IELTS Daily Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Reading and Children (Follow-up Questions)

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IELTS Daily Speaking Topic - Speaking Part 3: Reading and Children (Follow-up Questions)
IELTS Daily Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Reading and Children (Follow-up Questions)

Discussion Topics

  1. Importance of Reading
  2. Digital vs Physical Books
  3. Educational System’s Role

Follow-up questions

1. Importance of Reading

Q.1. How does reading influence a child’s perspective?

Ans. A child’s perspective can broaden through reading as it exposes individuals to new ideas, cultures, and experiences. This exposure can cultivate empathy and understanding in children, leading to an open-minded and accepting mindset towards differences. Exploring cultures through reading can enhance sensitivity and promote respect for diversity. Additionally, delving into fictional works can deepen one’s comprehension of emotions and relationships.


Q.2. How can we encourage children to read more?

Ans.  One effective way to motivate a child to read more is by offering them books that match their interests. For instance, books centered around animals, space exploration, or thrilling adventures could capture their attention. Additionally, implementing a reading schedule can foster the habit of reading in children. Parents can lead by example, demonstrating the pleasure of reading by engaging in it themselves. Schools can also promote reading by curating a selection of books in their libraries and arranging activities related to reading.

2. Digital vs Physical Books

Q.1. What are the advantages of digital books over physical books?

Ans. Digital books offer a level of convenience that physical books cannot match. They are lightweight and compact, allowing you to carry an entire library in your pocket. Moreover, digital books are generally more affordable than their physical counterparts. They often provide features like the ability to change text size and effortlessly highlight and annotate text. These interactive elements can significantly enhance the reading experience, particularly for educational purposes.

Q.2.  How has the shift from physical to digital books impacted children’s reading habits?

Ans. The transition to digital books has increased the availability of reading materials for children especially for those who may not have easy access to physical books. Nevertheless, this shift has also sparked concerns regarding the screen time that children are exposed to. Although digital reading can be interactive and captivating, prolonged screen exposure can result in problems such as eye strain and reduced physical activity. Hence, it is crucial for parents and educators to find a ground between digital and traditional reading methods. 

3. Educational System’s Role

Q.1. What role do teachers play in fostering a love of reading in children?

Ans.Teachers have a significant impact on nurturing a passion for reading in children. They expose students to various types of literature, guiding them towards books that align with their interests and reading abilities. Additionally, teachers provide guidance on reading techniques, helping students enhance their understanding and enjoyment of reading. Moreover, teachers can cultivate an atmosphere for reading by giving students dedicated time for reading and facilitating discussions about books within the classroom. .

Q.2. How can the educational system better support children who struggle with reading?

Ans. The education system has the potential to assist students who are facing difficulties in reading by offering additional resources and support. This may involve instruction through one on one or small group sessions, tutoring programs and specialized reading intervention programs. Schools can also adopt various teaching methods to cater to the requirements of each student by focusing on their individual strengths and weaknesses. It is equally important to engage parents and caregivers in supporting reading at home. 

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