7 Smart Tips For PTE Speaking Describe Image

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7 Smart Tips For PTE Speaking Describe Image

Tips For PTE Speaking Describe Image: The PTE Speaking Describe Image is one of the most important scoring sections of the PTE exam. In PTE Speaking, the describe image section is considered a very challenging task.

An image will be provided to you where you have to describe information in a graph, a series of graphs, a table, a map, etc. within 40 seconds. For preparing, you will have 25 seconds within which you have to analyse all the aspects of the image and then start your response.

Role of PTE Speaking Describe Image

For this part of the test, candidates need to give a verbal response to one or more images, and sometimes the question will also come with the text. The length should be within the time limit of 25 to 40 seconds. Moreover, candidates should know that sometimes the image quality can be very odd or unclear. It can affect the answer of candidates.

Candidates need not worry about covering all the aspects of the question, as the purpose of this test is not to check candidates’ analytical skills. Now, we are going to provide you with 7 smart tips for answering questions about PTE Speaking.

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PTE Speaking

The first part of the PTE exam is to test the candidates speaking skills and writing skills. The duration of this part is approximately 54-67 minutes. The speaking proficiency of candidates will be judged from five (5) categories of questions. It ranges from repeating the sentence given to answering all the questions asked to summarize the passage you listen to.

At the beginning of the test, questions can appear quite daunting but with a more developed strategy and practised method & templates, candidates can gradually improve their response.

Focus on Punctuation and Fluency

One of the most important things to remember while attending the Describe Image section is that it is a speaking task, so have to show that you can really speak well. Try to focus mainly on punctuation and fluency. To improve this, you read study materials in the English language.

Don’t Try to Explain Every Detail in Image

The image carries a lot of information with it, so candidates are expected to give an overview of it. Candidates have to focus on the striking features or features which can be distinguished. There is no need to explain all the details mentioned in the image.

A lot of candidates try hard to capture all the details in the image. In this time-consuming task, they lose focus and are unable to deliver a strong response. Do not push yourself to read the entire list of figures or twelve (12) different segments within a pie chart. Capture a few points, structure them & deliver them in a proper manner. By doing so, your score will be much better.

Speak For More Than 30 seconds

Candidates who want to score more than 65 in their PTE exam, have to speak for more than 25 seconds, and if they are expecting a score of more than 79, then they have to speak for more than 30 seconds. Pronunciation or fluency is more important than the content. Moreover, it should all be relevant to the image/graph.

Organised Description of Image

If you organise your response, then there is a high chance of scoring high on the Pearson test.  A well-organised answer mainly covers all the important information, other details and the conclusion of the question.

The Image Description should cover your Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Each and every image is different, but candidates can use a 4-sentence structure which will be applicable to most of the images.

  • Introduction
  • Explain the most distinctive feature of the image.
  • Mention more features or aspects of the image.
  • Conclusion 

This structure will allow you to talk about 2 or 3 most identifiable features & if your sentence is simple, you can easily complete it in around 35 seconds.

The graph below shows all 4 sections.

Image source- myptebooking

Types of Images- In the Describe Image Section, there are different types of images like bar charts, pie charts, line charts, tables, pictures and maps.

In the graph shown above, there are 7 types of images which can be asked under the Describe Image Section of the PTE Speaking. There are times when two types of images can be combined, and from them, a single question can be asked. Here, both types of images will be related and your response should correspond. 

Time Practice is More Efficient

While practising, always make sure that your environment is timed. Responding to a question in 2 minutes is very different from responding in 40 seconds in the Describe Image. The quality of your answer will depend on the time you have given to your preparation and response. If you are expecting a better outcome from your response, practice measuring time with a stopwatch and time yourself while you practice.

Put More Effort in Describe the Image

In the PTE Speaking module, Describe Image has the highest weightage in terms of marks. That’s why candidates are suggested to focus more on this part of the test as this will result in much better scores which will have an effect on the candidate’s overall performance.

The best way to improve your Describe Image is to practice questions from previous year’s papers and mock tests which candidates can find online. The study pack of questions includes six different categories

  • Bar-chart
  • Pie-chart
  • Line-chart
  • Flow-chart
  • Table and
  • Map

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How do you describe images in the PTE exam?

While describing the image or picture, try to give a general description of the image. Your description should include what the image is about, and what message it is conveying, and mention one or two sentences about it.

How do I score high in the PTE describe Image?

Some common tips to score high in PTE Describe Image are; punctuation or fluency is more important than content, no need to explain all the details about the image, timed practice is more efficient, and your response should be in an organised manner.

Is there any Venn diagram in the PTE Describe Image?

Yes, the PTE Describe Image may contain a Venn diagram. The Venn diagram contains a logical set of numbers or names which are given in two or more circles which overlap each other.

Candidates preparing for the PTE Speaking Describe Image have to work on all the smart tips mentioned above in this blog. These tips will surely help candidates to secure better marks in the exam. Also, while practising for the describe Image questions, candidates should not forget all three assessable elements; Punctuation, Fluency, and Content.

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