Health Informatics in USA: Top Universities, Courses Fees, Scope 

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Health Informatics in USA

The USA is one of the best countries to study Health Informatics. Health Informatics is an interdisciplinary subject that combines the usage of innovation, technology, and data analytics for essential health delivery.  Moreover, as per the reports by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the healthcare industry is set to grow by 13% by 2031. Hence, it is the right time to study the subject. Health Informatics as a course is available at graduate levels in several universities. Keep reading to know more about Health Informatics in the USA.

Why Study Health Informatics in USA?

There are several reasons why a student should choose to study health informatics in the USA. Some of them are as follows:

  • The United States leads in terms of healthcare and technology. Hence, it is an ideal study abroad destination for students of Health Informatics in the USA.
  • Get access to advanced technology, research facilities, and some of the best faculty in the world
  • Develop skills required in Healthcare Informatics such as programming knowledge, EHR expertise, data analytics, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, knowledge of the healthcare sector, and so on.
  • The advancement in medical technologies has created a demand for health informatics professionals. Students who complete the course can work as consulting associates, information specialists, database analysts, researchers, and data scientists, among others.

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Eligibility Criteria for Health Informatics in USA

The eligibility criteria for Health Informatics in the USA for Bachelor in  Health Informatics and MS in Health Informatics are as follows.

  • To pursue BSc Health Informatics a student needs to score a minimum of 45% in 12th final exams. Moreover, a student can be required to complete a minimum of one internship under the supervision of a professional in the field. 
  • To pursue MS in Health Informatics in USA a student needs to have completed a Bachelor’s from a recognized institution. Moreover, a student should have scored a minimum of 3.0 or more GPA on a scale of 4.0.
  • Additionally,  GRE scores and English Proficiency scores must be submitted to gain admission to MS in Health Informatics. The minimum IELTS score should be  6.5, and the TOEFL score between- 90-100. 
  • For MSc in Health Informatics, a student needs to have a work experience of 2-5 years.

Syllabus For Health Informatics in USA

The main courses that a student is required to study to complete Health Informatics/MSc Health Informatics are as follows:

Bsc Health Informatics Syllabus

The Bsc Health Informatics in USA offers a total of 70 credits  The following courses will be a part of Bsc Health Informatics.

Bsc Health Informatics in USA
Health Information Systems
Information systems 
Information security
Data Science 
Computer Programming
Health Care Databases
Data Mining 
Project Management
Process Improvement
Data Analytics

MS Health Informatics Syllabus

Every university has a specially designed curriculum. However, these are the general MS Health Informatics subjects studied by students of MS Health Informatics. It includes 5 main courses and 7 additional courses depending on the area of specialization.

MS Health Informatics in USA 
Introduction to Health Informatics 
American Healthcare system
Legal, Ethical, and social issues
Health analytics leadership

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Top Universities for Health Informatics in USA

Here is a list of the best universities for Health Informatics in USA:

University Name  QS World Ranking 2023 Average Annual Fees
University of Chicago 10 28,500 USD/INR 32.29 lakh
Yale University 18 28,000 USD/INR 22.88 lakh
Northwestern University 32 28,000 USD/INR 22.88 lakh
Northeastern University 388 22,000 USD/INR 17.98 lakh
University of Michigan 25 30,000 USD/24.51 lakh
George Mason University 1001-1200 1,724.25 USD/ 1.40 lakh per credit

Application Process

The admission process for Health Informatics Courses in USA is as follows. 

  • First, select the Health Informatics course through the  AI Course Finder. 
  • Next, the experts at Leverage Edu will help the student to start the application process with the respective university
  • Manin documents such as SOPs, Essays, LORs, and IELTS, TOEFL needs to be submitted 
  • The application process for accommodation,  student visas, and scholarships/student loans will be started by Leverage Edu experts.
  • Finally, you can wait for the offer letter which takes around 4-6 weeks.

Documents Required 

The main documents required for admission are as follows. Students applying for the development studies admission require to submit these documents.

Jobs and Salary

The jobs and salary after completing a Course in Health informatics are as follows:

Designation Average Annual Salary
Health Information Management Supervisor 37,000 USD – 62,000 USD/INR 30.24 lakh- INR 50.67 lakh
Health Informatics Specialist 51,000 USD – 95,000 USD/INR 41.68 lakh- INR 77.64 lakh
Clinical Analyst 52,000 USD – 101,000 USD/INR 42.49 lakh-INR 82.54 lakh
Clinical Research Coordinator 41,000 USD – 67,000 USD/INR 33.50 lakh-INR 54.75 lakh
Patient Access Supervisor 48,000 USD – 65,000 USD/INR 39.23 lakh-INR 53.12 lakh

Future Scope

Pursuing a career in Health Informatics in the USA is incredibly beneficial. A student can either go for higher studies or choose to work in the healthcare sector. Some of the designation a postgraduate in Health Informatics can apply for includes clinical data specialist, health information manager, electronic medical records specialist, clinical data specialist, and informatics nurse.

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Is health informatics in demand in the USA?

Yes. Healthcare Informatics is a course that is in demand in the US. The healthcare industry is set to grow by 13% by 2031.

Which country is best for health informatics?

The USA is the best country to learn health informatics.

What is the salary of an MS in health informatics in the USA?

The Health Informatics salary in the USA is between $87,152 to $41.90 per hour.

Health informatics helps a student learn about effective healthcare delivery using information technology and management systems. Some of the healthcare informatics courses include data mining, data, information technology, and information systems, among others. Yale University and Northwestern University are some of the best universities a student can apply to health informatics. To discover more articles like this one, visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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