Study a Bachelor in Biology in the USA: A Guide

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bachelors in biology in usa

Bachelor in Biology in USA is a four-year UG degree that will help students to gain a strong foundation in Biology. International students who take up this course can apply for a Master’s degree later on. Moreover, it will prepare students for a variety of career paths such as in pharmacy, biotech, medicine, veterinary, and more. A biology degree has a projected growth rate of 16% from 2016 to 2026. It is an in-demand skillset that can offer employment opportunities in the USA and other countries. Keep reading to learn more about Bachelor in Biology in USA

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Why Study a Bachelor in Biology in USA?

A degree in biology offers several kinds of specializations that a student can take up. For example, anatomy, molecular biology, computational biology, forensic biology, ecology, etc. Moreover, the degree opens up a variety of career opportunities for students. There are several reasons why you should choose a Bachelor in Biology in USA. These are listed  below:

  • Get to study at the best universities in the world such as Harvard University, Stanford University, and MIT
  • Get excellent facilities to carry out the research 
  • Have the option to choose a fast-track program to complete the degree in 3 years
  • Additionally, after the completion of the degree get to pursue an MD, physical therapy program, dentistry, etc.
  • A student can either choose to pursue a general biology path or can focus on different areas such as environmental health, ecology, zoology, neuroscience, etc
  • International students can also apply for scholarships to study the program

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Eligibility Criteria 

Students have to meet certain eligibility criteria to be admitted for a Bachelor in Biology in USA. Generally, the eligibility criteria include meeting the academic requirements, English language proficiency, and more. Below we have listed the eligibility criteria to study Bachelor in Biology in USA.

  • Must have cleared high school in a subject such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, English, social studies, or history.
  • Additionally, the student must meet the academic requirements of the university
  • Furthermore, the SAT/ACT score is optional. 
  • The student needs to submit proof of English proficiency. For example, the IELTS/TOEFL score

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Application Process 

Students can consult the Leverage Edu experts for the Bachelor in Biology in USA application process. The Leverage Edu experts will start the application process with the respective university.

  • Once the application process is started documents such as SOP, LOR, and IELTS/TOEFL scores need to be submitted
  • Next, the application process for accommodation, scholarships, student visas, and loans is started 
  • Lastly, there is a waiting period of 4-6 weeks to receive the offer letter from the university

Documents Required 

Several documents are required for admission to a US University. These documents are required to verify the student profile. Below we have listed the essential documents for Bachelor in Biology in USA admission.

Top Universities & Fees

Several universities in the US come under the list of the best universities in the world. The top universities for Bachelor in Biology in USA are as follows. The fees of these universities and their QS rankings are also provided for your reference. 

UniversityDurationTuition Fee Per Year
Massachusetts Institute of Technology4 years$ 55,510
University of California, Los Angeles 4 years$ 43,012
New York University4 years$53,770
University of Washington4 years$ 39,906
Boston University4 years$ 58,560
Michigan State University4 years$ 40,726
Texas A&M University4 years$ 40,408
Arizona State University4 years$ 31,200
University of Massachusetts4 years$ 39,100
University of Arizona4 years$ 37,638
Stevens Institute of Technology4 years$ 56,920
Georgia State University4 years$ 22,389
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte4 years$ 17,246
Kent State University4 years$20,799
Cleveland State University4 years$ 17,564
University of Buffalo4 years$ 24,990
California State University Long Beach4 years$ 16,338
University of Dayton4 years$ 44,890
The University of Alabama at Birmingham4 years$ 22,200


The syllabus of the bachelor in biology in USA can vary on the basis of the University that a student is applying for. However, the general coursework is as follows. Apart from these courses, a student can take up a foreign language, humanities and fine arts course, and social sciences course.

  • Biological diversity
  • Elements of genetics
  • Biological foundations
  • Evolution
  • Writing in the biological sciences
  • General Chemistry (1)
  • General Chemistry (2)
  • General chemistry (1) laboratory
  • General chemistry (2) laboratory 
  • Algebra for Calculus 
  • Trigonometry
  • Biology electives
  • Biology upper division electives

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Degree Duration

An undergraduate degree in biology takes four years of full-time study at a university in the United States. Biology majors study everything from biology, calculus, and physics to biochemistry, chemistry, and microbiology during their undergraduate studies. Students are also exposed to the application of information through laboratory and fieldwork, which may be both demanding and rewarding.

A master’s degree in biology typically takes two years to finish. A biology master’s degree programme will help you boost your career and work chances. Some master’s programmes concentrate on specific fields of biological sciences, such as marine biology, plant biology, or cell biology, whereas others concentrate on biological sciences in general. A master’s degree opens the door to doctoral studies, which normally last 4-6 years.


Many scholarships are available for international students with good academic status who wish to pursue a bachelor of science in biology in the United States. In addition, research awards for great research potential are available. The table below lists some scholarships in the United States.

New York UniversityAnBryce ScholarshipsUp to the total cost of tuition
Michigan State UniversityInternational Tuition Grant$ 18,000 or $ 21,000, or $ 25,000 per year
You Are Welcome Here Scholarship$ 25,000 annually
Arizona State UniversityNew American University Scholarship – International$ 3000 – $ 15,000
University of ArizonaFirst-Year Global Wildcat Award$ 1000 – $ 10,000
Stevens Institute of TechnologyThe Ann P. Neupauer ScholarshipFull tuition

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Career Scope 

After a Bachelor in Biology a student a pursue a postgraduate degree. Moreover, they can work in several career fields such as biological technicians, secondary school teachers, and biological science. The biological technicians have a growth of 4.9%. Government agencies, privately owned companies, and non-profit groups hire students who have completed this course.

Jobs and Salary

A degree in Bachelor in Biology in USA will open several career opportunities for students. Some of the jobs a student can take up after graduation are listed below. The average annual salary and growth of these job positions are also provided for your reference.

RolesRange of SalaryAverage Salary
Research Scientist$ 44,000 – $ 100,000$ 69,177
Physician Assistant$ 81,000 – $ 123,000$ 98,380
Physical Therapist$ 61,000 – $ 88,000$ 72,580
Veterinarian$ 66,000 – $ 121,000$ 87,605
Laboratory Manager$ 46,000 – $ 96,000$ 66,835
Research Associate, Biotechnology$ 42,000 – $ 76,000$ 55,904
Environmental Scientist$ 39,000 – $ 74,000$ 53,911
Clinical Research Associate$ 42,000 – $ 92,000$ 62,427
Chemist$ 43,000 – $ 72,000$ 52,928
Associate Veterinarian$ 62,000 – $ 103,000$ 78,890
Senior Research Scientist, Biotechnology$ 75,000 – $ 139,000$ 103,478
Research Technician$ 31,000 – $ 53,000$ 39,750

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Q1. How can I study biology in the USA?

Ans. A UG degree in Biology in the United States is for a duration of 4 years. During the course, a student can study anything from biology, calculus, biochemistry, chemistry, and microbiology.

Q2. How long is a biology degree in the USA?

Ans. A biology degree in the USA is for a period of 4 years. Several universities offer BA and BS degrees in biology. A BA degree includes more liberal arts coursework, with less emphasis on mathematics and laboratory work.

Q3. Can I study in the USA after the 12th?

Ans. Yes, Indian students can study in the USA after the 12th standard, The student can pursue a BA degree right after completion of the 12th exams. Several universities in the US offer arts, commerce, and science courses. However, to receive admission a student must fulfill the eligibility requirements.

A bachelor in Biology in USA can be pursued by a student interested in learning in depth about biology. To discover more articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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