How Much Study Gap is Acceptable in Ireland?

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study gap acceptable in ireland

Study breaks are irrelevant to Irish universities. You are just as qualified as anyone without a study gap if you can explain the time between your last academic year and the time of application. Your study gap may be explained for a number of reasons, including job, vacation, health problems, and business endeavours. These explanations can be included in your Statement of Purpose. To know more read about how much study gap is acceptable in Ireland. 

Study Gap Is Acceptable in Ireland? 

Yes, in Ireland, a study break is acceptable. Some students who plan to study in Ireland consider the implications of taking a break from their studies to travel. Study gap acceptable in Ireland. Due to the gap in their education, they were anxious about their chances of receiving an offer from an Irish university. There are tremendous chances all across the world to advance your career, and studying in Ireland is one of the greatest ways to do so. Indian graduates who desired to continue their education at the graduate level in Ireland.

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How Much Study Gap is Acceptable for Studying in Ireland?

If you can give a good cause for the break, universities in Ireland don’t care about study gaps. Health concerns, employment, travel, and exam preparation are a few of the causes. These explanations can be included in your Statement of Purpose. 

Why is an SOP Necessary for Students with a Study Gap?

The majority of applicants for degree programmes in Ireland are required to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP), in which they outline their intended course of study and explain how their interests align with the university’s course offerings. However, a student with a study gap must submit an SOP to explain the cause of the gap. The Irish embassy’s immigration officer could seek to verify the validity of the study gap, in which case they might ask you to provide supporting documentation in addition to the SOP. 

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Parameters on Which Study Gap Can Be Explained

Instead of worrying about how many years between studies are permitted in Ireland while enrolling for a full-time degree, you should concentrate on submitting the appropriate documentation to support your decision to take a hiatus from formal education. Here are some of the most plausible explanations for a break in your studies. For the following reasons you can easily full fill the gap and after application, you can get an idea about what study gap is acceptable in Ireland  


Before choosing to pursue higher education in a particular field of study, students may decide to take a break from their studies in order to pick up new skills or gain work experience. 


Some students use their study break as an opportunity to travel internationally. They may now experience a new culture and learn about how people live in different countries they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.


Some students might require some extra time to identify their academic passions before enrolling in higher education. Additionally, they might take a study break to get ready for difficult exams.

Another justification for taking a study vacation could be a family emergency or a personal health issue. Any of the aforementioned reasons for choosing a study gap will not prevent a student from being admitted to an Irish institution. 

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Ireland Intake 2023

Once you are ready to make your decision to study in Ireland so the next step is to check the admission session/ intake, here are the admission intake in Ireland

Intake/ session  Application Begin 
January Intake  Enrollment Start in February 
September Intake  Enrollment Start in February 

Ireland Student Visa Requirement 

For an Ireland student visa you need to full fill the requirements of necessary documents which help you in the visa application process. Here is the list of important documents 


Which country accepts a 12-year study gap?

Popular international education nations including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and the USA accept study gaps. To persuade academic institutions to allow acceptance, the student must emphasise all the benefits of the leave of absence.

What are the minimum requirements to study in Ireland?

Documents & Fee Required for Ireland Student Visa
Complete the Online Visa Application Form.
Pay the Relevant Ireland Visa Application Fee.
Pay the Relevant Visa Application Submission Centre Fee.
Original Valid Passport.
One Recent passport-sized photograph.
Offer of place and Confirmation of Enrolment Document.
Covering Letter/ SOP.

Is it easy to get PR in Ireland after studying?

One of the conditions to obtain Irish PR is a student visa. For you to obtain permanent residency, you must work at a position that is acceptable, obtain a work permit, and remain in Ireland for at least five years.

This was all about the study Gap that is acceptable in Ireland if you are also looking to study in Ireland Universities reach out to Leverage Edu, our study Abroad experts will help you to guide and provide you with good Ireland university options. 

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