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Perks of Pursuing MA in Music

When thinking about a career in music, you might start with a performer who occupies the centre stage. But if you open the curtain, you will find that people have a range of jobs and occupations in the music industry that help in performances. The music career is more than just performance – it involves one or more disciplines. MA Music or Master of Arts in Music is a two-year master’s degree course that deals with the study of Music. The course provides both theoretical and practical aspects of MA Music. It covers everything from understanding the origins to history and the forms of music currently being practised. If you are also interested in becoming one of the renowned musicians of all time, read the blog on MA Music that covers top institutions, eligibility norms, career prospects, and more!

Course MA Music
Level of Course Post Graduate
Level of Duration  2 years
Basic Eligibility BA Music 
Selection Procedure Merit-Based or Entrance Exam
Annual Average Tuition Fees INR 1,100 – 1,00,000
Career Options Musician, Performer, Radio Jockey, Composer, etc
Average Salary Range (In USD) 47,000 USD – 95,000 USD (INR 34 lacs – 69 lacs) 

About MA Music 

MA Music or Master of Arts in Music is a two-year master’s degree course that deals with the study of music. The course provides both theoretical and practical aspects of music. It also gives an overview of the history and origins of the various musical styles that we hear today. Students learn to discover the roots of music and are offered opportunities for multiple forms of music practice. Aspirants can choose between vocal and instrumental courses and further do higher studies such as PhD and M. Phil Music. 

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Semester-Wise Syllabus 

The students can choose between vocal and instrumental courses and further do higher studies such as PhD and M. Phil Music. In Instrumental courses, the students are made to learn Sitar, Veena, Guitar, Tabla, etc, while in Vocal courses the subjects of study include Taal, Raag, types of music, composition, etc. Let’s take a look at the syllabus covered in MA Music: 

Semester I Theory – History, and Aesthetics in Music 
Practical Paper I – Stage Performance 
Semester II Theory – General and Applied Theory
Practical Paper II – Viva-Voice
Practical Paper III – Revision of Ragas and Sessional 
Semester III Theory – History of Indian Music
Practical Paper IV – Stage Performance
Semester IV Theory – Applied Theory and Musical Compositions 
Practical Paper V – Viva-Voice 
Practical Paper VI – Revision of Ragas and Sessional 

MA Music Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants must meet the following requirements divided into three parts: educational qualifications, audition qualifications, and other documentation required at the time of filling up of application form for MA Music: 

Educational Qualifications

  • The basic eligibility criteria for obtaining a MA Music degree is to have a degree with a  BA in Music or Music as one of the subjects in your graduation degree. 
  • In addition, some reputable universities and institutions require at least a 50% final grade as an admission criterion. 
  • A few universities also take entrance exams to gain admission to their MA Music degree programs.

Audition Qualifications

International students have to upload some of the mandatory documents at the time of registration. Here is the list of documents you will need at the time of audition in MA Music:

  • A video or live recording of the music performance.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of musical instruments.
  • Some universities may require a portfolio of music compositions.

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Other Documents

Apart from providing audition requirements, consider the following necessary documents to be submitted to the desired university abroad: 

Top Universities Around the World 

There is a wide range of universities around the world that offer courses in music. Let’s take a look at the top universities in the world for MA music.  

Top Colleges in India

With a wide scope of career opportunities, studying music in India is the best option for aspirants. Here are the top colleges in India that provide degrees in MA music. 

  • Banaras University
  • Delhi University
  • Queens Mary College
  • Banasthali University
  • Bangalore University
  • Kurukshetra University
  • Sripat Singh College 
  • Miranda House 
  • Amity University 
  • Nehru Gram Bharati University 

Do you know? Arijit Singh is one of the famous Indian singers who had pursued his music dreams from Sripat Singh College, West Bengal. 

MA Music Entrance Exams

The application process requires students to have a bachelor’s degree and professional experience in the music industry. The entrance examination and direct admission are the two main criteria. Following are some common entrance tests for MA Music admission: 

  • TISS National Entrance Test (TISSNET)
  • Patna Women’s College BA/BSc Entrance Exam
  • Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Common Entrance Exam (CEE)
  • North Maharashtra University MA Entrance Exam

There is a great demand for musicians and instrumentalists with a good artists background. Below mentioned are the job roles for MA Music with the average salary structure: 

Job Profiles Average Salary Range (in USD)
Singers/Performers in Film 37,000 – 2,00,000 (INR 27 lacs – 1.46 cr)
Music Professors 69,000 – 79,000 (INR 50 lacs – 58 lacs)
Radio Jockey 50,000 – 71,000 (INR 36 lacs – 52 lacs)
Band Leader 29,000 – 1,00,000 (INR 21 lacs – 73 lacs)
Music Therapists  42,000 – 92,000 (INR 30 lacs – 67 lacs)
Stage Technician 40,000 – 60,000 (INR 40 lacs – 44 lacs)
Studio Musician 48,000 – 81,000 (INR 35 lacs – 59 lacs)
Music Consultant 36,000 – 64,000 (INR 26 lacs – 47 lacs)

MA Music Top Placement Sectors 

The MA Music universities/colleges offer rigorous training to the aspirants to make sure that they get into their desired music industries providing the best salary package:

  • Film Industry
  • Media Companies
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Touring Companies
  • Orchestras 
  • Personal Studios 
  • Theatrics Industry


Is distance learning available for MA Music?

Yes, some renowned universities or colleges provide distance education in MA Music. For instance, Periyar University, Jaipur National University, etc. 

Are there any specializations in MA Music?

The specialization includes instrumental, vocal, classical Hindustani, etc. 

Are there any different degrees that MA Music? 

Yes, other than MA Music there are MA Music Vocal, MA Music Instrumental are few instances of music degrees. 

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