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University of Warsaw

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History, Affiliations and Rankings

The University of Warsaw was founded in 1816 and is the largest university in Poland. Since the beginning, the University of Warsaw has played a crucial role in the cultural, political, and intellectual life of Poland. Ranking among the top 3% of the world’s universities rankings, it is the leading university in Poland, occupying 1st/2nd place in the national rankings of universities in Poland. The University of Warsaw is affiliated with EUA, Socrates-Erasmus, EAIE and UNICA. According to QS World University Rankings 2022, the university is ranked #308 in the world and is also placed between #601-800 as per THE World University Rankings 2022. 

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

The University of Warsaw owns a total of 126 buildings. Further construction and a vigorous renovation program are underway at the main campus. The university is spread out over the city, though most of the buildings are concentrated in two areas. The main campus is located in the city centre, while the Natural science campus is located near Banancha and Pasteur streets. The Warsaw University Library building is a short walk downhill from the main campus, in the Powile neighbourhood. The University of Warsaw community comprises 21 faculties and over 3 research units, 3834 academic teachers, 24511 doctoral candidates and four doctoral schools such as Doctoral School of Humanities, Doctoral School of Social Sciences, Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences, Interdisciplinary Doctoral School. The university is led by the concepts of unity of training and research and the harmonious development of all branches of knowledge represented in its curriculum. The University of Warsaw employs 3800 scholars, whose scientific enquiry extends over 1400 research topics. Students have the opportunity of joining these research projects. The University’s research team has won worldwide recognition in many areas of knowledge, and became a part of international research programmes, being a member of almost 100 research networks.

Accomplishments and Alumni

The quality of education at the University of Warsaw is confirmed by the annual appraisals conducted by the university itself which show that the majority of students are satisfied with their selection of the university and the education programme, these researches are backed by other research conducted with the University’s graduates. The University’s strongest points are its prestige, development opportunities and study environment. The University was awarded the “HR Excellence in Research” title by the European Commission for adopting the principles of the European Charter for Researchers, meaning that the University offers a friendly working environment and a transparent recruitment procedure. It has also been distinguished by the European Commission for its participation in the Erasmus+ programme. The University of Warsaw conducts the largest research enterprise of its kind in Europe by monitoring the careers of former students. Results demonstrate that having a diploma from the University of Warsaw is a definite asset in the job market; 94% of respondents have found employment after graduation. The University has given the world a number of remarkable alumni, including 6 Nobel Laureates Henryk Sienkiewicz, Czeslaw Milosz, Menachem Begin, Joseph Rotblat, Leonid Hurwicz, and Olga Tokarczuk. Also, other alumni include the likes of Jerzy Andrzejewski (Author), Krzysztof Kamil Baczylski (Poet), Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz (Politician and Prime Minister of Poland (1996–1997), Tomasz Dietl (Physicist), Samuel Eilenberg (Mathematician, Computer Scientist, Art Collector). 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The University of Warsaw offers people from abroad both degree programmes (2, 3 and 5-year programmes) and short-term programmes, e.g. lasting one semester or one year. The offer of short stays is directed also to academic teachers and university administration staff. Some programmes are aimed at selected groups – citizens of certain countries or parts of the world – while others are open to everyone. The University of Warsaw community includes 4,800 foreigners, comprising students, doctoral students, employees and grantees of, among others, the Erasmus + programme. 

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