Malaysia Student Visa Processing Time: Step By Step Overview

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malaysia student visa processing time

Malaysian Student Visa is also known as the Malaysian student pass and there is no difference between these two. Students who aspire to pursue higher education in Malaysia require this visa. In Malaysia, the cost of living is low with a good quality of life and obtaining a student visa is easy as immigration procedures are pretty simple and straight. students here can enjoy high-quality education and can obtain degrees at a comparatively lower cost than studying in the US, UK, or Australia. In this article, we will learn about the Malaysian Student Visa Processing Time with other aspects related to it. 


What Is The Malaysia Student Visa Processing Time?

The processing time for a Malaysia Student Visa is 4 to 6 weeks. The duration of a Malaysia Student Visa can vary if your application has any complications or insufficient details because these things delay the processing time.

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Can A Student Work With A Malaysia Student Visa?

Students can do only part-time work which is 20 hours per week but they can’t do a full-time job on a Malaysian student Visa. A student in Malaysia on a student visa is allowed to work during summer vacations which last for seven days only.

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Validity Of Malaysia Student Visa

The validity of a Malaysia Student Visa depends on the duration of the course which is opted for by the student. Most validity of a Malaysia Student visa is for one year and can be renewed after the validity is over. In some cases, certain courses are required to receive a student pass that is valid for the entire duration of the course.

Eligibility Of Malaysia Student Visa 

Malaysia Student Visa eligibility criteria-

  • Applicant must have an offer letter from a Malaysian education institution
  • Applicant must have passed the relevant exams with at least 12 years of education
  • A valid passport will be required which should be valid for 12 years
  • Applicants must apply for the Visa Approval Letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia on the applicant’s behalf.
  • Applicant must show the medical certificate to avoid any sort of threat
  • Applicants have to sign the personal bond as required by the Malaysian Immigration Laws.
  • An applicant has to provide proof of English proficiency through a scorecard of English proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CPE, CAE and MUET
  • Applicant’s proof of Health Insurance will be required

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Documents Required For The Malaysian Student Visa

Documents required to apply for the Malaysian Student Visa are listed below for your reference-

  • The visa application form will be required
  • An original VDR approval letter will be required
  • A valid passport with three blank pages and six months of validity after the arrival date in Malaysia.
  •  Two Copies of the passport’s biodata page will be needed
  • All academic qualification certificates as proof will be required
  • A passport-size photo with a white background will be required
  • A letter of support from the Ministry of Education  or Department of Skill Development
  • An offer letter from the Malaysian University
  • An applicant must have to show Imm.14 Forms in two sets
  • A form of personal bond with a stamp will be required

 Malaysian Student Visa Application Process

After knowing about the Malaysia student visa processing time,here is the application process for the Malaysia student Visa is defined in detail below-

  • The crucial first step is to acquire an offer letter from a Malaysian university.
  • After getting the offer letter, the applicant has to apply for the Visa Approval Letter online with the required documents.
  • Applicant VAL application will get approved or processed by the Immigration Department within 14 days. The applicant will get updated about the VAL result by mail.
  • Once an applicant receives VAL he/she has to go for the next step which is to apply for the VDR at the nearest Malaysian embassy, Consulate in the home country or High Commission.
  • Lastly, the applicant moves to Malaysia and appears at the immigration checkpoint

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Fee For The Malaysian Student Visa

To check the Malaysian Student Visa you can refer to the below points-

  • The Visa fee varies according to the country of origin but it does not exceed 12 USD.
  • The cost of the student pass is 14 USD part of the year or per year
  • 48 USD-480 USD is a personal bond fee to the institution 


Why did you choose to study in Malaysia?

Many overseas students select Malaysia for their higher studies for their personal growth and to broaden their horizons as students get a chance to experience a dynamic lifestyle they will get to explore beautiful destinations, exciting activities and multicultural society.

Why is a degree important in Malaysia?

If a student is getting a degree in Malaysia then he/she can get access to more job opportunities in the country or globally in addition this student’s degree will be valuable internationally and this helps to get good job opportunities after returning to the home country.

Is a Malaysia student visa easy?

Yes, it is easy to acquire a Malaysian Student Visa and this process can be done smoothly if you take care of every detail and attach all the documents in proper format. Malaysia student visa processing time is 4-6 months.

Is Malaysia expensive for students?

The cost of living in Malaysia can vary depending on various factors such as the city of residence, lifestyle and personal choices. although Malaysia is considered an affordable spot for international students if we compare it to other countries.

Here we have completed our article which is about the Malaysia Student Visa Processing Time. To get more information about jobs abroad, universities and visa abroad you just have to stay connected with the Leverage Edu’s page.

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