Georgia Tech SAT scores: Scores, Analysis & Score Vs Percentile

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Georgia Tech SAT scores

Georgia Tech SAT scores: Georgia Tech, or Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the most prominent public universities in the US. Widely recognized for its technologically focused degrees, the institute is ideal for promising young minds who wish to pave a career for themselves in the domain of technology and engineering. The university uses standardized test scores as a metric to gauge an individual’s preparedness for studying at the university. 


That being said, SAT Test-takers can send their scores to the university for admission purposes. The required SAT score for admission into Georgia Tech is 1390-1540. Read the article to know more about Georgia Tech SAT scores

Name of the University Georgia Tech 
SAT Requirement 1390-1540
Rank #in QS World Ranking 2024
Acceptance Rate 16%
Minimum GPA 4.07

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SAT Score Requirement for Georgia Tech

Individuals intending to pursue their higher education in the notable Georgia Tech must aim for an SAT score within the range of 1390-1540. Scores within this range can enhance your chances of admission to the said institution. 

What is a Good SAT Score for Georgia Tech University? 

A score between 1500-1540 is considered to be a good, respectable score for Georgia Tech. Scores in this range will offer you a good opportunity to make your application stand out from the crowd. Such a scoring range will place you above the average range, bringing your application to the attention of examiners and university officials. In other words, it will ensure that you are considered for admission to Georgia Tech by the admissions committee. 

What is the Average SAT Score for Georgia Tech? 

The average SAT score for Georgia Tech is 1465. Securing an average score can certainly improve your chances of admission to Georgia Tech; however, it is recommended that you score over the average SAT score to have a sure-shot probability of admission to the university.  A score of 1480-1540, for example, is significantly higher than the average and can thus raise your overall percentile. On the other hand, earning below the average SAT score may diminish your chances of admission to Georgia Tech. 

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Georgia Tech SAT Score Analysis: SAT Score Vs Percentile 

The required scoring range for getting admission into Georgia Tech is 1390-1540. A 1390 score places you in the 25th percentile, while a 1540 score places you in the 75th percentile. To ensure that they are considered for selection, SAT test takers need scores above the 25th percentile. The ideal percentile for admission to Georgia Tech is the 75th percentile, which requires a SAT score of 1540. Here’s the breakdown of SAT scores by section. 

SectionAverage SAT Score75th Percentile 25th Percentile 
Reading + Writing 715750680
Maths 750790710
Composite 146515401390

How to Send Your SAT Score to Georgia Tech? 

Individuals can refer to the steps outlined below to send their SAT scores to Georgia Tech. 

  1. First, students must sign into their College Board accounts using their login information. 
  2. Students must then go to the College Board website and navigate to the ‘SAT Score Sending’ section. 
  3. Then, students must choose their preferred university and enter the university code. 
  4. Designating the university code will make the selected institute the recipient of the student’s SAT scores. 
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Q1. What is the required SAT score for admission to Georgia Tech? 

Ans. An SAT score of 1390-1540 is required for admission to Georgia Tech. 

Q2. What is the average SAT score for Georgia Tech University? 

Ans. The average SAT score for Georgia Tech is 1465. 

Q3. What is the minimum GPA for Georgia Tech? 

Ans. 4.07 is the minimum GPA required for Georgia Tech. 

The Georgia Institute of Technology accepts SAT scores within a range of 1390-1540. That being said, you must aim for an SAT score above the average range to increase your chances of getting accepted to the university. The average SAT score for Georgia Tech is 1465. 

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