Cyber Security Courses in Ireland: Degree, College, Best, Online, and Free Courses

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Cyber Security Courses Ireland: Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand and rapidly evolving fields in the world of IT. With the increasing reliance on digital systems and networks for various aspects of our lives and businesses, the need for skilled professionals to protect them from malicious attacks and threats is also growing. Ireland is a leading destination for students who want to pursue a degree or a course in cybersecurity, as it offers numerous options from top-tier universities and institutions. In this blog, we will explore some of the best cybersecurity courses in Ireland and all that they offer. Read on to know more!

Why Choose Cyber Security Courses in Ireland?

Ireland boasts universities consistently ranked highly for information systems, with several offering top-rated Cyber Security programs. You can choose from certificates and diplomas to full-fledged degrees, with part-time and online options to suit your needs. They emphasise hands-on experience through labs, simulations, and industry partnerships, ensuring graduates are job-ready. 

The country actively contributes to cybersecurity research and development, allowing students to learn from cutting-edge expertise. For international students, studying in Ireland offers a path to obtaining work visas and potentially settling in the country.

Best Universities/Colleges for Cyber Security Courses in Ireland

Given below is the list of the top colleges to pursue Cyber Security courses in Ireland:

  1. University of Limerick
  2. South East Technological University (SETU)
  3. TU Dublin
  4. University of Galway
  5. Griffith College
  6. Dublin Business School
  7. Munster Technological University
  8. National College of Ireland

Let’s look at the courses these institutes have to offer in the said discipline:

Undergraduate Cyber Security Courses

Undergraduate Cyber Security courses in Ireland are 4 years in duration. They provide a comprehensive foundation in cyber security theory and practice. Given below are the Bachelor courses in Cyber Security, their entry score and tuition fees:

University/CollegeCourses OfferedTuition FeeIELTS Entry Score
University of LimerickBSc (Hons) in Cybersecurity and IT ForensicsNA6.5 
South East Technological University (SETU)BSc (Hons) in Cybercrime and IT Security
BSc in Cybercrime and IT Security
BSc in Computer Forensics and Security
EUR 41,000

EUR 30,750

TU DublinBSc in Computing – Digital Forensics and Cyber Security (Level 7)
BSc in Computing – Digital Forensics and Cyber Security (Honours) Level 8
BSc in Computing – Digital Forensics and Cyber Security (Level 7)
EUR 37,500

EUR 54,000

EUR 12,500

Postgraduate Cyber Security Courses

Postgraduate Cyber Security courses in Ireland generally have a duration of 1-2 years. They are more preferred than Bachelor courses, offering comprehensive specializations like Network Security, Secure Software Development, Cyber Defence Forensics, etc. Given below are the Master in Cybersecurity programs in Ireland, with their tuition fees and entry score:

University/CollegeCourses OfferedTuition FeeIELTS Entry Score
University of GalwayMSc Computer Science (Adaptive Cybersecurity)NA6.5
University of LimerickMEng in Information and Network SecurityEUR 17,6026.5
South East Technological University (SETU)MSc in Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust
MSc in Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity
EUR 11,250
Griffith CollegeMSc in Network and Information Security
PG Diploma in Network and Information Security

EUR 12,000
TU DublinMSc in Applied Cyber SecurityEUR 14,5006.5
Dublin Business SchoolMSc in CybersecurityNA6.0
Munster Technological UniversityMSc in CybersecurityNA6.0
National College of Ireland
MSc in CybersecurityEUR 15,0006.0 

Online Cyber Security Courses in Ireland

Online cyber security courses in Ireland are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a convenient and flexible way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this growing field. Given below are some popular ones, along with their tuition fees, duration and the institute offering them:

CourseOffered byTuition FeeDuration
Diploma in CybersecurityUniversity College Dublin (UCD) Professional Academy€2,95010 weeks
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing (Specialisation in Cyber Security)National College of Ireland (NCI)€8,000 – €10,000 per year2 years
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v11 Online TrainingIrish Computer Society (ICS)€1,350Self-paced (approx. 3 months)
Certified Cyber Security Foundation Training CourseIT Governance€199Self-paced (approx. 20 hours)
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v11EC-Council€899Self-paced (approx. 3 months)

Free Cyber Security Courses in Ireland

Here’s a list of some free Cyber Security courses in Ireland:

  1. Introduction to Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Essentials
  2. Springboard+ Cyber Security Courses
  3. IT Governance Information Security and Cyber Security Staff Awareness E-learning Course
  4. GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business
  5. IBM SkillsBuild

Career Scope

Ireland’s tech sector is booming, and cybersecurity ranks among the fastest-growing fields. A recent Cyber Ireland report states that 83% of firms predict growth, with half expecting a 25% increase in the next year. This translates to plenty of job opportunities. 

Cybersecurity professionals in Ireland enjoy competitive salaries, with senior positions fetching over €100,000 annually. Also, the Irish government actively invests in the cybersecurity sector, attracting major tech companies like Google and Amazon, fostering innovation and creating more opportunities.


Q1. What are the benefits of studying cyber security in Ireland?

Ans: Ireland is a leading hub for cybersecurity research and innovation, with many multinational companies and academic institutions based there. Studying cyber security in Ireland can provide you with access to cutting-edge technology, industry experts, and career opportunities in a growing sector.

Q2. What are the best cyber security courses in Ireland?

Ans: Some of the popular cyber security courses in Ireland include:
1. BSc in Cyber Security at University College Dublin
2. MSc in Cyber Security at Trinity College Dublin
3. PG Diploma in Cyber Security at University College Cork
4. Cyber Security Fundamentals at Dublin Business School
5. Cyber Security Professional Certificate at National College of Ireland

Q3. How can I learn cyber security online or for free in Ireland?

Ans: There are many online and free resources to learn cyber security in Ireland, such as:
1. Cyber Ireland
2. Coursera
3. edX
4. Cybrary
5. Hack The Box

We hope that this blog gave you a complete overview of the Cyber Security courses in Ireland. To explore more courses to study abroad, stay tuned to Leverage Edu daily. Thank you for reading!

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