What is a Good GRE Score for Toronto University? 

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GRE Score for Toronto University: Individuals seeking admission to the esteemed University of Toronto for master’s or doctoral programmes can submit their GRE scores for admissions purposes. A competitive GRE score for admission to the University of Toronto is 400. Attaining such a score will significantly enhance your chances of securing a place on the university’s admission list. 

A strong GRE score will set you apart from your competitors and favorably position your candidacy before the admissions committee, thus increasing your likelihood of acceptance into the institution.  That being said, read the entire article to know more about GRE scores for Toronto University. 

Full Form Graduate Record Examinations 
Duration 3 hours 45 minutes (general)3 hours 40 minutes (paper-based) 
ModeOnline (computer-based) Offline  (paper-based) 
Total Score 340- General Test990- Subject Test

What is a Suitable GRE score for the University of Toronto?

Achieving a score of 400 on the GRE will place your candidacy in a strong position among the selection pool and favorably highlight your application to the admissions committee, significantly enhancing your prospects of gaining admission to the university’s master’s or doctoral programmes. Scoring 160 or higher in the verbal reasoning section and 165+ in the quantitative section is generally considered ideal for those who wish to have an edge over their competitors and aspire to be placed in the top percentile ranks.

 Achieving such scores will not only demonstrate your exceptional academic prowess, aptitude, and preparedness for studying in the rigorous academic culture of the University of Toronto but also indicate your ability to thrive in it. It is self-explanatory that acquiring such scores will automatically place you in the good graces of the admissions committee of the university, thus consolidating your chances of selection into the university.

How to Send Your GRE Score to Toronto University? Step-by-Step Guide 

If you are an international student aspiring to pursue your higher education, especially your master’s or diploma from the University of Toronto, and wish to send your GRE scores to the university, then you must definitely follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. First, you must login to your ETS account and select the option of ‘Send Additional Score Reports’ on the ‘My GRE Home Page’. 
  2. Use the university code ‘0982’ to select Toronto University as the recipient of your GRE scores. 
  3. You can even use your most recent GRE scores to send to the University of Toronto. You can send the GRE scores as per your preference to up to 4 universities free of cost.

How to Score Better for GRE: Preparation Tips

Just like any other aptitude or proficiency test, the GRE exam requires candidates to demonstrate a certain extent of competency and cognitive prowess. The GRE exam is primarily administered to gauge or assess individuals who wish to pursue graduate or professional courses at international universities/institutions. 

The exam is also conducted with the aim of assessing one’s aptitude level and executive functioning skills, namely data analysis, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills. One way to ensure great results in the GRE exam is by segregating information based on its priority prior to commencing full-blown GRE preparation. Here are some of the best tips for effective GRE preparation for the University of Toronto. 

  • Inculcating a habit of daily reading will help enhance your knowledge and widen your academic horizons to the optimal limits. This practice can eventually assist one in mastering the GRE verbal sections, which require candidates to demonstrate their knowledge to a certain extent.
  • Create a viable study schedule and adhere to it to reap the best outcomes possible. Following a systematic plan or schedule can help simplify or mitigate some of the complexities surrounding preparation and pave the way for candidates to sail smoothly through the process. A well-structured plan can assist in gaining a strong understanding of the exam and its nuances. 
  • Solving multiple GRE practice tests or sample papers will help you get a thorough understanding of the GRE exam’s format and structure, the types of questions that may be asked, the length of the exam, and other exam complexities. 

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardised test that is required for admission to graduate or professional schools around the world. Individuals seeking admission to the University of Toronto for pursuing their Master’s or doctoral studies must submit their GRE scores. A competitive GRE score for the University of Toronto is generally considered to be 400 or above. A strong GRE score can definitely enhance your chances of selection into the university.

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What is a good GRE score for Toronto University? 

A good GRE score for Toronto University is 400 or above. 

Does Toronto University accept GRE scores for admission? 

Yes, the University of Toronto considers decent GRE scores as a metric to gauge an individual’s aptitude and preparedness for studying at the university and thus arbitrating whether the candidate is suitable for admission or not.

What is the total score of the GRE General Test? 

The GRE General Test carries a weightage of 340 marks in total. 

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