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ireland dependent visa

The people staying, studying, or working in Ireland in many cases may need to bring along a few members due to their dependency on them. When bringing the dependents there is a list of rules or processes that need to be followed. Knowing about all the information prior helps minimize the visa rejection rate and makes the process very easy and smooth for a successful application. Read the blog to get complete knowledge of Ireland’s dependent visa process and requirements.

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ireland dependent visa

Eligibility Of Dependent Member For Ireland Dependent Visa

If you are going as dependent you must meet the following criteria to be classified as dependent:

  • Your age must be of 16 to 18 years
  • You must be taking full-time education if your age is 23 or below
  • Your spouse shall be an Irish National
  • Your sponsor must hold a Stamp 1, 4, or 5 permission.
  • Your sponsor must be the spouse of an Irish national
  • You must live full-time with your sponsor
  • Your sponsor and you typically like together as a family unit and do not stay apart
  • You must possess a D joint family visa
  • You shall be a dependent family member or spouse of a permanent resident of Ireland
  • You must have a clean criminal record
  • The already residing family member in Ireland should be able to support you financially

The sponsor must have and provide proof of funds to support the dependent. If the sponsor is a student in Ireland and is studying while supporting the dependent, they can only be allowed if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • They are a researcher under the hosting agreement
  • They are a PhD student studying for an accredited doctorate in Ireland
  • They are under a scholarship program
  • They have a level 8 or higher honor degree with future advancement evidence. 
ireland dependent visa

Documents Required For Ireland Dependent Visa Application

Following is the list of required documents for visa application:

Identity proof 

  • Applicants passport
  • Sponsors passport
  • D joint family visa of the applicant

Relationship history proof as applicable

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Adoption certificate
  • Marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate
  • Utility bills in the name of both 
  • Address proof as evidence of sharing
  • Evidence of the bank account of the sponsor to show your expenses being covered by them

Evidence of the current activity of the sponsor

  • Employment details
  • Signed employment contract 
  • Summary of employment details of last 3 years and recent payslips
  • Bank statement for the previous 6 months

Evidence of current activity of sponsor if self-employed

  • Letter of registration for self-assessment from the revenue commissioner or tax statement from the previous year
  • Bank statement of business account from past 6 months

Evidence of current activity of sponsor if the student

  • Confirmation letter from the institute of enrolment, start and end date
  • Medical insurance of both sponsor and applicant
  • bank statement for financial support

 Evidence of current activity of sponsor if involuntarily Unemployed

  • Social protection benefits claim evidence
  • Evidence from the employment service office for job seeker’s status
  • 2-year employment history summary and P45 from previous employment.

The sponsor must have a weekly income of 551 Euro at least to bring a dependent, and 652 Euro if wish to bring 2 dependents. The figure keeps changing based on the number of dependents you wish to bring.

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Cost Of Ireland Dependent Visa Application

The fee for the Ireland-dependent visa application includes a citizenship and certification fee. The applicant if going to get a work permit, need not pay the processing fee.

  • The citizenship visa processing fee is 175 Euro
  • The citizenship fee for certification for adults is 950 Euro
  • The citizenship fee for certification for minors is 200 euros.
ireland dependent visa

Application Process For Ireland Dependent Visa

Following is the application process for Ireland dependent visa:

  • The application can be made at an online or offline visa application center.
  • Make sure you have all the documents and you meet the criteria to be a dependent member
  • Make sure your sponsor is an Irlands citizen or if not, they meet the above-mentioned criteria
  • Apply for a visa through application at the center online or at the center
  • Get your biometrics and document submission along with medical insurance done on the date of the appointment
  • Wait for the decision
  • If help is needed kindly appoint a visa application lawyer to take you through all the steps easily.

Processing Time For Ireland Dependent Visa

Once the application has been filled out and submitted the processing time of the application is around 18 to 35 days. Keep track of your visa application. The processing time may vary depending on various factors like the ease of verification and the number of applications at the moment.

Your application can be fast-forwarded in case of a medical condition, but proof must be provided for the condition claimed.

Permits Under Ireland Dependent Visa

You are permitted to do the following things under Ireland dependent visa:

  • You are allowed to work after applying for a work permit
  • You can take up an apprenticeship based on a successful study permit
  • You can take up a full-time education program

Refusal Of Visa And Appeal Process For The Ireland Dependent Visa

The visa permission can be refused in certain cases, that are:

  • You did not provide proper documents
  • You may have a criminal case 
  • You did not have sufficient funds or proof of funds
  • You do not meet the eligibility criteria
  • Your sponsor does not meet the eligibility criteria

If the application has been denied and you find the reason provided is not valid you can submit your appeal for reconsideration within 2 months of refusal or take help from the lawyer for the same.

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How long does the Ireland dependent visa last?

The Ireland dependent visa lasts for as long as the sponsor visa or until you reach the age of 23

Can I stay in Ireland without a dependent visa?

If you want to stay in Ireland with your family for less than 3 months, you do not need a dependent visa.

What is the processing time for an Ireland Dependent visa?

18 to 35 days is the processing time for Ireland dependent visa processing. 

Who is eligible for dependent visa in Ireland?

You are sixteen or eighteen years old. You are enrolled full-time in school and under 23. Your sponsor is an Irish national, an Irish resident who holds a Stamp 1, Stamp 4, or Stamp 5 permit, or a person who is married to an Irish national.

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