Duolingo Daily Topic: Interactive Writing (Painting).

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Duolingo Daily Topic: Interactive Writing (Painting)

Q. Think about something that you have made with your own hands (such as a cake, a piece of furniture, or a painting). Describe the experience and the results of your work. Include specific details.

Ans. Last year, I started a journey of creating my first oil painting. The subject was a serene landscape, inspired by a photograph that I took a long time back during my trip to Punjab. I started by sketching the outline lightly with a pencil on the canvas. Then, I began to mix the oil paints, creating a palette of colours that mirrored the hues that were present in the photograph. The process of applying the paint was both challenging and exhilarating, as it required a balance between pressure and precision.


Each brushstroke brought life to the scene, from the vibrant green of the trees to the soft blue of the sky. After the hard work of several days, the painting was complete. It was a humble rendition, but it did capture the essence of the landscape. The experience was deeply rewarding and instilled in me a feeling of appreciation for the painting. 

Follow-Up Question

Q. What were some of the challenges you faced during the painting process and how did you overcome them?

Ans. During the painting process, I struggled the most with colour mixing, finding it challenging to achieve the exact shade I desired. Controlling the texture of the paint proved difficult as well. However, through practice and patience, I overcame these challenges. I experimented with various colour combinations and learned to adjust the quantity of oil needed to achieve the desired texture. These experiences greatly enhanced my understanding and skills in painting.

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