TOEFL Writing Topic: People who toss trash out of their car windows should be fined at least $500.

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People who toss trash out of their car windows should be fined at least $500.

Q- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People who toss trash out of their car windows should be fined at least $500. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples. 

Ans: Littering has become one of the predominant suspects behind the hazardous rise of pollution and global warming. People tend to throw away trash, especially plastics on the road, unbeknownst to the inadvertent damage they are causing to mother nature. I totally agree with the notion that people must be fined at least $500 for throwing away trash out of their car windows.


When the trash is strewn carelessly on the road, it not only causes pollution but also creates hazardous fodder for animals or organisms that eat such waste and later suffer. Littering not only harms the ecosystem over time, but it also results in an increase in the mortality toll of animals that consume squander left on highways and roads. I witnessed it myself during a road trip when a  man threw a can of soft drink from his car onto the road. Soon after, a cow arrived in search of food and began munching and later choked on it. This incident reflects the disregard people show for the environment due to their privilege, negligence and stoic attitude. Therefore, imposing a fee for littering is an excellent method to teach such people a lesson. 

Implementing penalties for littering strengthens the significance of societal accountability and civic pride. When individuals are subject to financial consequences for their behaviour, they are inclined to develop a sense of personal responsibility and obligation to their surroundings and community. This approach not only diminishes instances of littering but also cultivates a collaborative endeavour to uphold tidy and appealing environs, ultimately resulting in an improved quality of life for all residents.

To sum up,  littering on roads should be chastised severely. The imposition of such sanctions will not only make people think twice about throwing trash on the road but will also progressively make them consider the environmental damage they have contributed to over time. It is finally time for us to stand up and repudiate such conduct for the sake of our world and our future. 

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