50+ Useful Topics for English-Speaking Practice

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Finding engaging topics for English-speaking practice is one of the important steps towards learning it better. You must keep in mind while speaking about the topic and the time you have to speak. Start picking up some easy and simple topics including the words that will clearly explain it. The conversation topics for different people are always which were known to you and have some similarities. For example, a group of friends usually discuss topics in which all of them have an interest such as sports, entertainment, science or technology etc. Additionally, proper practice of spoken English should be done by each person to generate a habit of expressing their thoughts through words.

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List of Topics for English-Speaking Practice

If you are starting the English speaking practice then you can do it by taking some simple and basic topics. After learning to speak English well you can start learning the topics you know and then start moving from basic to advanced-level topics. Let’s take a look at some of the useful topics for English-speaking practice.

  1. Describe how your day went.
  2. Introduction About Yourself.
  3. Your Favourite Childhood Memory.
  4. Some funniest incidents that have happened in your life.
  5. Describe your school days.
  6. Struggle to find your first Job.
  7. A story you like very much.
  8. Describe your parents.
  9. Conversation with a friend
  10. Memorable Trip with your friends.
  11. Your Last Day at School.
  12. Your College Farewell.
  13. First Day at college.
  14. Experience of a Corporate Job.
  15. Describing a day at your village.
  16. Experience of visiting the zoo for the first time. 
  17. Describing your favourite teacher.
  18. Brief description of your famous sportsperson
  19. Autobiography of your favourite leader. 
  20. How to make your favourite dish that you like to cook.
  21. Write about your aim in life.
  22. Describe your favourite festival.
  23. How to do the photography?
  24. Your favourite holiday destination.
  25. How to do the gardening in your house’s garden.
  26. Trekking in the Himalayas
  27. Wildlife Safari at your Favourite National Park. 
  28. Famous heritage site you visited.
  29. Famous Monument you recently visited. 
  30. How did the holidays in Goa go?
  31. Describing your favourite movie.
  32. Write about your favourite music and dance.
  33. How to build strong relationships with your friends?
  34. Developing your professional career.
  35. Which is your favourite pet and why?
  36. Who inspires you in life and How?
  37. How you are planning to spend your weekend?
  38. Give your opinion on the education system.
  39. What is your favourite sports memory?
  40. Describing your favourite cricket match.
  41. Describe your best friend.
  42. Do you prefer online or offline shopping and why?
  43. Difference between indoor and outdoor games.
  44. What would you do if you got a superpower?:
  45. Describe the book that you recently read.
  46. Explain about your hometown.
  47. What are the advantages of doing exercise?
  48. Five points on your favourite gadget.
  49. What are the five most important things that you have learnt from your parents?
  50. A mistake you have committed in life that you still regret about. 

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How To Practice English Speaking?

English practice is necessary when you want to speak it well. Learning the formation of sentences through which you can use it well while speaking. Speak and discuss in the English language with friends. You can take the guidance of the native speakers as well as the fluent ones who can speak the language well. Try to gain as much knowledge as possible so that you can learn to speak well on any particular topic. 

Learn English grammar so that you can properly form sentences using it. Watch the English documentaries, movies, and TV shows and learn to speak with a good accent. Additionally, you can learn phrases for speaking with fluency. Speak in front of people who are professional speakers and take feedback from them about how to improve their English speaking skills.

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Learning a New Language

Learning a new language requires lots of practice and finding ways to get better at it. Finding the best way can help you develop a better understanding of the language. The native language is learnt by people from childhood but if they want to be proficient in other ones then they should learn it. You can start by taking a course, online or offline classes, downloading the app, or reading books. Practice and take each lesson seriously by learning it properly. Solve exercises after completing any chapter to check how well you know the language. Watch the lectures and videos to understand how the native speakers of the language speak. After completely learning the language you can check how well you were able to write, read and speak it. Try to speak it confidently and accurately whatever topic is given to you. You can find a language exchange partner such as friends, classmates, families, coworkers, etc. to share your views and check your understanding of the language.   


How to practice English speaking?

Speak, listen, and read the English language conversations. Learn phrases and have fun while practising English speaking. 

What are the best topics for English-speaking practice?

The best topics for English-speaking practice are experience during the first job, Your best travel experience, Saving the environment, etc. 

How to learn a new language?

Set the language goals which should be completed at a particular time, learn the vocabulary, and understand the style through which you can learn English, Practice speaking English are the things that you can do to learn a new language. 

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