Best Restaurants near University of Stuttgart: A Guide

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Best Restaurants near University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart is one of the most prominent and prestigious universities in the world. The institute is located in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, which is an ideal location for students as it is filled with numerous hangout places and restaurants. In this blog, we will list some of the best restaurants near University of Stuttgart. Stuttgart has many excellent eateries that honour German and Swabian cuisine. Due to the city’s position as a global manufacturing hub, you can also find a ton of fine dining establishments that specialise in French, Mediterranean, and other international cuisines, as well as vegetarian-friendly options.


CUBE Restaurant

Source: Tripadvisor 

On the top level of the Stuttgart Art Museum, the CUBE Restaurant provides spectacular views of the city from its floor-to-ceiling windows. You can savour local and global treats with Asian and Pacific Rim influences in addition to its chic atmosphere and sparkling decor.

We suggest ordering favourites from the menu when dining at CUBE Restaurant, like the 2-way grilled duck, yellowfin tuna with bean risotto, or red Thai curry. It is surely among the best restaurants near University of Stuttgart. If you want to eat in this Stuttgart restaurant on a budget, reserve a table for lunch. 

Address Kleiner Schloßplatz 1 KUNSTMUSEUM, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Contact Number+49 (0)711 2804441
Must Try Dishes Yellowfin tuna with bean risotto, or red Thai curry

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Restaurant Délice

Source: Yelp

In Rathaus Stuttgart, close to the Sterreichischer Platz metro station’s exit, there is a fine-dining establishment called Restaurant Délice. Dine on a 5-course tasting menu of French specialities at this restaurant with exposed stone walls and barrel-vaulted ceilings. 

You can watch the culinary staff at work thanks to the open kitchen, which looks out onto the dining room in the basement. These amazing features of this eatery make it one of the best restaurants near University of Stuttgart. We strongly advise combining your meal with a quality wine that the sommelier has selected.

Address Hauptstätter Str. 61, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany
Contact Number+49 (0)711 6403222
Must Try Dishes Yellowtail and Cod

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5 Gourmet Restaurant & Bar

Source: Tripadvisor 

Another eatery in our list of best restaurants near University of Stuttgart is the 5 Gourmet Restaurant & Bar. Since 2013, Stuttgart’s 5 Gourmet Restaurant & Bar, which serves inventive, international cuisine, has been awarded a Michelin star. There are bars, lounge areas, and dining areas inside. The yellowfin tuna, king crab, and Hungarian goose liver sashimi are standouts. After exploring the neighbouring Palace Square, it’s a great location to refuel.

Order the Arctic cod with spiced nuts and shallots if you want to experience something special. Also delicious are the figs with acacia honey, chocolate, bergamot, and sorrel. The closest subway stop to 5 Gourmet Restaurant & Bar is Börsenplatz, which is only a short walk away.

Address Bolzstraße 8, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Contact Number+49 (0)711 65557011
Must Try Dishes Yellowfin tuna and king crab

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Alte Kanzlei

Source: Alte Kanzlei

A large, restaurant with high ceilings called Alte Kanzlei has a terrace that faces Schillerplatz’s historic square. It’s a great location for consuming Swabian fish and meat dishes while soaking in the city’s vibe. Favourite dishes on the menu include maultaschen (spicy sausage and vegetable-filled pasta), flädlesuppe (pancake soup), and spanferkel (roast suckling pig). All of these dishes are best eaten with a local libation.

Before dining at Alte Kanzlei, we advise visiting local attractions like the Old Castle, which dates back to the 10th century, and the History Museum Württemberg, which is housed in a former palace constructed in the 16th century, for an insight into Stuttgart’s past. The Schlossplatz subway station in Stuttgart is conveniently close to both the restaurant and the area’s attractions. The delicacies and amazing location of 5 Gourmet Restaurant & Bar make it one of the best restaurants near University of Stuttgart. 

Address Alte Kanzlei, Schillerpl. 5, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Contact Number+49 (0)711 294457
Must Try Dishes flädlesuppe (pancake soup) and maultaschen (spicy sausage and vegetable-filled pasta)

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Source: Stars and Stripes

Inside the Porsche Museum, there is a fine-dining restaurant called Christophorus that specialises in local and foreign cuisine. Diners can tuck into meals while lounging on red leather banquettes that cross over tables covered in linen. There is also a chic bar area with a variety of beverages. With its wide variety of delicacies, Christophorus is one of the best restaurants near University of Stuttgart.

We advise getting grilled cuts of US beef if you’re in the mood for some foreign comfort cuisine. Try Christophorus’s Mediterranean-inspired dishes for a taste of something closer to home, including lamb with olive polenta or pickled char with asparagus panna cotta, all of which are made much tastier when paired with a local wine. 

Address Porsche Museum, Porscheplatz 5, 70435 Stuttgart, Germany
Contact Number+49 (0)711 91125980
Must Try Dishes Lamb with olive polenta

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Die Zirbelstube

Source: Restaurant Ranglisten

French restaurant Die Zirbelstube offers a sophisticated tasting menu and a wide selection of premium wines to go with the food. You’ll be surrounded by wooden elements such as exposed beams, wood-panelled walls, and matching columns if you’re inside the Althoff Hotel in Schlossgarten.

Die Zirbelstube only serves dinner on Wednesdays through Saturdays, therefore reservations are required. The restaurant is located across from Stuttgart Central Station, and adjacent sights include the Middle Schlossgarten and the Carl-Zeiss Planetarium Stuttgart. Christophorus is surely one of the best restaurants near University of Stuttgart.

Address Schillerstraße 23, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Contact Number+49 (0)711 20260
Must Try Dishes Host of fine wines

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Fässle le Restaurant

Source: Speisekarte.de

Fässle le Restaurant is a cosy restaurant with a rather sophisticated ambience. French classics have been thoughtfully chosen for its menu. Either dine in the elegant dining room of the restaurant or take in the breeze on the terrace.

The pot-au-feu bouillabaisse (boiled beef and vegetables), roast pigeon, and warm chocolate dessert are some of our favourite meals at Fässle le Restaurant. There is an a la carte menu available, but if you want to sample a range of flavours, you might want to purchase the 3- or 4-course tasting menu.

Address Löwenstraße 51, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany
Contact Number+49 (0)711 760100
Must Try Dishes Pot-au-feu bouillabaisse and warm chocolate dessert

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Q1. What food is Stuttgart famous for?

Ans. Some of the most popular foods in Stuttgart are Zwiebelrostbraten, Gaisburger Marsch, and Schupfnudeln. 

Q2. What is the favorite food of Germany?

Ans. Currywurst, sausages, pretzels, and Black Forest Gateau are among the regional and national foods most associated with Germany, but there is much more to German cuisine than just these.

Q3. Is Stuttgart a good city for students?

Ans. Stuttgart is well-liked by foreign students, like other German towns because the universities are inexpensive and provide a wide variety of English-language courses.

So, this was all about the best restaurants near University of Stuttgart. A large number of Indian students aspire to pursue their education in developed countries, attracted by the opportunities for exposure and professional advancement they provide. If you also wish to study abroad, you might want to explore the option of attending a complimentary counselling session with Leverage Edu.

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