Films and Series That Can Motivate You to Study Abroad

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Films and Series That Can Motivate You to Study Abroad

We are the generation that belongs to the entertainment spectrum of movies and series on OTT platforms. We are the generation that sees our dreams through the portrayals of characters in such content. And if you resonated with that who are determined to make their dreams a reality and need some entertaining motivation, continue reading this blog to know about Films and series that can motivate you to study abroad. The following are the movies and series that can inspire you to study abroad.


Lost in Translation 

Films and Series that can motivate you to study abroad - Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation is a classic describing the adventure of living in a new city with a different culture and diversity. It shows how people who are going through similar concerns can bond together. Every student who wishes to study abroad is concerned about adjusting to the new place and hopes to find a friend who can understand them and can share stories with them in a foreign land.

Harry Potter

Films and Series that can motivate you to study abroad - Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movies have all made us wait for our Hogwarts letter. While watching the movies we were enchanted by the majestic backdrop of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is known for providing world-class education and catering to a large diversity of international students. The movie motivated every one of us to go to our dream institutions and be memorable students at that institutions, developing strong friendships and learning the virtues of life.

Emily in Paris

Films and Series that can motivate you to study abroad - Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is a series that depicts the dream of every fashion and brand management student. It has inspired every student to study in Paris and live a Parisian life. The Parisian work culture is every student’s dream which is a good balance of creativity, work and partying. For students who wish to pursue a globally recognised education and enjoy European work culture, France is the ideal study-abroad destination for them. 

The Big Bang Theory

Films and Series that can motivate you to study abroad - The Big Bang Theory

If science is your favourite subject and you wish to unravel the mysteries of maths, science and history, The Big Bang Theory show must have motivated you to study a science course and work at Caltech. The show depicts the high level of knowledge of scientists and how their dedication and determination lead them to make discoveries in the various fields of science.

Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream

The series shows various aspects of student’s life at their university. The show provides a wider range of knowledge about Indian universities and students discovering something new about themselves. This series has surely motivated viewers to study in India and learn more about the diversity and cultures in India. 

So Not Worth It 

Set in a university residence in Seoul, South Korea, this series depicts that international students from around the world are welcome to study at the university. It shows a glimpse of a typical Korean lifestyle. The show motivates students to once have a study abroad experience and have a chance to meet new people from different backgrounds and learn about their culture and lifestyle and help each other. 

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