Know About Ireland Post Study Work Visa Requirements in 2024

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Ireland Post Study Work Visa Requirements

One of the major reasons why the candidates are choosing Ireland for their higher studies is that it is home to various multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, HP, IBM, etc. Irish universities have also been ranked by many popular institutions in the world ranking system. Therefore, it is clear that the candidates will get an abundance of opportunities for both studies and work in Ireland. This guide is all about the Ireland post-study work visa requirements so that the candidates get complete information about types, required documents, required eligibility, etc.

Stay in Ireland After Graduation with Post Study Work Visa

What is an Ireland Post-Study Work Visa?

This is an automatic entitlement applicable to all students in Ireland who have completed their higher studies.  There is no different process to get this visa as this is already included in the student visa process. Students who are enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are automatically eligible and get a job.

Types of Ireland Post-Study Work Visa

Check the types of post-study work visas in Ireland given below:

  • Critical skills employment permit – This permit is provided so that talented individuals can contribute to sectors in Ireland lacking human resources. The cost of this permit is 1000 EUR/ INR 79778.
  • General employment permit – This permit allows foreign students to apply for any kind of work profile unless a job is found to be ineligible in the list of employee permits.
  • Internship employment permit – This permit can be applied by full time students studying in an Irish Institute. The cost of this permit is 500 EUR/INR 39889.
Ireland Post Study Work Visa Requirements

Third-Level Graduate Scheme

This scheme (Third-Level Graduate Scheme) allows foreign students who have completed their Irish degree to stay in Ireland so that they can apply for employment or a green card/work permit//Ireland PSW. The duration of Ireland post-study work visa is 2 years for this scheme for postgraduate degree holders and 3 to 4 years for undergraduate students. Students must meet the following conditions to be eligible for this scheme:

  • They should have permission for the current stamp 2 student migration and an updated immigration registration card
  • They should have applied for the third-level graduate scheme at least 6 months before once they were informed by the institution and received the award
  • The immigration permission should not cross the seven-year limit
  • The candidates should have a good background
  • They must adhere to the laws of the state
  • The candidates must get a letter from the institution stating that the award has been received for the enrollment of the course

Post-Study Work Visa in Ireland for Indian Students

Application Requirements of Ireland Post-Study Work Visa

In order to apply the candidates must fill in the following required details correctly:

  • Personal Details
  • Registration Details
  • Employment Details
  • Remuneration Details
  • Foreign Nationality Details

Ireland Post-Study Work Visa Requirements – Documents

  • A Valid Passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Signed Copy of the contract between the applicant and employer along with employment details
  • Contact information
  • Registration Details
  • Employer and Employment Details
  • Copy of the letter of support by Enterprise Ireland or IDA if needed

Apply for Ireland Work Permit & Work Visa

Duration of Ireland Post-Study Work Visa

Check below the duration of the Ireland Post Study Work Visa:

Level of Education in IrelandPost-Study Work Visa Duration in Ireland
Level 7 – Ordinary Bachelors Degree6 months
Level 8 – Honors Bachelor’s Degree12 months
Level 9 – PG Diploma/Masters Degree24 months
Level 10 – Doctoral Degree24 months


Is it possible to get a post-study work visa in Ireland?

Yes, international students who have completed their graduation can apply for a post-study work visa in Ireland.

Do the foreign students get jobs in Ireland?

Ireland is home to top companies such as Apple and more. Many students apply for post-study work visas after their studies.

What is the duration of Ireland’s post-study work visa?

The duration of an Ireland post-study work visa depends on the nature of the degree. The candidates are just required to satisfy the eligibility criteria under the Third Level Graduate Scheme.

What is the cost of a post-study work visa in Ireland?

The Ireland post-study work visa costs 1000 EUR for a validity duration of 6 months to 24 months and 500 EUR for a visa with a validity of less than 6 months.

This was all about the Ireland post-study work visa requirements. Want to apply for a Visa and start the study abroad journey then comment in the section given below, or connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and get a guide on your dream journey!

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