Ireland Job Seeker Visa Described In Detail 

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Ireland Job Seeker Visa Described In Detail 

Ireland is one of the best destinations for employment opportunities. International travellers including Indian citizens are eligible to work in Ireland. However, before working in the country as a foreign national, a person must apply for an Ireland job seeker visa. To obtain any of the Ireland job-seeker visas, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria, and submit the relevant documents. Furthermore, they must be aware of the Ireland job seeker visa fees, and other details. Therefore, in this blog, we have included all the information about the Ireland job seeker visa.

What is an Ireland Job Seeker Visa?

An Ireland Job seeker visa refers to visas provided by the Government of Ireland to foreign nationals to work in the country. There are mainly 2 types of Ireland job-seeker visas available; They are as follows. 

ireland job seeker visa
  • General Employment Visa- Granted to eligible international travellers to work in an area of labour shortage 
  • Critical Skills Employment visa- Granted to qualified workers to work in a skilled area.

Note: Those who want to learn more about types of Ireland Job seeker visas can visit the official website of the Ireland Embassy in Delhi:

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Ireland Job Seeker Visa Eligibility 

Those wanting to work in Ireland must meet the eligibility requirements. The Ireland Job Seeker visa eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Must receive an offer of employment. Intermediates such as recruitment agencies are not considered.
  • The applicant must have the required skills and qualifications for the job
  • For the general employment visa, the applicant can apply for any job that is not listed under the ‘Ineligible Occupations List for Employment Permit’.
  • The applicant must have completed the education recently from a university in Ireland
  • For the Critical Skills Employment visa, the applicant must have an annual salary of  38,000 EUR a year. Moreover, the chosen job must be under the Critical Skills Occupation List. An annual salary of  64,000 EUR a year is needed for working at a job that comes under the list of ineligible occupations 
  • Moreover, for the Critical Skills Employment visa, the job offer must be for a minimum of 2 years. 

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Documentation for Ireland Job Seeker Visa

The following documents are needed to obtain an Ireland’s Job seeker visa. Note: these are general requirements that apply to both job seeker visas.

ireland job seeker visa
  • Application form and 2 passport-size photographs
  • Payment confirmation receipt, and current passport 
  • Copy of any previous passports
  • Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation issued an employment permit and an original cover letter
  • An offer letter from an employer in Ireland 
  • Proof of medical and travel insurance, and police clearance certificate 
  • A copy of the contract with the employer in Ireland 
  • Previous visa refusal details 

Ireland Job Seeker Visa Application Process

The Job Seeker Visa application process for Ireland is as follows:

  • Visit AVATS and fill out the application form
  • Next, get a visa appointment with the VFS
  • Submit the relevant documents on the day of the visa appointment 
  • Make the visa fee payment and submit a blank draft to the Embassy of Ireland
  • Lastly, await the visa application outcome 

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Fees for Ireland Job Seeker Visa 

The fees for Ireland Job Seeker Visa vary depending on the visa type. The Ireland job seeker visa fees are as follows. 

Types of Ireland Job Seeker VisaApplication FeesFees for Visa Renewal 
Critical Skills Employment Permit1,000 EURNot Applicable 
General Employment Permit500 EUR (for 6 months permit)500 EUR (for 6 months renewal)
General Employment Permit (for 2 years)1,500 EUR (for seeking renewal for 3 years)Not provided 

How can I move to Ireland from India without a job?

Non-EU, Swiss, and British nationals cannot live in Ireland without a job. The first step is to look for jobs in Ireland. You must receive the offer letter of a minimum of 2 years to apply for an Ireland work permit. Once, the applicant has obtained a work permit, he/she can live in Ireland for the duration specified in the visa. 

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Critical Skills Occupations List

Several jobs come under the critical skills occupation list. Here we have listed some of the jobs. Those interested can apply for these jobs and then seek a work permit.

  • Health Professionals such as Psychologist, Medical practitioners, etc
  • Production Managers and Directors
  • Health and Social Services Managers and Directors
  • Engineering Professionals-Civil Engineers, Electrical engineers, etc
  • Nursing and Midwifery Professionals
  • Teaching and Educational Professionals
  • Architects, Town Planners and Surveyors
  • Quality and Regulatory Professionals
  • Business, Finance, and Related Associate Professionals
  • Sales, Marketing, and Related Associate Professionals

Ireland Immigration Rules 

As you are applying for an Ireland Job Seeker visa, you must know about immigration rules. Those who are from the European Economic Area can work in Ireland without a visa. They do not need any employment permit. Those who are bringing family members outside Switzerland, UK, or EEA need to apply for either a visa or a preclearance to enter the country. Therefore, it is important to check whether you need an Ireland visa or not.

Working Holidays 

Apart from the job seeker visa, there is another type of visa that will let you stay in Ireland while you are employed. This visa is called working holiday visa. However, it is only given to nationals from certain countries who meet the age criteria.

  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Chile
  • New Zealand 
  • Japan
  • Taiwan 
  • South Korea
  • USA

International Protection Applicants 

Those who have applied for the International protection ‘asylum’ can apply for a work permit. That is if you are waiting for a response regarding your application after 5 months. In this case, you can apply for labour market access permission.

Non-EEA Family Members 

The immigration rules for the Non-EEA family members are provided below. The immigration rules differ based on the relationship you have with the main applicant.

  • Family members of UK citizens: Allowed to apply for a residency status and permission to work. 
  • Family members of EU/EEA nationals: Can apply for a residence card under the EU regulations. You can get an IRP with a stamp 4EUFAM which will allow you to work in the country without an employment permit.
  • Irish National’s family members: Eligible to apply for Ireland residency. When your application has been accepted you will get a Stamp 4 IRP.
  • Family members who have been granted subsidiary protection status or refugee status:  After receiving international protection you are allowed to come to Ireland for family reunification. Successful applicants will get a Stamp 4 IRP
  • Family members of specific employment permit holders: You can get a Stamp 1G. This will allow you to work in Ireland without an employment permit.

Ireland Graduates 

International students who have received stamp 2 can work part-time in the country for 20 hours during the college term, and full-time during the college holiday permit. The holiday permits are in July, June, and September. The time between 15th December to 15th January is also the college holiday period. However, international students who have entered Ireland with Stamp 2A are not permitted to work.

What to Expect While Travelling to  Ireland 

Now that you have applied for the Ireland Job seeker visa, you must also know what to expect while travelling to Ireland. Things you need to know are:

  • At the airport, you will be asked to show your visa, health or travel insurance or passport, and boarding pass. The information will be requested by the immigration office.
  • You need to have other documents with you such as proof of finances, and accommodation details.
  • If you are permitted to enter Ireland, an immigration stamp will be placed on your passport. This will state the rules of your stay and the duration of your stay.
  • In case you are refused entry, you will have to return to India
  • After you have arrived at Northern Ireland’s border, you will have to report to the Immigration Office, at the Registration Office in Dublin.  Otherwise, you will have to visit the Immigration Office (local) at an Irish Police Station within 7 days.


Does Ireland offer a job seeker visa?

Yes. Ireland work permit can be applied after receiving an offer letter to work in the country. That is, first the applicant has to apply for a job, and then apply for an employment visa. If the application is successful, the application can visit Ireland to work in the country.

Can I get a work visa for Ireland without a job offer?

No. To apply for an Ireland work visa the applicant must obtain an offer letter from an Ireland employer. Moreover, the applicant must obtain a minimum salary of  30,000 Euros per year.

How can I settle in Ireland from India?

International travellers must reside in Ireland for at least 5 years to be eligible for an Ireland PR. Those who have obtained a critical skills permit can apply for PR right after 2 years. 

We hope you now understand what is the Ireland’s Job Seeker Visa. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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