Jobs in Ireland for Indians 2023 

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Jobs in Ireland for Indians

Ireland is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for students. The thriving economy, and vibrant job market with tons of opportunities, are what every student demands after they complete their higher education in Ireland. Getting paid better than in your home country is one of the biggest benefits of studying abroad. Having a job abroad is a life-changing experience for every student. The blog article entails information regarding the jobs in Ireland for Indians after they have completed their higher education. 

Top 4 Job Opportunities in Ireland 

Having a 2-year post-study work visa is helpful for the students to experience Ireland’s global job market. The visa facilitates the stay and employment of non-EUA graduates in Ireland. 

We have curated a list of the top 4 job opportunities for Indian Students in Ireland. This will be helpful for students who are planning to find a job in Ireland. Let’s discover! 

Tourism and Hospitality 

Ireland is one of the most popular destinations with its stunning landscape, friendly people, rich cultural heritage and amazing food. Hence, the hospitality and tourism sector is growing at a faster pace providing tons of opportunities in Ireland for job roles in hotels, cafes, various tourist attractions and restaurants etc. 

These specialities offer promising jobs in the fields of hospitality or tourism-related. There are many job prospects in this field for students, from giving tours and managing events to working in hotels and restaurants. Ireland hosts numerous international conferences and events in addition to being a well-liked business vacation location. This can be an amazing experience for all. 

These positions frequently provide flexible hours and are an excellent choice for students who want to make money while they are in school. And it’s encouraging because studies indicate this industry will expand significantly in the future years.

A few top colleges for Tourism and Hospitality sector courses are Trinity College Dublin, University of Galway, Dublin Institute of Technology and University College Dublin. The average salary package a person can have after taking part in Tourism and Hospitality is about 35,000 Euros per year or INR 30.94 lakhs. 

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Engineering and Technology 

Numerous international companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, Dell, and others, have their headquarters in Ireland. All talented graduates have many employment options at these companies. There is a considerable demand for graduates in disciplines including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and software engineering.

These businesses frequently provide students with internship and job opportunities that provide them with practical experience with cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, many small companies in the IT and technology industry provide additional work chances in Ireland following a Master’s degree.

The average salary offered to Engineers is about INR 47.5 lakhs or 53,838 Euros. Some of the best colleges to pursue Engineering in Ireland are Dublin City University, University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin and the University of Limerick. 

Healthcare Sector 

There are tons of opportunities for students in medical and healthcare-related fields. Ireland has a high demand and career opportunities for medical aspirants for positions such as working nurse assistants to laboratory technicians. 

There’s also a strong demand for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, which apparently, creates opportunities for engineers as well. This will work for the development and manufacturing of promising medical products. 

The top Irish Universities for Healthcare and Medical sector are Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, University of Galway, Maynooth University and many more. The average salary in the healthcare sector is INR 50.38 Lakhs or 57,000 Euros. 

Sales and Marketing 

For sales and marketing, strong communication, interpersonal and analytical skills are required. Ireland’s sales and marketing industry provides significant job opportunities for students. Students will have chances to work with retailers, part-time sales associates or various management positions. 

Jobs for sales and marketing can be available in various sectors such as retail, tourism, e-commerce, telemarketing, IT etc. The average salary of a salesperson is around INR 37.12 Lakhs per year or 42,000 Euros. Colleges such as Waterford Institute of Technology, the University of Limerick, the University of Dublin and the University of Galway and many more.  


Is it difficult to get a job in Ireland?

Working in Ireland as a foreigner is not a big deal. It is much easier than in any other European country. 

How can students get a job in Ireland?

To get a promising and lucrative job in Ireland, students just have to apply for an employment permit visa in Ireland. 

Is Ireland a good country to earn money?

Irish people have the third-best compensated income in the top 10 and fourth-best among 38 other countries. 

Having a job in Ireland is nothing less than a dream come true for most students. Everyone aims to have the best job in the world with great pay. Looking for a job in Ireland will be beneficial for your future career prospects. We hope the information will be beneficial for the students willing to work in Ireland. 

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