One Month GMAT Study Plan: How to Crack the GMAT in Less than 30 Days?

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One Month GMAT Study Plan: Scoring 700+ on the GMAT is no easy feat and may even seem like an insurmountable task to many. However, a well-planned, streamlined study plan can be a godsend that can help you ace the GMAT with flying colors. It can provide you with the support and confidence to clear your GMAT with distinction. If you are looking for such a study plan or wish to create your own one-month study plan, then worry no more. In this article, we have shared everything you need to know about a one-month GMAT study plan and how to create one. That being said, read the article to learn more.

Name of the Exam GMAT 
Duration 3 Hours 7 Minutes 
Sections 4
Score Range 200-800
Questions 80

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How to prepare for GMAT in 1 month? 

One month may seem a short span of time for you to prepare for the GMAT exam. However, with efficient planning and on-point execution, such a feat will look like a minuscule task to you. When the time is limited, it is imperative that you take a focused approach to your preparation. Precise planning can be your key to success in this case. Continue reading to understand how you can prepare for the GMAT in the limited time available. 

  1. Devising a comprehensive study plan and adhering to it can help you streamline your preparation and achieve your goals more quickly.
  2. Effective time management can be your key to preparing for the GMAT within a month. It can help you organize and manage your study hours efficiently, allowing you to save precious time and energy for revisions. It can also guide you towards focusing on areas that require more attention and improvement.
  3. Solve as many sample papers as possible. Doing so will not only help you understand the format of the exam and its nuances but will also help you identify and rectify your own shortcomings. 
  4. Reading regularly will enhance your vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills, which are crucial for the verbal section of the GMAT. Apart from that, brush up on your basic maths concepts, including geometry, algebra, and arithmetic, to improve your performance in the quantitative section of the GMAT. 
  5. Consistent practice is essential for identifying your strengths and weaknesses, developing effective test-taking strategies, and improving your overall GMAT score. In other words, the more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll become with the test format and the types of questions you’ll be asked.

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Study GMAT in One Month (Sample Plan) 

Here’s a comprehensive GMAT one-month study plan to help you crack the GMAT. 

GMAT Study Plan For Weeks 1 – 2

  • Devote the first two weeks of your preparation to thoroughly understanding the format of the GMAT exam and its nuances. This will provide you with a solid grasp of the exam’s marking scheme, the types of questions to expect, the appropriate time allocation for each question, and the overall difficulty level. Familiarising yourself with these aspects will enhance your overall GMAT experience.
  • Solving numerous sample papers will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. By identifying areas that require improvement, you can focus your efforts on rectifying your shortcomings. Implementing time constraints while practicing will bolster your ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure. This practice will boost your confidence in tackling challenging questions within a specified time frame. 
  • Refer to the best available prep books to enhance your core concepts. Ensure that you purchase books that are authored by notable authors, contain the latest information, are aligned with the current curriculum, and come bundled with many sample papers.

 GMAT Study Plan For Weeks 3 – 4

The last two weeks of GMAT preparation must be spent on tweaks and revisions. Here’s how you should spend your third and fourth weeks of GMAT preparation:

  1. Study GMAT Vocabulary

Cultivate a habit of daily reading. Immerse yourself in a variety of written materials, including articles, novels, and so on. This practice will not only expand your vocabulary but also refine your grammar skills. Additionally, watch or listen to English content such as podcasts, movies, and television shows. This immersion will enhance your understanding of how words and phrases are correctly employed in everyday contexts. Even if you encounter unfamiliar vocabulary, exposing yourself to its usage in natural conversations will provide valuable insights into its meaning and appropriate application.

  1. Study GMAT Mathematics

Strengthen your maths fundamentals to achieve a higher score in the Quantitative section of the GMAT. Focus on topics such as algebra, geometry, and word problems to enhance your chances of achieving a better score. Sharpen your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions through logical reasoning.

Best Books for GMAT Preparation in One Month 

Refer to the following table to purchase the best GMAT preparation books. These books will help you prepare for the exam in one month. 

Name of the Book Name of the Author/Publisher PricePurchase Link 
GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024 BundleGMACINR 4,999Click Here
All The GmatManhattan PrepINR 9,498Click Here 
GMAT Prep Plus 2022-2023Kaplan Test PrepINR 8,478Click Here 
GMAT Prep Book 2022-2023: GMAT Study Guide SecretsMometrix Test Prep INR 2,166Click Here 
Gmat Official Advanced QuestionGMACINR 1,417Click Here 

Individuals who wish to pursue their higher education in the domains of business and administration must definitely sit for the GMAT exam. Most prominent business schools around the globe accept GMAT scores; therefore, you must aim to score a respectable score to enhance your chances of gaining admission into business schools abroad. You can prepare for the GMAT within a month by creating a comprehensive study plan, which you should adhere to achieve better results within such a short span of time.

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Q1. How to prepare for GMAT in a month? 

Ans. You can prepare for the GMAT in a month by creating a comprehensive study guide, solving numerous sample papers, putting time restrictions whilst preparing, reading more, and by honing your mathematical skills. 

Q2. What are the best books for GMAT preparation? 

Ans. GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024 Bundle, All The Gmat, GMAT Prep Plus 2022-2023, GMAT Prep Book 2022-2023: GMAT Study Guide Secrets, and Gmat Official Advanced Question are some of the best books for GMAT preparation. You can refer to these books to prepare for the GMAT within a month. 

Q3. What is the scoring range of the GMAT? 

Ans. 200-800 is the scoring range of the GMAT Exam. 

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