Pre-CAS Interview Prep: Commonly Asked Questions and How to Answer Them

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Pre-CAS Interview Prep: Commonly Asked Questions and How to Answer Them

Candidates who are applying from a high-risk country to study in the UK will have to participate in a UK credibility interview. The interview will ensure that only genuine candidates who are eligible to complete their course will get a Tier 4 visa to study abroad in the UK. The candidates will be issued a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study letter required to apply for a visa in the UK. Even if the candidates are not required to take the credibility interview they can prepare for it to get help in their visa interview.


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What is a Pre-CAS Interview?

Pre-CAS interview is conducted by the university after the international students make an initial deposit and before giving students CAS (Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies) letters. As soon as the student sends a request to the university for a CAS letter an interview date will be given known as the UK Pre CAS Interview. CAS interview is also known as credibility interview. After the interview candidates will have to submit their documents through online mode on the CAS shield given by the university. Pre-CAS interviews are taken by most of the universities; however, certain top-ranked universities such as Russell Group Universities do not take interviews. 

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Interview Format

The duration of this interview is 20 to 30 minutes, one-to-one between the students and the representative from the university. The interview can take place in either:

  • Face to Face mode or 
  • Over the phone or video platform through Skype or Zoom

Students will be informed in advance about the method they will use. This interview will test the communication skills of the candidates. Keeping this in mind the candidates must speak clearly and concisely.

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Pre-CAS Interview

Commonly Asked Pre-CAS Interviews Questions with Answers

Check below the list of some commonly asked credibility interview questions:

  • Can you please introduce yourself?
  • Why do you want to study in the UK instead of your home country or another country?
  • Why do you want to study at this specific university?
  • Where is the location of the university?
  • What are the different course modules?
  • How many credit hours are required to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree?
  • What are the tuition fees for the chosen course by you?
  • By whom will your studies be funded?
  • Can you give details about their living expenses?
  • What is the annual income of your parents?
  • How did you spend your time during the study gap?
  • What will you do after completing your studies in the UK?
  • Do you have any past visa refusals?
  • What are the facilities and rankings of the university?

Watch the video below to learn more about UK Pre Cas interview questions and answers

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Tips to Know How To Crack UK Pre-CAS Interview

In order to get admission into a UK university successfully, students should prepare well for the Pre-CAS interview. Candidates must be aware that this interview can make or break their chances of admission to the university of their choice. There are some tips to crack the Pre-CAS interview in the best way:

  • Students should dress themselves formally in a neat and clean manner
  • They should give answers to the point without going off-topic
  • They must provide accurate and honest answers resembling their documents
  • Students should be able to speak fluently and confidently 
  • They must carry their passports and they must make sure that the passports remain valid till the duration of their course
  • They must have a stable internet connection, and it should not fluctuate
  • They must ensure to give the interview in a noise-free background

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When Does the Credibility Interview Take Place?

The university’s must schedule an interview : 

Pre-CAS Interview

Importance of a Good Interview

A pre-CAS interview can break or make the chances of getting admission abroad. Therefore, a successful Pre-CAS interview means you will get admission to the selected university. Conversely, a Pre CAS interview rejection would mean a rejection of admission. The admission can be rejected even if the student has deposited the tuition fees. Fortunately, in case of an admission rejection, the university will return the fees to the student. 


What is the purpose behind conducting the CAS interview?

The CAS interview is conducted to check whether the student’s profile is genuine or not. This is also to prepare the students for the UK visa interviews.

What is the duration of the Pre-CAS interview?

The CAS interview is conducted in online mode for a duration of 30 minutes.

What after the Pre-CAS interview?

After the Pre-CAS interview students are required to fill out the CAS shield provided by the university.

Is pre cas interview and credibility interview same?

A pre-CAS interview is an interview conducted by the university before issuing the offer letter. On the other hand, a credibility interview is an interview that is held as a part of the visa application process. However, the terms credibility interview and pre-cas interview are often used interchangeably.

What if I fail the pre-cas interview?

If you fail the pre cas interview you will not be eligible to apply for another course. However, you can apply again in the next academic year. While reapplying you must submit a new application.

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