Study Masters in Energy Management in Canada: A Guide

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masters in energy management in canada

Energy management means ensuring the sustainable use of all energy sources that we use or are present. The study helps in taking steps to work for sustainable living, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and the carbon footprint that is continuously on the rise. An energy manager helps not only in lowering production costs but also enables to create higher-quality energy.


The masters in Energy Management in Canada is a degree which includes planning and evaluating the use of energy and its production costs while still providing enough energy to meet the demand. It is a branch of science concerned with energy-related issues, usage and it’s sustainability. The demand for innovative and dynamic workers in this sector is high as they can introduce new products and plan a better future for all. Hence, pursuing Masters in Energy Management in Canada becomes a luring opportunity.

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Why Study in Canada?

There are several compelling reasons to consider Canada as a destination for pursuing a Master’s degree in Energy Management. Some of these are mentioned below- 

  1. Canada is a global leader -With a strong commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, the universities in Canada are also giving importance to inculcating research and development in this field. 
  2. Canadian universities – The universities provide high-quality education and are consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. The Master’s programs in Energy Management offered by these universities are highly regarded all around. 
  3. Climate and Diversity – People from around the world are welcomed and thus, Canada becomes a hotspot for cultural diversity and an ideal place to study and live. The country offers a high standard of living and has a vision towards sustainability and renewable energy, making it a perfect place to learn about energy management.

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Top Universities for Masters in Energy Management in Canada

When you think of any career, having a background in a relevant field and enrolling in one of the best universities are always thought-consuming. 

Worry not! Here is a list of top universities for pursuing Master in Energy Management in Canada – 

UniversityQS World University Ranking of 2024
University of Toronto21
University of British Columbia34
University of Alberta111
McMaster University189
University of Calgary182
University of Ottawa203
Queen’s University at Kingston209
York University353

The mentioned universities offer various courses from MA’s to MBA programs in Energy Management, with different specializations and areas of focus. You can find a course that fits your interests.

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Fees for Masters in Energy Management in Canada

 The fees of the course of Masters in Energy Management in Canada vary depending on the school and the course of study. The budget ranges between CAD 20,000 and CAD 40,000 for tuition per year i.e. from INR 12 lakhs to 25 lakhs

Apart from the expenses for tuition, you should also consider the living expenses in Canada. Compared to the United States, the cost of living in Canada is generally higher, but it is still relatively lower than in other nations. 

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Scholarships for Masters in Energy Management in Canada

There are several scholarships available to aid international students who want to study Master in Energy Management in Canada. These scholarships can be enormously helpful in offsetting the cost of tuition and living expenses.

Names of some of the scholarships for international students aspiring to study Master’s in Energy Management in Canada include –

  1. Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS-M)
  2. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  3. Mitacs Globalink Research Scholarships
  4. Schulich Leader Scholarships
  5. Ontario Trillium Scholarships

In order to be eligible for these scholarships, certain academic requirements are needed to be met with the submission of a strong application.

Eligibility Criteria For Masters in Energy Management in Canada

The general eligibility criteria for a Masters in Energy Management  in Canada are –

  • holding a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, or a relevant field. 
  • have a strong academic record and 
  • a good GRE or GMAT score.

Documents Required

The documents that will be needed to apply for a Masters in Energy Management in Canada generally would include:

  1. A completed application form
  2. Official transcripts from your undergraduate institution
  3. A letter of the statement of purpose
  4. Two letters of recommendation
  5. Your GRE or GMAT score
  6. Canada Study Permit

How to Apply?

The application process for a Masters in Energy Management in Canada typically involves the following steps:

  1. Find a course that interests you.
  2. You must also meet the eligibility criteria of the course.
  3. Complete the application form and submit the required documents.
  4. Pay the application fee.
  5. Interview with the program admissions committee.
  6. Receive a decision from the program.

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Canadian Student Visa

If you are going as an international student, you will need to begin applying for your visa for becoming a Canadian student even before you can begin your studies. The visa application process can take several months to get completed.

Student Life in Canada

Canada is a destination full of opportunities and is a picturesque place to live and study, particularly for international students. The country is very welcoming, multicultural, and secure, providing various avenues, and equipping students to engage in activities and interact with diverse people. Students can even think to take further studies too.

Scope of Masters in Canada

 A post-graduation degree in Energy Management can open a wide career path giving opportunities and its application in Canada. Energy management is a broad topic to dive into as it has multifarious aspects to cover. With the increase in global warming and climate-related issues, the industry is also growing, paving the way for youthful, enthusiastic, and motivated employees to work.

The scope lies in a variety of industries, including

  1. Energy
  2. Government
  3. Consulting
  4. Academia or research.

The demand for people with the course as their educational background is expected to grow in the coming years, as Canada is continuously transitioning to a future of cleaner and greener energy resource usage. Studying and kickstarting a career in Canada will be beneficial for every student.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is energy management in demand in Canada?

As the Canadian government is moving to energy conservation and zero carbon usage, the area of opportunities has also risen. Hence, the demand for the course is also becoming one of the most promising courses to pursue.

What is MSc in energy management?

The MSc in Energy Management is a post-graduation course in science that makes a student specialized enough to cater to the energy market business, covering from renewable energy, electricity to oil or gas.

Is it worth doing a masters in renewable energy?

Yes, it is worth doing a master’s in renewable energy as it equips learners with the skills required to handle issues related to energy production. A postgraduate degree in renewable energy provides you with the ability to solve and develop sustainable methods of energy conservation.

What is the scope of energy management?

The scope of energy management covers many areas and industries related to renewable energy from electricity saving to constructing a building, the use of energy is immense and thus the scope of energy management is also versatile.  

 Which country is best for renewable energy Masters?

The best country to study master’s in renewable energy is the United States. The US is one of the largest energy consumers, and thus the demand for the study and later its implementation is in high demand. Additionally, the US is a hotspot for top universities for studying master’s as they have set up some best research institutions too.

Embarking on a journey to pursue post-graduation in energy management in Canada would be an ideal decision as it would enable a person to work and achieve the world’s set sustainable goals.

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