Student Dependent Visa Australia 2024: Requirements and Application Process

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Student Dependent Visa Australia

Students dependent visas are available to students to bring their dependents along with them in Australia. The dependents here refer to partners or children of the applicant. Applicants can apply with family members at the same time or later on after they have received their student visa.  Australia is one of the countries offering student-dependent visas.  In this blog, we have provided the eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, application possess and other details required for a student visa in Australia. 

Visa Name Student Dependent Visa Australia 
ValidityDuration of course of the student visa holder 
Fee630 AUD (INR 34,311)
Processing Time2-4 months 

Who Can I Bring on a Student Dependent Visa in Australia?

Applicants can only bring immediate family members on Student Dependent Visa Australia. The visa allows the spouse/partner, partners or dependent children to visit Australia. Children who are above 18 years of age must apply for a separate visa. They cannot avail of the student dependent visa. The exception to this rule is only applicable to children who are completely dependent on the applicant. A proof of the same has to be provided. For example, a medical report or power of attorney.

Student Dependent Visa Australia

Student Dependent Visa Australia Eligibility

The family members of the applicant must provide certain information to avail of the student-dependent visa in Australia. These requirements are as follows:

  • Provide identification documents such as passport, birth certificate, and biometric information
  • The family member must be added to the student health insurance (OSHC) of the student
  • Provide proof of sufficient finances and good character. For example, the applicant must have sufficient funds to support the school-age children 
  • Proof of relationship for bringing the partner/spouse. An unmarried partner must present a certificate of registration
  • Proof of school arrangement for the minor child
  • Moreover, all family members of the applicant must be declared irrespective of the fact that they are moving to Australia or not 

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What is an Australia Subsequent Entrant Visa?

A student visa holder’s family member who later wishes to join the student in Australia can apply for a subsequent entrant visa. Supporting documents have to be provided for the Student Dependent Visa Australia. However, this can only be done if the student has already added the family member to the visa application.

Australia Student Dependent Visa Australia: Subsequent Entrant Requirements

Apart from the above documents, there are several other documents that the applicant must submit, These additional documents are as follows:

  • Form 919 – A nomination form to be filled by the family member that has to be attached by the student 
  • Subsequent Entrant Student Visa Form 157A and a letter from an education provider. The letter has to be from the education provider of the student visa holder. The letter must include details such as the course of study of the dependent, enrollment information, etc
  • Proof of financial support if the partner/spouse is funding the stay in Australia

Student Dependent Visa Australia Processing Time

The processing time for an Australian student visa is approximately 4 months. However, this can vary if the application for the student visa and the dependent student visa in Australia are made together,

Student Dependent Visa for Partner 

Yes, it is possible to bring the partner to Australia on a student-dependent visa Australia. However, proof of the same has to be provided. For example, a lease agreement. Owned assets, birth certificates of the child, etc.

Working On a Student Dependent Visa 

Yes. The dependents are free to work on a student-dependent visa. However, the work can only be started after the course of the student commences. The master/doctoral degree student’s family members can work on restricted hours. The dependent visa holders of  573 and subclass 574 are also free to work.  Proof that the student visa holder has started the course has to be submitted to be eligible for the same, For example, visa grant letters.

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Studying on Student Dependent Visa 

Yes. Dependents are allowed to undertake part in study programs. However, the study programme time is limited to 3 months. The dependents are only allowed to take up 3-month programs and anything above that is not permitted.

Marriage After Getting Student Dependent Visa Australia 

In case, a person becomes a partner of a student visa holder, the student will have to apply for a new student visa after including the details of their partner.

Children After Getting Student Dependent Visa Australia 

The new child can be added as a subsequent entrant in your application. However, this is only possible if the student visa is valid at that time. Documents such as the birth certificate of the child, Form 1022, etc have to be submitted for the same.

Student Dependent Visa Australia Application Process 

Those who are applying for their dependents at the same time as the student visa application can include the dependents on the subclass 500 visa application. Dependents joining later on will be referred to as ‘subsequent entrants’ or subclass 500. To apply for the same, the applicant must obtain the following documents.

  • Nomination of a Dependent letter from the University for the confirmation that the student is still enrolled 
  • Present other essential documents
  • Finally, lodge the new visa application online via ImmiAccount

Note: Australia Award scholars do not need to submit a  Nomination of Dependent letter. Instead, they need to arrange a No Objection Letter to support this application.

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Can you bring dependents on a student visa to Australia?

Yes. Immigrant family members of the student visa holder can come to Australia. This has been permitted by the Department of Home Affairs. For example, spouses, or children below the age of 18.

Who is eligible for a dependent visa in Australia?

The dependent visa is available to a child who has lived in Australia for 2 years. A visa sponsor is required in such cases. Moreover, the applicant must meet the criteria for the balance of family test, must be in good health and have good character. 

Can dependents work on student visas in Australia?

Yes. Dependents can work on a student visa in Australia. However, the duration of hours a person is allowed to work is dependent on whether the student visa holder is studying an MA programme or a higher degree programme.

We hope you now understand what a student dependent visa is, its requirements, the application process, etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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