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Master of Business Administration or MBA is a postgraduate degree offered by numerous universities across the globe. An MBA enhances your leadership, business, and management skills. Along with that, an MBA graduate gets numerous job opportunities at top companies with lucrative packages. Being a highly valuable degree abroad, MBA is an ideal choice for study abroad aspirants. However, to apply for MBA abroad, you must build a strong profile to increase your chances of admission to a top business school. Read on to know more about Profile Building for MBA.

Benefits of Profile Building for MBA

Strong profiles with records, certificates, and additional degrees help in enhancing your application. To get a job, you must stand out among candidates, this can only be achieved when you have a good MBA profile. You may include your accomplishments, LORs, a well-written SOP, and CV. 

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Steps to Build an Impressive Profile for MBA Abroad

A candidate’s MBA profile is as important as a strong academic record and high test scores. Hence, it is a good idea to pay equal attention to your MBA profile. Here are some steps to help you achieve an impressive profile for an MBA abroad:

Pursue Internships 

If you can demonstrate your skills in time management, teamwork, and responsibility during an internship, you will have an advantage over other applicants. Before getting a real job, it is important to improve your knowledge and enhance your professional career.

Obtain Certificate Courses

Getting a certificate in a subject you’re interested in can help you learn a specific skill. Freshmen and unemployed individuals will benefit even more from this. You can take some in-person classes or courses online through sites like Edx and Udemy. For instance, if you want an MBA in finance or accounting, online certificate courses in Excel, financial planning, and other related subjects will help you build a strong MBA profile.

Build a Startup

You will have numerous opportunities to learn about various business functions, including customer service, sales, marketing, and other areas. If you’ve worked for a startup before, you would know how to take decisions, work in a corporate environment, and much more. You can work as an intern or part-time employee in a startup if you cannot secure a full-time position.

Volunteer for a Cause

Chipping in for an NGO in a local area will help you improve your social and authoritative skills. This will give you a platform to demonstrate your outside-of-work perspective. Working with non-governmental organizations helps you grow in knowledge, and gain self-assurance, personality, and communication abilities. This will show your selflessness, morality, and qualities that can boost your MBA application profile.

Learn a New Language

Even if you know English, learning a new language like French, German, or Spanish will make you stand out on an MBA application because most business schools are interested in having diverse classrooms. In addition, learning a new language can help you find a good range of job opportunities across the world. 

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Top Universities for MBA Abroad 

There are numerous universities across the globe that offer MBA programs with excellence in education as well as teaching. Some of the popular universities are as follows:

Name of the University Average Fees per annum Amount in INR 
Harvard University – Harvard Business School 146,880 USD 1.21 Cr
London Business School 97,500 EUR  85.28 lakhs 
HEC Paris 72,500 EUR 63.42 lakhs 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT (Sloan) 160,800 USD 1,32,86,485.92
Columbia Business School 154,752 USD 1,27,86,755.40
INSEAD 114,000 EUR  99,84,506.12
Oxford University – Said Business School 65,520 EUR  9.97 lakhs 
IESE Business School 93,500 EUR  81,89,046.69
UC Berkeley – Haas Business School 143,634 USD 1,18,65,640.65
Stanford University – Stanford Graduate School of Business 153,900 USD 1,27,13,717.48

Tips for Building Profile for MBA

To get into your preferred business school you are required to target some of the key areas precisely. Thus, here are some tips and tricks for building a profile for MBA. 

  • You must conduct deep research into the class profile of your preferred school
  • You must improve your communication as well as public speaking skills
  • You must have a good academic background 
  • You must have excellent English Language skills 
  • You may work for a startup or start your own; to stand out from other candidates in terms of extracurricular activities
  • You must have extraordinary leadership qualities

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Q.1 How important is profile building for an MBA?

Ans. Profile Building helps to demonstrate your capability to pursue an MBA program.

Q.2 How can I make my CV strong for MBA?

Ans. To make a strong CV for MBA admission, you need to:
Keep it clear
Make sure your accomplishments reflect leadership
Avoid adding a huge list of activities
Highlights your soft skills
Add values in every section

Q. Can I add GMAT or GRE scores in MBA applications?

Ans. Yes, you can definitely add these test scores to your application for MBA. Since it is not mandatory for some universities, adding it can make you stand out among other candidates.

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