A Comprehensive Understanding Of Scoring Criteria in PTE-A Test

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Scoring Criteria In PTE-A Test

The PTE EXAM or Pearson Test of English (Academic) is conducted every year to assess the overall English language proficiency of the applicants. With the PTE exam, the candidates’ English speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities are assessed. This exam is acknowledged by business authorities and academic institutions all over the world. This blog below aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the scoring criteria in the PTE-A test. However, you can always read more about the Pearson test of English on its official website, i.e. https://www.pearsonpte.com/.

Full Name of the ExaminationPearson Test of English Academic
Exam Short NamePTE Academic (PTE-A)
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Language English
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Mode of ExamOnline
Exam Duration2 Hours

Scoring Criteria in PTE-A Test 

The predominant goal of conducting bodies mandating a set scoring criteria for an examination is to ascertain and evaluate the academic prowess and competence of prospective candidates. It is imperative for applicants to go through the set criteria to create a viable pipeline for their preparation. Applicants can adhere to such blueprints or pipelines to schedule and allocate their time accordingly for targeted preparation. 

Candidates aspiring to partake in the PTE exam will be evaluated on the basis of their “English Listening, Reading, Speaking, and  Writing” skills. Apart from that, the applicants must be proficient in their Enabling Skills. Such skills are assessed to gauge the communication skills, grammar, oral fluency and pronunciation of the applicant. Coming to the overall score, it predominantly encapsulates all of the scores apportioned to the mentioned skills on a range of 10-90. Due to its desegregated nature, the PTE exam demands its applicants to hone each of the said skills above in order to secure a decent score. Prospective candidates must keep certain points in mind regarding the scoring criteria of the said exam. 

  • Candidates are assessed solely on the basis of their academic merit. Prospective candidates must keep in mind that the overall score for the said test will range between 10 to 90 points. 
  • It is expected of candidates to complete a minimum of 52 to 64 tasks. 
  • The communicative skills section encompasses listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills with scores ranging from 10-90 points. 
  • Integrated skills tasks are those tasks that gauge more than one skill of the candidate. 
  • The Enabling skills do not carry much weightage in the PTE exam when it comes to applying for visas or admissions. 
  • The English proficiency level of a candidate is assessed on the basis of their overall score and communicative skills scores. 

PTE Academic Score Scale and the CEFR

PTE Academic has been associated with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) to establish exam scores’ accuracy, consistency and comprehensibility. The predominant reason for the alignment of PTE Academic scores to the CEFR is to successfully execute given tasks determined at a certain level. It is imperative for candidates to prove their mettle by performing those tasks at a certain expected level.  

When a candidate enters the B1 and B2 levels, it is expected of them to deliver not only the basic requisite tasks but to execute the arduous ones as well. The purpose of training candidates according to set levels is to ascertain and assess their academic prowess and competence. In layman’s terms,  the academic scores secured by candidates in their PTE denote the capability of candidates to execute the given tasks to a certain degree.

For example, if a candidate secures 53 points in their PTE Academic, he/she will be expected to score more difficult tasks within the CEFR B1 level and the easier ones pertaining to the B2 level.  

Most universities across the globe have set a certain bar that must be reached by prospective candidates to qualify for their PTE Examination. The data given below will help you get a general idea about the scores that are required by most institutes for admissions to different courses. 

Degree CourseEligible Score(s)
Foundation CoursesMinimum score of 36-50
Undergraduate DegreesMinimum score of 51-60
Postgraduate DegreesMinimum score of 57-67

PTE Test Format 

Candidates often carry this misconception that their overall score will be simply an aggregate of the four English communicative skills, i.e. listening, reading, speaking, and writing. But that is not the entire truth. The overall score of the said exam is rendered on the basis of different skills of the language, encapsulating grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse. Candidates taking the exam must score well in all areas of communication in order to be deemed eligible for university admission or visa applications in English-speaking countries. Hence, a comprehensive understanding of the Scoring Criteria in the PTE-A Test is required.


What is the duration of credibility for the results of PTE exams?

PTE Academic exam results are credible for two years.

How often is one allowed to sit for the PTE Academic Exam?

There is no such prescribed limit to the frequency of candidates appearing for the PTE exam.  

Why should one partake in the PTE Academic test?

Participants in the mentioned exam must have plans to relocate or study in an English-speaking country. This examination is primarily used to assess candidates’ command of the English language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening capabilities).

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