Best Data Analysis Courses for International Students in New Zealand (NZ) in 2024

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New Zealand boasts numerous top-ranked universities that offer data analysis degrees. So, if you want to make a career in the field of data analysis, then New Zealand is a great option. You can expect to have a bright and secure career by pursuing your education in this popular study-abroad destination. We have listed below some of the best data analysis courses NZ. These programs are offered at the most prestigious universities in the country and provide you with the skills required to thrive as a data analyst. Take a look at this list and figure out which one suits you the most. 


Bachelor of Science (BSc) Majoring in Data Analytics

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) majoring in Data Analytics at The University of Waikato is ideal for you if you get intrigued by the natural world around you and want to understand how things work. One of the great things about this program is that it allows you to put into practice what you learn during your lectures. Further, you will receive hands-on experience with some of the most up-to-date and sophisticated computing facilities and laboratory equipment. 

After graduation, you will have the ability to utilise statistical techniques in a range of industries, such as healthcare, travel, and energy management. You will help companies make better decisions through your skills. 

You can assume the following job roles after graduation: 

  • Data Analyst
  • Government Statistician
  • Business Analyst
  • Insurance and Finance Professional 
  • Industrial Statistician
  • Medical Statistician
  • Market Researcher
  • Operational Researcher

The brilliant curriculum of that degree makes it one of the best data analysis courses NZ. 

Course Bachelor of Science (BSc) Majoring in Data Analytics
University The University of Waikato
QS World University Rankings 2024250
Duration 3 Years
Annual Tuition Fees NZ$ 38,305

Master of Finance (Risk Analytics)

The Master of Finance (Risk Analytics), provided by Massey University, offers you a solid foundation, in-depth knowledge and skills in risk analytics that enable you to succeed as a financial risk manager. Moreover, you will build an international perspective on the discipline of risk analytics during this course. The invaluable skills provided in this program make it one of the best data analysis courses NZ. 

Course Master of Finance (Risk Analytics)
University Massey University
QS World University Rankings 2024=239 
Duration 1 Year 
Annual Tuition Fees NZ$ 35,450

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Bachelor of Science in Analytics

The Auckland University of Technology offers a Bachelor of Science in Analytics. This program will offer you the skills required in analytics and data science-focused roles in various sectors. 

Furthermore, you will acquire the ability to analyse data with the help of appropriate statistical, computational, and mathematical techniques. 

This major covers statistical and mathematical concepts that underpin statistical analysis techniques. Moreover, you will have the ability to extract meaning and knowledge from firm data, which is a highly sought-after skill in various industries. 

You can assume the following job roles after graduation: 

The program’s curriculum is designed to turn you into a competent data analysis professional, making it one of the best data analysis courses NZ. 

Course Bachelor of Science in Analytics
University Auckland University of Technology
QS World University Rankings 2024=407
Duration 3 Years
Annual Tuition Fees NZ$ 36,900

Master of Business Analytics

To begin with, the Master of Business Analytics at the University of Auckland prepares students from business, social sciences, engineering, sciences or technology backgrounds for a career in the field of business analytics. This practice-focused program will allow you to and then source, analyse, and manipulate data to address issues. Through this course, you will build a strong portfolio of professional skills that will allow you to use data visualisation tools and storytelling to communicate effectively to a non-technical audience. The program truly makes you job-ready, making it one of the best data analysis courses NZ. 

Course Master of Business Analytics
University University of Auckland
QS World University Rankings 202468
Duration 15 Months
Annual Tuition Fees NZ$ 52,689.60

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Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics

The Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics at the Eastern Institute of Technology strives to produce work-ready graduates who can advance their careers as professionals like data analysts, business analysts, and database analysts. Moreover, the curriculum of this course covers the use of advanced data manipulation techniques and common software tools to create data-driven spreadsheets. The high-in-demand skills offered in this course make you one of the best data analysis courses NZ.

Course Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics
University Eastern Institute of Technology
Duration 6 Months
Annual Tuition Fees NZ$ 16,250


Q1. Is New Zealand good for data science?

Ans. Yes, various reputed universities in New Zealand offer data science degrees. 

Q2. What is a data analyst’s salary in NZ?

Ans. The average annual salary for a data analyst in New Zealand is $84,436.

Q3. Does data analysis require a lot of math?

Ans. Data analysts need a strong grounding in mathematics to succeed in their careers.

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So, this was all about the best data analysis courses NZ. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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