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universities in Sudan

Universities in Sudan are reputable and known for academic excellence. In total Sudan has 15 public universities, 9 private universities, and several other colleges with 14,500 international students. The living cost in these countries is relatively low compared to other universities.  After graduation students can apply for any job related to the course they have studied and in accordance with their skills. Most universities assist students who perform well in securing a job. In total, the country offers  461 Bachelor’s programs, 151 M.A. programs, and 78 PhD programs.  As a result, universities in Sudan for international students are a great choice. Keep reading to know more about Sundan university’s fees, Sudan University’s ranking, Sudan university admissions, Sudan university’s admission process, and a list of Sudan universities. 


Why Study in Sudan?

Students can study in Sudan for the following reasons

  • Sudan has a 142 world education ranking and provides high-quality education 
  • The country ranks 133 in the ease of business ranking and  144 in the world economy ranking 
  • Sudan  universities are open to international students as well 

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Top Universities in Sudan 

Here is a list of universities in Sudan and their tuition fees

Universities 2022 Sudanese University RankingWorld Ranking 2023Tuition Fees per year
Sudan University of Science and Technology210381₹100,819
University of Bahari7638₹101,146
University of Gezira57623₹95,350
University of Khartoum12955₹100,003
Afrad University for Women315552₹61,226
International University of Africa 69949₹32,654
University of Medical Sciences and Technology115772₹98,778
Red Sea University1212051₹86,288
University of Kordofan2010085₹106,207
Neelain University45413₹106,207

Best Universities in Sudan

Here is a list of the top 10 universities in Sudan that International students can apply to:

University of Khartoum

The University of Khartoum was established in 1898 in memory of General Gordon. The university aims to create a unified, developed, and advanced Sudanese nation. The University also focuses on providing modern educational and research facilities that will help students to face present challenges. Some of the popular University of Khartoum courses include agriculture, forestry, dentistry, education, law, pharmacy, and management studies.

University of Medical Sciences and Technology

The University of Medical Sciences and Technology is an institution established in 1995. It is situated in the El-Riyadh Area, east of Khartoum Airport. The college offers graduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs. The University of Medical Sciences and Technology courses include medicine, engineering, and business administration, among others.

Gezira University

Gezira University was founded in 1975, in the city of Wad Medani, the capital of Gezia state. The University’s mission is to seek science and knowledge. The University of Gezira Sudan offers courses in the health sector, economic sector, engineering sector, educational sector, agricultural sector, and humanitarian sector. 

University of Kordofan

The University of Kordofan Sudan is a national governmental University in terms of ongoing policies, admission, and funding,  The University is situated in Elobeid City, the capital city of North Kordofan. The aim of the college is to acquire, teach, develop, and disseminate knowledge to serve Sudan’s development. Research and technical innovations are important policies of the university. Popular courses include medicine and health sciences, education, engineering, and technical studies, among others.

The University of Bahri

The University of Bahari was established in July 2011 and was later relocated to Khartoum. In total, the University has 19 colleges and 3 centres with 5 campuses. Some of the popular courses include animal production, engineering and architecture, computer science and mathematics, education, management sciences, humanities, the university of Bahri college of medicine, and public and environmental science.

Eligibility Criteria and Documents required 

The eligibility criteria for studying abroad and the documents required for university admission in Sudan are as follows

  • Meet the academic admission criteria of the course you want to study. For example, for a Master’s study academic transcript of 4  year B. A study and 3 on 4-point grading system are required. For the PhD,  an M.A. degree with a minimum B grade is required. 
  • Submitting additional documents such as a statement of purpose and letter of recommendation 
  • Submit proof of English language proficiency is required. For example, proof of IELTS, or TOEFL score.

Application Process

The student application process for universities is as follows. 

  • Find the right program and apply to the university of your choice 
  • Visit the university website and submit your application
  • Receive the conditional offer letter
  • Submit an application for a Sudan visa 
  • Move to Sudan to pursue higher education

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University of Sudan scholarship for international students.

ScholarshipBeneficiaries AmountAmount in INR
Global excellence scholarship 2023/24M.A€6000/year INR 5.37 lakh
September undergraduate scholarshipB.A€ 2000INR 1.78 lakh
September taught postgraduate scholarshipM.A, PhD€2500 INR 2.23 lakh
Lincoln university doctoral scholarshipPhD€16500INR 14.76 lakh
Lincoln university International school leavers scholarshipB.A€5900INR 5.28 lakh

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Q1. How many universities are in Sudan?

Ans. Sudan has a total of 31 universities.

Q2. Does Sudan have good universities?

Yes, Sudan has a lot of good universities. One such popular Sudan public university is the Sudan University of Science and Technology.

Q3. What is the top-ranking university in Sudan?

The University of Khartoum is the top-ranking university in Sudan.

Sudan universities provide high-quality education to International students. These universities offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD courses. Need help with study abroad admissions? Call us at 1800 572 000 and book our free 30-minute counselling session today.

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