How to Celebrate the Holiday Season as an International Student?

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How to Celebrate the Holiday Season as an International Student

The holiday season brings joy and prosperity to people’s lives. Mood-creating and vibrant lights, a wise selection of vintage wine, mouth-watering foods, and some exciting holiday goodies are undoubtedly more than enough to enhance your festive food and make you happy. It’s one of the best times of the year when people try to connect more with their friends and family members and spend quality time with them. 


However, the same time of the year can prove super difficult for international students, especially those who haven’t been able to hug their friends and family for a long time. You might miss the warmth, joy, culture, and traditions of your festivities. You will also miss spending time with your loved ones. But you don’t need to feel heartbroken just because you’re thousands of miles away from your home. Here are some great ways an international student can spend the holiday season. 

Go Outing with Your Friends 

During the holiday season, you will receive an extensive break from your assignment and study materials. You also don’t need to worry about your coursework as universities will grant leaves. There won’t be any immediate deadline that you need to fulfil. The holiday season is the perfect time to plan an outing with your friends on the university campus. Consider exploring museums and parks as they look super attractive during the festive season. You can also leverage the benefits of student discounts. This will not only help you become happy and relaxed but also help you make new friends. Don’t forget to socialize with others. 

Explore the Local Traditions and Surroundings 

The traditions during the holiday season will be different from one location to another. You will notice winters during the holiday in the United States. However, it will be summer during the same time in Australia. Therefore, Americans will witness medium to heavy snowfall whereas, Aussies will be spending their time in the swimming pool. In short, each place has its own traditions, temperature, and culture during the festive season. Despite the country you’re living in, don’t forget to explore the surroundings, culture, and traditions during the holiday season. This would help you a lot in future prospects. 

Be Kind to People 

You can be kind and sympathetic to people during the holiday season. Keep in mind that not everybody will be as happy or joyous as you during the festive night. Some might be suffering from depression whereas, some might be mourning from the inside. This is why you need to spread kindness. Consider volunteering in the local church. You can also prepare food for homeless people. If you and your friends have extra clothes that you don’t wear anymore, make sure you donate them to people in need. You can also help someone cook food, wrap presents, or do anything that would make their life easier. These random acts of kindness will go a long way in making your holiday season more meaningful. 

Host a Holiday Party 

The holiday is the perfect season to showcase good morals and vibes. If you host a holiday party with your friends and loved ones, you will undoubtedly be making the season one of the most memorable experiences of your life. However, remember that a holiday party doesn’t need to be expensive. You can play the Secret Santa game where you and your friends will be exchanging gifts with one another. Bring some specific foods such as pizza, burgers, chocolate, etc. This way you can party within budget while also experiencing unadulterated fun. 

Connect with Friends and Family 

Sitting at the table, eating food and drinks, and spending time with your precious ones is something that most people do during the holiday season. But just because you’re far away from the physically doesn’t mean you can’t feel their presence. Thanks to the technological advancements and availability of social media platforms, you can video call your family members and loved ones. You can share the holiday story of your country with them. It will undoubtedly become a memorable experience for them as they will get to know more about the country and the people. Technology connected the world and you should leverage its benefits. 

Consider the University Events 

The Cultural Committee of the University would undoubtedly organise university events where students would get to socialize during the holiday season. You will have multiple opportunities to showcase your skills as well as make connections with new people on campus. You will also learn event management skills which would prove extremely useful in your professional career. You might also receive a certificate from the university which would prove helpful in your jobs and internships. So instead of wasting valuable time, make sure you do something that will boost the effectiveness of your resume. 

This is how you can celebrate the holiday season as an international student. Make sure you check the blog section of Leverage Edu to read more interesting articles on study abroad.

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