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Hey There! If you are a Nigerian Student who is struggling to plan out your studies in the UK, you are in the right place. Right from the reasons to choose Uk for the higher education, the best UK universities to settling there, we will cover everything. Moving to a whole different place for higher education can be a tough journey. The country may offer you a bright future once you complete your studies. However, when you newly shift there, you may face various issues, in terms of finding a new university, finding the best comfortable home option for you, emotional disbalance, and various other things.


But you are not alone in this journey; we have covered every possible aspect, from finding the right university options to finding comfortable properties We have made the list in the given blog. Read the article to learn more about it.


Why Choose the UK for Higher Education?

There are various reasons to choose the United Kingdom to pursue higher education. The primary reason is that the UK is known for its high standards and prestigious degrees. Consistently ranking one of the four universities in the world is present in the UK. 

In addition, it opens the door for Nigerian students to make friends in a foreign country, learn about their cultures, and other opportunities. You can also explore some other additional benefits below!

  • Globally Recognized Qualifications
  • Shorter Courses
  • Culturally Diverse
  • Work While You Study
  • Improve Your English
  • Explore Europe

Best UK Universities for Nigerian Students

There are various best universities in the United Kingdom for Nigerian students, the list is included in the given blog along with their tuition fees.

You can choose from the exclusive list of the universities below!

University Average Annual Tuition Fees
University of Chester£14,250
Ulster University£12,890
University of Buckingham£12,600
Teesside University£10,750
University of Bolton£9,000 
University of Cumbria£13,350
University Of Dundee£9,250
University of Suffolk£9,250
University of Hull£14,250

Prepare for Studying in the UK: Step-by-Step Guide

The process of studying in the UK involves multiple steps including researching the universities and their courses. Also, when applying to these UK universities, you need to follow a step-by-step process. Further, you may also require financial assistance in terms of scholarships or other financial aid to support your studies in the UK. 

To prepare all these things, you can use the given stated information for the same.

Researching Universities and Courses

There are ample the universities in UK that provide the best education and also promise you a bright future. Before taking admission to any of these universities, you should explore each and every detail about the same. 

Applying to UK Universities

Once you shortlist the university, you should start applying for the desired course in which you want to take admission. For that process, you can go to the websites of the universities and get the whole process there. 

Securing Scholarships and Financial Aid

While paying the admission fees for the same, you will need a scholarship to support your financial burden. However, to get any scholarship you should meet the eligibility criteria for the same. Additionally, you can explore the list of available scholarships in the Uk along with the eligibility criteria.

Scholarship NameUniversityGrant DetailsEligibility Criteria
Vice Chancellor’s Africa ScholarshipUniversity of Dundee£5,000 ( Max £25,000 for 5 years)Currently residing in an African country
Academic Excellence ScholarshipUniversity of Suffolk£2,000High school graduates
International ScholarshipNottingham Trent UniversityUp to 50% tuition feeInterview required
Commonwealth ScholarshipVarious Universities in UKTuition, travel, living expensesStrong academic record, leadership potential
Chevening ScholarshipVarious Universities in UKTuition fees, stipend, travel costs, visa2+ years work experience, unconditional offer from UK university

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Prepare Documents

Once you are all set for admission into your dream university in the UK prepare the list of the documents that you need to submit while filling out the application form at the university. This is the second last step in the admission process before paying the final admission fee at the university portal.

Eligibility to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students

There are different eligibility criteria that you need to take care of while applying for any particular course at the University of the UK. You can explore the eligibility criteria for different level study programs in the given section of the blog. However, you should also cross-check with the eligibility criteria of the specific program in which you are taking admission.

Foundation Level Courses

  • You’ll need good grades in at least 5 subjects on your final high school exams (WAEC or NECO). If you’re interested in a STEM field, math is important.
  • Also, you’ll need an English test score. You need a minimum overall score of 4.0 on the UKVI IELTS with no section lower than 4.0. Some universities may offer foundation programs if you don’t meet the IELTS requirement.

Undergraduate Level Courses

  • National Diploma: Accepted (Basic or Advanced)
  • Federal University Degree: Accepted (even with a failing grade)
  • Nigerian University (1st Year): Minimum 50% average (cumulative GPA)
  • National Certificate of Education: Minimum 1 credit
  • Westerfield College Foundation Program: Pass required (Global Average 55%+)

Postgraduate Level Courses

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field with a good grade (usually a 2:50 or a CGPA of 3.0 out of 5.0)
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5 (or around 60%)

English Language Requirements 

To study in the UK you should take the given English language test.

  • PTE Cambridge Academic Evaluation of English Proficiency.
  • The Oxford English Examination.
  • IBT, TOEFL, and many others.\

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Required Documents for University Application

There are various documents that you need to submit while applying to any of the UK universities. Note down the list of documents today!

  • Passport.
  • All diplomas, transcripts, and other school records.
  • Reports on how well one communicates in English.
  • Reference Letter for Your Curriculum Vitae
  • Financial statements
  • Individual Proclamation.

Visa and Immigration Process

The following are the Visa and Immigration Process steps you need to use to obtain a Visa.

  • Make sure you go for the appropriate Visa.
  • Prepare for your Visa applications urgently.
  • Get how much money you need for a Visa.
  • Choose the best Visa appointment schedule as per your geographical 
  • Stay updated on the status of your visa application.
  • Once approved, pick up your passport with the visa.

Preparing for a Student Life in the UK

Everyone feels a bit lost sometimes when they move somewhere new. You might miss your mother’s home-cooked food or struggle to understand the teachers with their British accents. 

Don’t worry, this feeling is called culture shock, and it happens to everyone. Here are some tips to help you deal with this whole rollercoaster ride of being a Nigerian student in the UK:

  • It’s cool to feel bummed: Missing home, feeling frustrated, or even a little confused is totally okay. Talk to your friends and family.
  • Don’t sweat the mistakes: Trying new things can be scary. Remember, the more you try, the easier it gets! And the more confident you become.
  • Explore the awesome stuff: Explore museums, and try out new food.
  • Learn some slang: Understanding British slang and jokes might take some time. But even learning a few basic words can make you feel comfortable.
  • Get help if you need it: Universities have people who can help you with everything from your studies to feeling homesick. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Studying in the UK will be an amazing adventure. There will be ups and downs, but you’ll also have crazy experiences, make lifelong friends, and learn a lot about yourself.

Explore Accommodation Options in the UK

Here are some accommodation options in the UL that will help you to settle in the UK easily. Explore the list today and book your comfort accommodation today.

  • Student Village (Stoke-on-Trent)
  • Limelight (Liverpool)
  • True Leicester (Leicester)
  • 41 Castle Street (Leicester)
  • Zinc Quarter (Bristol)
  • Albert Place (Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • The Combworks (Aberdeen)
  • Pebble Mill (Birmingham)
  • The Spireworks (Oxford)
  • The Edge (Belfast)
  • Justice Mill Studios (Aberdeen)
  • Millfield House (Sunderland)
  • Strawberry Place (Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • York House (Nottingham)
  • Knight House (Sheffield)
  • Beton House (Sheffield)
  • The Terry Frost Building (Leeds)
  • Westbury House (Sheffield)
  • Pembroke Studios (Liverpool)
  • Altus House (Leeds)
  • True Birmingham (Birmingham)
  • Richmond House (Southampton)
  • City Edge (Manchester)
  • Warwick Cannon Park (Coventry)
  • Zed Alley (Bristol)
  • Garth Heads (Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • Dunn House (Sunderland)
  • Iron Bridge Studios (Exeter)
  • Nebula (Sheffield)
  • Norfolk Street (Sunderland)
  • Renslade House (Exeter)
  • Trinity Student Village (Preston)
  • The Village (Nottingham)
  • Park Court (Lincoln)
  • The Oaks (Coventry)
  • Circle Square (Manchester)
Why do Nigerian students favor overseas institutions?
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How long can Nigerian students stay in UK?

A Nigerian student stays in the UK for 5 years.

Why do Nigerians like to study in the UK?

There are various reasons to choose the United Kingdom to pursue higher education. The primary reason is that the UK is known for its high standards and prestigious degrees. Consistently ranking one of the four universities in the world is present in the UK. 
In addition, it opens the door for Nigerian students to make friends in a foreign country, learn about their cultures, and other opportunities. 

Which UK university has the most Nigerian students?

The University of Hertfordshire has the most Nigerian students.

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