Insight Into Dubai Job Seeker Visa Requirements

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Dubai Job Seeker Visa Requirements

Dubai, one of the strongest economies in the world, gives all of the reasons for a foreign individual to come to seek employment in the country. Apart from being the strongest economy, the country is tax-free, has high salary payouts, provides safety, and security of the jobs, and a life of quality. You don’t just have access to career growth but also increase the range to explore world experience. Now before you plan to move to Dubai seeking a job let’s know about all the Dubai Job Seeker Visa Requirements through this blog. 

Here is how you can work and study in Dubai

What is A Job Seeker Visa Dubai?

If you wish to go to Dubai in search of a job even if you are not a graduate from the country you can do that on a Jobseeker visa to Dubai. This visa allows a foreign individual who graduated in the last two years to come to Dubai and stay for the period of 60, 90, or 120 days as per the visa applied to look for a job, and later apply for a permanent work visa if an employment opportunity is available and confirmed. This visa does not require you to have any sponsor or host to be eligible.

Dubai Job Seeker Visa Requirements – Eligibility

The following is the list of the eligibility criteria as a part of Dubai job seeker visa requirements:

  • You must have graduated in the last two years 
  • You must have graduated from any of the universities from the list of top 500 universities as per the classification approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • You must be in the first, second, or third skill level as per the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MOHRE) professional levels of jobs
  • If should have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent level of qualification
  • The validity of your passport must not be less than 6 months 
  • You must meet the financial requirements and submit the proof in the form of tax documents, bank statements, etc. You are supposed a financial guarantee of at least 1000 AED
  • You must have undertaken a routine checkup and should be fit to travel 
Dubai Job Seeker Visa Requirements

Dubai Job Seeker Visa Document Requirements 

The following is the list of the documents that are needed as per Dubai job seeker visa requirements:

  • A colored passport-sized picture of yourself according to the guidelines provided by the embassy for the dimensions of the picture
  • A certified copy of your passport that has validity of at least 6 months from the date of application
  • A proof of health insurance that covers the duration of your stay in the country is optional and needs to be provided if asked
  • A proof of the accommodation you will be living in once you land in the country in the form of a contract or rent agreement, etc
  • You need to submit a copy of a return flight ticket if asked
  • You need to submit the bank account statement or another proof of sufficient funds to sustain you in the country for the duration of the stay
  • A verified qualification certificate that you must have completed in the last two years
  • A clearance certificate from the police of your home country
Dubai Job Seeker Visa Requirements

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Dubai Visa Photo Requirements

The photo requirements of a Dubai job seeker visa are as follows:

Particulars Description
Face Size80% of the photo
Height & Width:45mm X 35mm in size
BackgroundWhite background
Quantity1 scanned digital photo
Additional requirementMust be coloured and must be taken within the last 3 months The photograph must not be taken with glasses.No headgear is allowed except for religious reasons

Dubai Job Seeker Visa Application Process

Now you know about the Dubai job seeker visa requirements, let’s learn about the application process for Dubai job seeker visa application:

  • The first step in the application process is to fill out the application form online on the official website of the country with the correct information for the desired visa according to the number of days required by you
  • Submit all the documents that are mentioned above and any additional documents that are asked. To avoid last-minute hustle, check the website beforehand to know about all the documents that are required
  • Pay the application fee and keep the receipt safe 
  • You will need to get your passport stamped at the embassy or visa application centre on a given date 
  • You will receive the approval update of the visa through mail
Dubai Job Seeker Visa Requirements

Dubai Job Seeker Visa Cost

The following are the fee details of the Dubai job seeker visa:

Fee type Amount 
Request fee100 AED
Visa insurance fee for 60 days visa200 AED
Visa insurance fee for 90 days visa300 AED
Visa insurance fee for 120 days visa400 AED
Security deposit1,025 AED
E-service fee28.00 AED
ICP fee22.00 AED

The fee paid needs to be a sum of all the amounts mentioned above except the visa insurance, visa insurance needs to be paid according to the visa applied based on the number of days of visa validity.

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What is the processing time for a Dubai job seeker visa?

The processing time for a jobseeker visa to Dubai is not very long. It just takes 2 days for the visa to get processed once verification is done.

What are the benefits of working in Dubai?

Dubai has a very strong economy providing the employees with immense work and development opportunities. The country provides a multicultural environment with the scope of exploring and having a quality life. The wages are high in the country and no tax needs to be paid. Additionally, the jobs in the country come with high stability and safety.

Is it easy to get a job seeker visa to Dubai?

It is not very difficult to get a job seeker visa to Dubai if you meet the eligibility requirements and can submit all the documents needed for the visa application.

What is the difference between a visit visa and a job seeker visa in Dubai?

A visit visa is given for tourism purposes and short visits. For example, meeting family and friends in Dubai. On the other hand, a job seeker visa allows you to seek employment opportunities in Dubai. You are permitted to attend interviews. However, this visa doesn’t allow you to work. For that, you need to later apply for a work permit.

We hope you understand everything about Dubai job seeker visa requirements. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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