7 Steps to Track Ireland Visa Application in 2024

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The Ireland visa is required by international travellers for educational, work, tourism, or business purposes. There are mainly 2 types of Ireland visas: the long stay visas (D visas), and the short stay visas (C visas). Depending on the need, the person can apply for the same. However, more than applying for an Ireland visa is required, it is also important to track Ireland visa applications to know about the visa status. It is only by tracking the visa application, an applicant will get to know whether the visa application has been rejected or approved. We have provided 7 steps to track Ireland visa application to make the process easier. 

Ireland Visa Application Process

Here we have provided 4 steps for the Ireland visa application process. Applicants must be aware of this process to know when to track the Ireland visa application.

  • The Irish embassy would be separating the visa applications and the visa appeals and would be dividing them based on the visa type.
  • Next, each application would be arranged in the order they have been received in the visa office.
  • The official website would showcase the visa applications that are under processing. Note; the website is usually updated on Tuesdays.
  • Finally, the applicant can visit the Ireland Embassy website to know about the Ireland visa application. At this point, it is possible to track Ireland visa application. 

Why Track Ireland Visa Application?

It is important to track Ireland visa application to know the status of the application. By tracking the visa application a person can know if the visa has been approved or rejected. Aside from this, the applicant will get to know whether the visa has been delayed for any reason. Those who require an Ireland visa on an emergency basis might find it useful to track the visa application. The up-to-date information regarding visa processing will let a person know that the Ireland embassy/consulate is considering the visa application. 

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Step 1: Make Sure You Have Applied for an Ireland Visa  

track ireland visa application

To track any visa application it is important to apply for the same. To apply for an Ireland visa fill out the online application form on AVATS. Indian and Nepali citizens are required to arrange an appointment with the Visa Facilitation Service or the VFS. Here, the biometric information of the individuals will be recorded. Next, the applicants can submit the relevant documents for the visa type. Finally, pay the visa fees either directly to the VFS while booking the appointment or pay it in Indian currency through a bank draft. The visa fee for Indians is approximately, INR 5,300 (single entry), and INR 9000 (multiple entry).

Step 2: Check your Email for an Ireland Visa Update 

track ireland visa application

The next step to track Ireland visa application is to sign in to your email address provided in the visa application. Go to the ‘Inbox’ and check for a mail from VFS. The email subject would be ‘Ireland Visa Application’. This email will be sent to your account when the decision regarding the visa application has been made and sent to the visa application center.

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Step 3: Send an SMS to receive more detailed information 

track ireland visa application

The email would contain a brief information about the visa application status. Therefore, those who require detailed information about the visa application status can send an SMS directly to the VFS. The message has to be sent from the mobile number you have provided for registration purposes. However, this service may not be available in all centers. Therefore, it is important to enquire about the service at the visa application center. 

Step 4: Visit the VFS Website to receive an update 

track ireland visa application

Applicants can visit the VFS website to get up-to-date information regarding the visa application. To track Ireland visa applications visit the official website of the VFS, and click on the option ‘track visa application’ in the top bar menu. Next, click on ‘ track your visa application status online’ highlighted on the page. Now, you will be redirected to a new page where you can track your Ireland visa application status. 

track ireland visa application

To track Ireland visa Applications before February 24, 2022, visit an alternative link provided on the VFS website ‘ Track an application’ page. The link will be highlighted in orange as ‘Click Here’.  As an old applicant, you need to click on this link to be redirected to a new page. 

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Step 6. Enter Accurate Information to receive the correct visa report 

track ireland visa application

After you have been redirected to a new page, additional information will be asked. Only 2 information has to be entered. They are; The Ireland visa reference number, and the date of birth of the applicant.  Make sure these details are entered correctly, as wrong information would mean wrong visa result. 

Step 7: Finally View the Status of your Application

Hurray! You have completed the steps above and now you can view the status of your application. The visa application can be in process, be approved, or be rejected. It is even possible that your visa application is delayed. There are several reasons for a delay in application processing.  For example, postal delays, biometrics, or in-depth document verification and review. The visa application can be delayed if the applicant fails to satisfy the initial assessment.

Tips For a Successful Ireland Visa Application

The Ireland visa application approval rate is 96% in terms of student visas. Generally,  1-4% of visas are only rejected. There are several ways an applicant can ensure that the visa application receives approval. Some tips for the same are provided below:

  1. Provide original documents and authentic information in the visa application form 
  2. Demonstrate strong ties to the home country 
  3. Create a travel itinerary for the intended trip and provide the same 
  4. Have sufficient financial means required to travel/work/study in the country
  5. Have a valid passport, and travel insurance 
  6. The applicant must not have violated any visa rules in the past, and must not have any criminal record. 

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Can I track my visa application online?

Yes, it is possible to track the visa application status online. For this, the applicant can enter the visa reference number and the date of birth to view the results.

Why my Ireland visa is delayed?

Under certain circumstances, the visa application processing can be delayed. For example, postal delays, document verification, and review, among other things. 

Do you get an email when your visa is approved?

Yes. An email will be sent to provide the details of the Ireland visa application. The same has to be presented while attending an international check-in appointment. 

We hope you now understand what an Ireland Work Visa for India is, its requirements, the application process, etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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