PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition: Courses, Scope, Fees

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PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition

PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition is the practical and theoretical study of food science, food management, diet therapy, and nutrition. This post-graduate course is available for international students at some of the top universities in the world. Individuals with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Food Science/Technology, Home Science, Microbiology, and Biology are eligible to enrol in this course. The focus of the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition is to prepare students for career options as Nutrition Consultants, Dieticians, Product Managers, etc. To amass more knowledge in nutrition-related subjects, PGDip degree holders can also pursue other postgraduate and doctoral courses. 

Why Choose a PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition?

A Post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition empowers enrolled students to research and gain employment in the field of dietetics and nutrition. This course equips students to meet the demands of this domain by teaching them about different aspects of nutrition and equipping them with research, community engagement, and management skills. This course is a culmination of practical and theoretical knowledge and internship experiences in this Science stream. By the end of this programme, Diploma holders will be able to become a dietician with knowledge of nutrition, food, and nutrition-related topics. 

PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition Abroad

International students can obtain a seat in Post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition courses at numerous universities abroad. To procure admission to this programme, an individual must establish that they meet all the academic requirements and possess the mandatory documents. 

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Top Universities

PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition is available in the following universities in Australia, the UK, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand:

Universities Courses QS World University Rankings 2023
University of Nottingham, UK PGDip Nutritional Sciences; PGDip Clinical Nutrition 114
University of Glasgow, UK PGDip Human Nutrition-Clinical Nutrition 81
University of Chester, UK PGDip Exercise and Nutrition Science
Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK PGDip Dietetics
University of Roehampton, UK PGDip Clinical Nutrition
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK PGDip Human Nutrition 801-1000
University of Canberra, Australia PGDip in Nutritional Science 511-520
Bond University, Australia PGDip in Nutrition 481
University of Otago, New Zealand PGDip in Science-Human Nutrition 217
University College Cork, Ireland PGDip in Nutritional Sciences 303
Continental College, Canada OCDip Nutrition and Food Service Management


PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition fees in some of the world-renowned universities is tabulated below:

Universities Course Fees
University of Nottingham GBP 19,133 (INR 19.59 Lakh)
University of Glasgow GBP 29,370 (INR 30.07 Lakh)
University of Canberra AUD 32,000 (INR 17.74 Lakh)
University of Roehampton GBP 16,500 (INR 16.89 Lakh)
Bond University AUD 36,560 (INR 20.27 Lakh)
University of Otago NZD 40,952 (INR 21.18 Lakh)
Manchester Metropolitan University GBP 16,500 (INR 16.89 Lakh)
Cardiff Metropolitan University GBP 32,000 (INR 32.76 Lakh)
University of Chester GBP 13,450 (INR 13.77 Lakh)
University College Cork EUR 18,490 (INR 16.59 Lakh)
Continental College USD 12,247 (INR 10.05 Lakh)

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Eligibility Criteria

To enrol in a PGDip Clinical Nutrition course in a foreign university, an individual must fulfil the below-mentioned requirements: 

  • They/she/he must have completed 10+2 with Science majors in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Biotechnology.
  • They/she/he must have an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Biology, Home Science, Food Science, or Microbiology from a recognised university.
  • They/she/he must have achieved the minimum score in the accepted English Proficiency Test.
  • They/she/he must have a valid passport. 

Application Process

Applying for PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition abroad is an exhaustive process. Details of the application and admission processes are available on the website of universities. However, to save oneself from all the doubts and paperwork, one can reach out to experts at Leverage Edu. We will assist you in the following steps:

Required Documents

The applicant must ensure that they produce the following documents to initiate the application and complete the admission process:


PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition is the combined study of nutrition, health, and diseases. All universities aim to impart knowledge about food management in this course. Each academic institution has a unique curriculum, based on the subjects mentioned below:

  • Food Science
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Community Nutrition
  • Food cost and Quality control
  • Nutrition via developmental steps
  • Functional Foods
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Food Service Management
  • Food Chemistry
  • Public Health
  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Preservation
  • Patient Counselling
  • Diet Counselling
  • Food Packaging
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Family Meal Planning
  • Dietetics
  • Maternal Health
  • Infant Health

Career Scope

After completion of the PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, degree holders can either opt to go for higher studies or gain employment. Given below are the academic route and job prospects for the career advancement of these Diploma holders.

Higher Education

If an individual wishes to continue in this academic domain, they/she/he can either opt for MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics or MA in Food Nutrition. By enrolling in either of these Master’s courses, a person can further pursue an MPhil or PhD in the same field and engage in teaching or research work. 

Job Prospects

PG Diploma holders in this domain can land a job in private and public hospitals; schools, colleges, and universities; clinics; health and sports clubs; mass media; food catering services; research and development centres; food production companies; restaurants; and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Some of the most common fresher jobs and respective salaries are displayed in the table given below:

Job Titles Average Annual Salary in
the USA
Average Annual Salary in
the UK
Average Annual Salary in
Average Annual Salary in
Clinical Dietician $63,555
(INR 52.21 lakh)
(INR 42.12 lakh)
A$99,800 (
INR 55.4 lakh)
INR 2.4 lakh
Community Dietician $58,779
(INR 48.28 lakh)
(INR 49.08 lakh) 
(INR 47.35 lakh)
INR 4 lakh
Consultant Dietician  $62,127
(INR 51.03 lakh)
(INR 46.73 lakh)
(INR 47.35 lakh)
INR 6 lakh
Management Dietician $59,945
(INR 49.24 lakh)
(INR 34.10 lakh)
A$85,000 (INR47.17 lakh) INR 7 lakh
Nutrition Research Scientist $82,691
(INR 67.93 lakh)
(INR 37 lakh)
(INR 47.39 lakh)
INR 5.12 lakh
Product Manager $1,17,437
(INR 96.5 lakh)
(INR 63.75 lakh)
(INR 69.65 lakh)
INR 11 lakh

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Q.1. Is a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition a good career option?

Ans: A Diploma or a PG Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition can help a degree holder land a job as a Clinical Dietician, Product Manager, Consultant Dietician, Community Dietician, Management Dietician, and Nutrition Research Scientist.

Q.2. What is PG Diploma in Nutrition?

Ans: A PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition is the practical and theoretical study of food science, food management, diet therapy, and nutrition.

Q.3. Is a clinical nutritionist a doctor?

Ans: A clinical nutritionist is not a doctor, but, he/she/they work in close association with physicians, surgeons, gynaecologists, and paediatricians to guide patients and individuals about their nutrition and dietary requirements.

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