Top Hangout Spots at/near Oxford University

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Hangout Spots atnear Oxford University

The UK is one of the most preferred study-abroad destinations among students. The country is known to provide world-class education and is the home of globally recognised prestigious universities. Among these, Oxford University is highly popular. The university has been featured in many Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Many students dream to study at the university. The university is known for its top-notch education and courses. Apart from it, the energy booster for students here is the nightlife. There are various hangout spots around Oxford University where students come to hang out and have some leisure time. Hangout spots play an active role in student’s life as many dynamics change from peers to friends while hanging out. Well, now let’s take a look at these top hangout spots at/near Oxford University.

Famous Hangouts Spots at/near Oxford University

Given below are some popular hangout spots near Oxford University:

  • Fever 
  • The Bridge 
  • Half Moon 
  • The Alchemist
  • Turf Tavern 
  • Frevd 
  • ATIK
  • The Varsity Club
  • The Ivy Oxford Brasserie

Let’s explore each hangout spot one by one!


It is one of the classic places around the campus and the students often describe the place as “Oxford’s Guilty Pleasure”. Well, students often complain about not getting enough time to hang out, but this place has resolved that issue as well. The place remains open until 3:00 am on every Friday and Saturday. So, no pressure of school-night right? Fever also hosts many events as well Tuesday Boozeday, Fuzzy Ducks, and Saturday Fever! One would definitely enjoy the amazing range of drinks here and revel in the rhythm of the best kind of music – classic and cheesy tunes. Already getting the vibe!

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The Bridge 

The bridge is indeed the bridge that offers you enjoyment at the other end of a stressful week. It is a huge and highly popular nightclub among students, located right in the center of Oxford (Bridge Street). The place offers five different zones such as an Urban room, VIP lounge, and Garden, the best options to cater to the aesthetics and ambiance type demands of the students. Another best feature of the Bridge is that it runs student nights throughout the week such as MNB on Mondays and Eskimo’s Fridays, when students can enjoy brilliant deals on drinks. 

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Half Moon 

Half Moon is one of those pubs that claims to be the ‘institution’ and well, it definitely is. Music lovers or not but students would absolutely enjoy the live music at the place. There is an eclectic range of music performances including Jazz, folk music etc. For drinks, students can refresh themselves with real ales or a great chilled beer. The atmosphere is quite welcoming and stays the same till 2 am every day. This is the place that students plan to take a quick tour to for exploring but often end up pulling an all-nighter!

The Alchemist

Please, not the Novel! But a pretty cool and unique CHEMISTRY-themed cocktail bar. We all have seen those drinks on Instagram or Snapchat from which smoke is coming out or a shot-filled syringe on the icing. Yeah, who would not like chemistry if it was a presentation for drinks? Students can enjoy the theatrically served delight at the place. The bar also offers a modern and technologically advanced way of presenting augmented-reality cocktails. Picturing the same, aren’t we?

Turf Tavern 

Rich in History and anecdotes, Turf Tavern has been one of the most visited hangout spots of Oxford students. Fun Fact, Bill Clinton was a frequent visitor of the place during his time at the University College, Oxford. Turf Tavern boast a wide range of beers, wines, ales, gins, and spirits. This might justify the anecdote of Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke set the Guinness World Record of gulping down a yard glass of ale in 11 seconds in 1954. The place is surely worth a visit. 


Undoubtedly the best place to be an Oxford student and spend a night out with friends. It is a popular place among students because of its sought-after events, the dream of every student to be able to save money and have outings as well, ATIK is the place to be with its Broke Mondays, they offer 1 GBP VKS, Coors, and shots, 1.50 GBP mixers and 2.50 GBP doubles. On Fridays, they offer 50% off on everything before 11 pm. The place is an 80s theme hangout spot, lit up, multicolored dance floor to give the best nightlife experience. 

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Where can I meet people in Oxford?

Given below are some popular hangout spots near Oxford University where you can meet up with people and develop new networks:
The Bridge 
Half Moon 
The AlchemistFever 
The Bridge 
Half Moon 
The Alchemist

Is Oxford good for nightlife?

Oxford is known for its prestigious universities and apart from this, the city offers the best nightlife experiences at various bars and clubs. 

How can I have fun in Oxford?

There are many places you can visit including bars, and clubs to enjoy the nightlife and if you want to spend some leisure time you can always opt for going to the museums and galleries. For some relaxing time, parks and gardens are the best options. 

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