Top Hangout Spots Near RMIT University

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Top Hangout Spots Near RMIT University

Top Hangout Spots Near RMIT University: RMIT University is referred to as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The RMIT is one of Australia’s most renowned educational institutions. The university was founded in 1887 by Francis Ormond. Initially, the university was famous for its arts, science and technology courses. RMIT University merged with the Phillip Institute of Technology in 1992 and became a public university. Surely, it can be a dream university for many.


If you get admitted to this university then, Being an international student, you might wonder about places to hang out in foreign land near your university. This blog will take you through some top hangout spots near RMIT University.

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Why Study at RMIT University?

In 2023, the university is ranked at 310th position globally (301-350 band) by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. From an international outlook, RMIT University is ranked in the 69th position. Such achievements make RMIT University the most sought-after institute for international students. A number of colleges are also affiliated with RMIT University. In addition to this, the university offers partnership programs with certain countries which provide a chance for international students to study at RMIT University.

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Top Hangout Spots Near RMIT University

Studying at RMIT University would be a life-changing experience for you. You would get an ultimate chance to interact and build contacts with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

There are various activities that you can do apart from studying in your free time at this university. Be it for relaxing or for entertainment, RMIT University has many hangout spots nearby. There are plenty of hangout spots where students can visit and chill out with their friends during the pass time as the RMIT campus is located in Melbourne, AKA one of the most livable places. 

The university is surrounded by public transport facilities, cafes, theatres, bars and pubs, parks, and galleries. So, students can easily visit the top hangout spots near the RMIT University campus.

Mentioned below are some of the top hangout spots near RMIT University:

Carlton Garden

Carlton Garden

The Carlton Garden lies 8 minutes’ walking distance from RMIT University. Students can easily walk through there and visit the place for spending their free time. It is a beautiful green space garden perfect for relaxation and public gatherings. International students could also socialise and meet with the natives at this beautiful scenic property. 

The place is a perfect picnic spot or you can just go there, sit, relax and feel peace while enjoying the beauty of nature. Carlton Garden is an important part of Melbourne’s inner urban open space network. 

It is home to the Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum. Thus, it is the common hangout spot near RMIT University for students, local visitors, and nearby residents. This place also hosts various events, festivals, outdoor concerts, etc.

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Lygon Street

Lygon Street

Being a student you would love the vibe of Lygon Street as it is also referred to as “little Italy”. The street has a vibrant ambience which favours the liking of youth. 

Lygon Street is just a 6-minute drive from RMIT University making it one of the top hangout spots near RMIT University. You can also take any public transport and reach the street within 12 minutes by travelling via a bus. 

The street has numerous cafes and restaurants where you can just grab a coffee or try authentic Italian cuisine with your friends. As you walk through the street, you will encounter street performers who are showcasing their talents on the street. You can grab something to eat and enjoy their performance. Thus, the street has an artistic ambience. It also hosts certain events and festivals that add to the enthusiasm of the place. 

Melbourne City Baths

Melbourne City Baths

If you are fond of swimming and want to enjoy swimming or learn it then, Melbourne City Baths is the place for you. It is only a 1-minute walk from the university. You may consider it as a hangout spot as you would relax and enjoy the swimming sessions.

This place is commonly known as “City Baths” and offers fitness and swimming facilities. This is one of the oldest public baths in Melbourne. It has swimming pools, a spa, a sauna, steam rooms, a gym, fitness centre. The Melbourne City Bath also conducts aquatic programs for the attraction of its visitors. 

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Ornamental Lake

Ornamental Lake

The ornamental lake is one of the top hangout spots near RMIT University. It is only a 6-minute walk from RMIT University. Students could also take a 2-minute drive from the university to reach the location. It is known as “Guilfoyle’s Volcano” and is a famous attraction within the Royal Botanic Garden. 

This place is pleasing to the eyes as it is equipped with water fountains, cascading waterfalls, plantations, ornamental gardens, bird species, etc. All these features make this place worth visiting. So if you are looking for a hangout spot near RMIT University, you must witness the beauty of the ornamental lake in Melbourne. 

Other Hangout Spots Near RMIT University

Following are some more hangout places near RMIT University:

  • Flagstaff Gardens
  • Queen Victoria Market
  • Southbank Promenade
  • Degraves Street
  • Hardware Lane
  • The Wheeler Center
  • Hosier Lane
  • Melbourne Central Rooftop


What is RMIT famous for?

RMIT is Australia’s original tertiary institution. It is an internationally recognised and reputed university. It is known for its excellence in education, research and engagement with community and industry. 

Why choose RMIT over other universities in Australia?

The reason you should choose RMIT over other universities in Australia is that it is known for its academic excellence and is ranked in the top 32 universities worldwide which are under 50 years old (QS World University Rankings).

What is the ranking of RMIT University in the world?

:- 310th globally (301-350 band) in the 2023 edition of Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
:- 69th globally on international outlook. 

What are some of the best places to visit near RMIT University, Melbourne?

Some of the best places to visit near RMIT University, Melbourne are:
– Queen Victoria Market
– Yarra River
– Federation Town
– Melbourne Central
– Carlton Garden

Is RMIT University open to the public?

Yes, RMIT University is open to the public. The visitors could visit the Library sites of the university on weekdays and weekends at specific times. Only swipe card entry is permitted in the university.

This was all about some of the top hangout spots near RMIT University. Hope this blog helps you with some recommendations. For more information, stay connected to Leverage Edu. 

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