PTE Essay Writing- Scoring Pattern & Structure

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PTE Essay Writing- Scoring Pattern & Structure

The PTE exam is divided into four parts: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Essay writing is one of the most challenging parts of the writing section. The PTE essay writing task is designed to assess your language, grammar, vocabulary, and written communication skills. As a result, it’s critical that you grasp a good knowledge of the PTE Essay Writing- Scoring Pattern & Structure and know how to attempt it before taking the exam.


Essay writing can be one of the most difficult tasks that send chills down the spines of test takers. This is true not just for non-native speakers, but also for native speakers. Writing a 300-word essay in under 20 minutes needs a lot of practice. However, paying attention to details and practising might lead to favourable results.

Examination NamePearson Test of English Academic 
Short Name of the ExaminationPTE-A
Examination Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Level of ExamUniversity Level Exam
Application ModeOnline
Exam ModeOnline
Duration of Exam3 Hours

PTE Essay Writing- Scoring Pattern & Structure 

To get the desired essay writing score, you must first comprehend the PTE Essay Writing- Scoring Pattern & Structure and the PTE Essay Writing format and the specific traits which an examiner looks for in the essay. The following are the seven components that attribute to the structure on which your essay is graded:


The test taker’s response to the question is evaluated based on the following content aspects: relevance, the inclusion of supporting data, acceptable examples, and adequate explanations. The trait is graded from 0 to 3.

Formal Requirement

The length (i.e. word count) of the answer is referred to as a formal requirement. The optimal word count for a response is 200 to 300 words. Candidate should keep in mind that any response that is lesser than 120 words or higher than 380 words is rejected and the candidate will receive a 0 score.

Development, Structure, and Coherence

The demonstration of concepts, ideas, and logical structure in response is used to grade development, structure, and coherence. The trait is graded from 0 to 2.


For a perfect score, the response must be grammatically accurate. There should be no grammatical errors and the phrases should be completely understandable. It is scored in the range of 0 to 2.

General Linguistic Range

This trait is assessed and scored based on how well the response reflects the test taker’s thinking. The response must illustrate concepts clearly, with adequate focus on key features and the elimination of any ambiguity. The trait is graded from 0 to 2.


If the essay exhibits a good lexical range, the test taker’s vocabulary is considered good. Idioms, phrases, and colloquial language must be used effectively in the response. The trait is graded from 0 to 2.


Candidates must pay special emphasis on spelling. They should ensure that all words in the answer are spelt correctly and that there are no or few typing errors. This trait is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 2. 

The scoring for all 7 attributes is concluded here in the tale below:

Traits Marks 
Formal requirement 0-2
Development, structure, coherence0-2
Linguistic Range0-2
Spellings 0-2

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Write Your Essay in Three Easy Stages

Now that you have understood the PTE Essay Writing- Scoring Pattern & Structure, you must also know what the essay demands. We will show you how to write it in three simple steps so that you get a good grade.

Consider the Prompt and Make a Plan

Before you begin, we urge that you review the prompt to ensure that you have all of the necessary information. Check what the question is asking you to do, such as agree or disagree with a statement. Furthermore, consider the topic, the main aspects to discuss, and the arguments that you need to provide.

Planning is an important aspect of the exam since it will help you write the essay more quickly. You may draft up a basic outline of the material and structure you want your essay to have. You might wish to jot down a few ideas regarding the perspective or ideas you’d want to include.

You can format your essay as follows:

Introduction – introduce the topic and any relevant facts.

1st paragraph – one supporting concept for your case

Paragraph 2 – add another point to your case or make a counter-argument

Conclusion – a brief overview of your ideas that lead to your conclusion and why you came to that conclusion.

Writing the Essay 

It’s time to get started now that you’ve made your plan and know what you’re going to write.

Your essay should be readable and without grammatical errors.  This entails providing explicit explanations, eliminating ambiguities and communicating main ideas.

You should also showcase your vocabulary and grammatical skills. If you successfully use advanced phrase structures and terminology, you are more likely to obtain a better grade.

Idiomatic terms and colloquialisms will help you score higher, but don’t use too many since they may detract from your academic approach. Don’t repeat your words.

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You should double-check your essay before pressing the ‘next’ button. Allow yourself a few minutes, in the end, to check for misspellings, proper punctuation, and proper grammar.

But that’s not all; you should also ensure that you have addressed the prompt’s question. Ensure that you have explained your point and reached a meaningful conclusion.  Finally, ensure that the overall flow of your essay is smooth and that the word count is between 200 and 300 words.


What is the PTE Academic exam passing score?

There is no PTE Academic passing score. The minimum score would be established by the college to which you are applying as a student.

Which sections are covered in the PTE 2023 exam’s writing & speaking sections?

Candidates would get 55 to 67 minutes for the Speaking & Writing sections, which will cover categories such as re-tell lectures, essay writing, and so on.

PTE exam results are valid for how many years?

The PTE exam results are valid for up to 2 years.

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