest salary?

A Bachelor of Commerce in corporate law has the highest salary.

Is B.Com harder than BBA?

B.com is course-specific and BBA is best for those who want to develop skills in management.

Pursuing B.com from the USA is a great idea. It will provide you with high-quality education and better job prospects. Need assistance with studying abroad? Call us at 1800 572 000 and book our free 30 min counselling session.

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