Duolingo Daily Topic: Read then Write- Task 1

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Duolingo Daily Topic: Read then Write- Task 1

Q. Nowadays, a lot of individuals choose to read their news online. Describe a few ways in which this has affected people’s lives.

Ans: These days, a great deal of people prefer to receive their news feeds online, which represents a significant shift in how people receive information. The lives of individuals have been greatly altered by this shift, which has influenced the way they interact with others and access information.


The main effect of this on people’s lives is the unmatched speed at which news spreads. People can remain up-to-date on current events instantly by using online platforms and social media, which offer real-time updates. For example, social media platforms quickly provide updates during major happenings. They prove to be an accurate source of information for many people that traditional media finds difficult to match.

Another major change is the availability of different viewpoints. Online news resources, when compared to traditional media, provide a variety of ideas and points of view. This variety inspires people to learn about various aspects of a narrative, resulting in a deeper understanding. An individual with an interest in politics, for example, can quickly get articles from several sources, helping them to gain a well-rounded opinion.

In conclusion, the shift to online news consumption has completely changed how people interact with the information they receive.

Q. Describe the modern types of equipment that are used in the classrooms. Which technology in the classroom is most crucial? Give specifics and examples to explain.

Ans: With the advancement and proliferation of technology, today’s schools have greatly transformed as compared to the schools from a decade ago. When it comes to homework or assignments, the integration of technology is not just a mainstay in classrooms, but also outside the classroom.

Educators can utilize a variety of equipment for teaching and improving the overall experience of students, as it allows audio-visual components to be mobilized. This makes education fun and engaging for the learners. One of the most common uses of technology is through e-books or digital textbooks. This reduces the stress on students if they forget to take along a specific book required for a subject or even homework as they can prepare and save it on accessible cloud storage, emails or drives. Another one is projectors. These are especially useful for larger classrooms or lecture halls as the content can be visible and easily comprehensible for all.

I believe that a smartboard is one of the best developments. The interactive boards allow the teachers to point out, make annotations, and switch between content easily. It is not necessary to write or clear topics or questions. Adding quizzes, images, videos and even audio clips with the vibrant display enhances the experience for all the participants.

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