PTE Writing and Speaking: Repeat Sentence

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PTE Repeat Sentence

To get admission to a university abroad, you need to clear English proficiency tests. There are many different types of English Proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. One such test is the Pearson Test of English (PTE). A number of universities accept this test as their eligibility criteria. There are different sections of this test like the Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening Sections. There are different types of questions in the Writing and Speaking section. One such type of question is Repeat Sentence. Read this article to know all about PTE Repeat Sentence. 

PTE Writing and Speaking

The main objective of any English Proficiency Test is to check if you can communicate well via all modes in the English language. To verify that, one needs to clear certain criteria such as Speaking, Writing, and Reading. 

PTE Writing and Speaking sections contain different questions, such as:

  • Repeat a Sentence
  • Read Aloud
  • Describe Image
  • Essay
  • Short Paragraph
  • Re-tell Lecture
  • Personal Introduction
  • Short Questions 

The marking scheme and the number of questions of each type are different. It totally depends on the nature of the question. 

PTE Writing and Speaking: Repeat Sentence

Repeating a sentence is a type of question that checks your ability to listen, understand and then repeat a sentence. The other purpose of this exercise is to check your memory. The average length of the audio that is played is 4 to 9 seconds. The time limit for your reply is around 15 seconds. 


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How Is It Scored?

The PTE repeat sentences (speaking) are scored on the basis of 3 things: Pronunciation, content, and oral fluency.

  • Content- Those who can reproduce sentences with total accuracy can receive 3/3 points. Partially able to deliver the exact sentences can 2/3 points.
  • Pronunciation- It is analyzed to check whether the student can articulate every sound correctly without any mistakes
  • Oral fluency- The natural and the smooth flow of the language is accessed. Points can be achieved here.

Tips to Answer PTE Repeat Sentence

Answering the Repeat Sentence question can be very difficult if you are not following some tips. These tips not only help you to answer these questions effectively but can also save a lot of your time. Follow these tips and answer these questions:

Do Not Stop Speaking

The pattern of this question is such that you listen to an audio and then memorise the sentence. After memorising the line, you speak the line in your microphone to answer the question. You should not stop speaking into your microphone as the time limit for answering your question is approximately 15 seconds. If you stop speaking into the microphone, it will take 3-4 seconds for the microphone to start. This will waste your time and you won’t be able to answer within the time limit.

Write Down Important Words

There are certain words that are very important while you are listening to audio. Generally, people set up these words in a line to check your ability to listen. When you note down these words while listening, you can also form some words around them.

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Speak Clearly

Make sure you are speaking with full confidence. Do not hesitate to speak into the microphone. Your scores depend entirely on how well you are speaking into the microphone. Keep your pronunciation clear and your tone simple.

Do Not Speak Very Fast

Speak with the natural pace at which you speak in your daily life. When you are speaking very fast, the microphone will not pick up what you are saying. This makes your answer incomplete and this results in a mark deduction.

Repeat Sentence in the Correct Sequence

The right sequence of the sentence always matters. When you speak the sentence but it’s not in the correct order, the meaning entirely changes. So try to say it in the same order as you heard. It will keep the tone the same.

Become Familiar With Academic Words

Mostly the lines that you hear in this type of question consist of academic words. These sentences are generally very difficult to understand and pronounce. Try to read these academic words beforehand only so you avoid any difficulty at the time of the test. 


How many questions are there in PTE Repeat Sentence?

There are around 10 to 12 questions in Repeat Sentences. The marking scheme of these questions is in terms of partial credits.

Is the PTE Repeat sentence hard?

The difficulty of the PTE Repeat Sentence question clearly depends on your memory. The success of this type of question is 95% based on your listening and remembering skills. This is the main reason why these sentences may appear to be hard. 

 How can I score well in repeat sentence questions?

Scoring a good repeat sentence question is not very difficult. You just need to keep some tips in mind. These tips will help you to memorize the sentence and save time as well in these sentences.

Do I need to write down the audio in repeat sentences?

No, writing down a sentence will only waste your time and won’t help you in any way. If you try to write it down, you won’t be able to complete it because of the time crunch and the listening will also hamper. 

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