Duolingo Speaking Exam Pattern 2023

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Duolingo Speaking Exam Pattern

Duolingo Speaking Exam Pattern: The Duolingo English Test is divided into two primary sections, namely the Adaptive Test and the Writing/Speaking Sample Test. The Speaking /Writing section of the exam often poses a major challenge for students as it requires them to express themselves eloquently and articulately on the provided topics. Individuals are asked to speak and write on certain topics on the spot in this section 

Individuals who go unprepared or aren’t confident enough in their English Speaking and Writing skills find it difficult to crack the section. This is why it is important that you are familiar with the Duolingo Speaking/ Writing Exam Pattern to grasp the nuances of the section and understand what it entails. That being said, read the article to know more about the Duolingo Speaking Exam Pattern. 

Name of Exam Duolingo English Test
Exam Fee $59
Number of Attempts 3 (within a month) 
Duration  1 Hour 
Section 2

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What is the Format for Duolingo Speaking? 

Individuals interested in taking the DET test must familiarize themselves with the format of the Duolingo Speaking and Writing section. Doing so will not only help aspirants grasp the structure of the section but also give them a solid idea about the types of questions that may be asked in this section. Furthermore, knowing the Duolingo speaking pattern will even help you bolster your speed and accuracy, thus giving you enough confidence to tackle the challenging questions. Refer to the following table to get an overview of the Duolingo Speaking/Writing Pattern. 

Section Speaking/Writing 
Duration 10 minutes speaking Sample: 1-3 Minutes
Writing Sample: 3-5 Minutes
Question Types Writing and Speaking Samples
Difficulty Level  Moderate 
Requirement  Candidates are required to speak and write on topics given on the spot.
Test-takers are required to record their responses to open-ended questions. Individuals are required to talk about any given situation or to describe an image. 
He/she can even be asked to select a topic and speak about it for a few minutes. 

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Duolingo Speaking Syllabus

The Duolingo Speaking Sample Test has no set syllabus. There are, however, several topics and questions that are regularly asked during the Duolingo Speaking/Writing Test that you should be aware of. Individuals attempting the section will be required to talk articulately on any given topic. As a result, knowing the most frequently asked subjects and questions will provide individuals an edge over other participants. 

Common Topics and Questions Asked in the Duolingo Speaking Sample Test

Some of the most frequently asked questions on the Duolingo Speaking Sample Test are related to generic topics such as family, business, art, childhood, and so on. Students must work on their English vocabulary, conversational skills, and grammar to ace the section. 

Here is an example of the format of the questions that are commonly asked during the Speaking Section of the DET exam. 

To see some more types of questions asked in the DET Speaking Round along with their sample answers, click here. 

How to Score Better in the Duolingo Speaking Test?  

The Duolingo Speaking Test is designed to assess students’ English speaking skills. It assesses an individual’s ability to express themselves through speech. Furthermore, it evaluates a student’s command of the English language as well as their ability to express themselves clearly in a limited amount of time. The section may be challenging for some at first, but with prior preparation and knowledge, you may quickly ace the round with ease. Here are some preparation strategies for the Duolingo Speaking Test. 

  1. Try practicing speaking out loud in front of a mirror. 
  2. Record yourself while speaking. This will give you an idea about the areas where you fall short. Doing so will give you a chance to improve your shortcomings. 
  3. Time yourself while you speak. As the speaking sample test requires you to complete the assignment within a time frame of 1 to 3 minutes, putting time constraints will improve your overall speed and accuracy. 
  4. Prepare from topics that are commonly asked in the DET exam. Some of the most common DET-speaking topics include business, family, childhood, art, and so on. 


1. What are the speaking topics for the Duolingo test?

Some of the most common Duolingo Speaking topics include family, studies, student life, childhood, studies, future, friends, government, hobbies, music, cinema, etc.

2. What is the duration of the Duolingo English Test? 

What is the score range of the Duolingo English Test? 

3. What is the score range of the Duolingo English Test? 

The score range of the Duolingo English test is 10 to 160. 

The Speaking/Writing section of the Duolingo English Test lasts for 10 minutes. You will have 3 minutes to complete the speaking task and 5 minutes for the writing task. The speaking section of the DET can be challenging for some; therefore, it is recommended that you practice the common speaking topics beforehand. 

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