Games To Learn English: A New Way Of Learning

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Games to Learn English

There are several games to learn English out there that provide an interactive and fun way of learning. It makes you easily understand English and use to it make growth in your career. You can easily go on a website and play the games along with learning. There are several best apps available to learn english that have so many interesting games in them. Playing with letters and words could make your learning more interesting and fun. In this blog, we will find out some of the best games to learn English that will help you in many ways.

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Best Games To Learn English

English has become a language that has become a very important part of the people’s professional lives. Some find it boring to learn English traditionally so they want a fun way to learn. So, here are some of the best games to learn English that will make learning fun and help us in the long run.


Scrabble is a word game where you have to do the formation. The game is available at different gaming websites and it is also available for download on Play Store. In the game, you have to find the words given in the table that are in the puzzle form. You can easily unleash the Scrabble skills as every day a new challenge comes into the game which is an easy way to train your brain and learn. Additionally, you can also play it with friends and family. Other features of the app are a Scrabble dictionary and a word finder that will help you score more.

Game Link –  Scrabble

Fast English

One of the simplest games to learn English that is made for students is Fast English. The students can listen to the words and select the matching images in the game. This is one of the best games if you are starting your journey of learning English. You can adjust the game speed whether you want to play slow or fast. You can also choose the vocabularies according to your preferences and enjoy the game. The teacher’s section is also available in the game where they can set homework for the students. 

Game Link –  Fast English


The WordShake is a game that is available on the British Council website. It is all about as many points as you can get in three minutes. The longer words help you score more points. Each point will be awarded depending on the letters present in the words. The game helps in taking your vocabulary to another level. In this game, a table having different letters in the boxes is given where you have to form a word. Moreover, you can select any letters from any position if you are following the spelling order. It is one of the finest games to learn English that can help you improve it.

Game Link: Wordshake | LearnEnglish

Grammar Bubbles

The visually appealing game is simple and easy to play. It focuses on different grammar points and has a complex form of structure. The best game for learning about the structures of English grammar. Click on the start game and you just have to form the sentences with a list of words and letters given. There are certain images given in the sentence that are present to give you more points if you form the sentence by using them. The game has 10 stages and you have to pass each one to complete the game. Additionally, there are three maps in the game focussing on verb conjugations, pronouns, and plural particles. From the link below you can easily play the game and learn English.

Game Link: Grammar Bubbles


Scattergories is an online game that is also known as Guggenheim. It can be played with friends to improve the vocabulary. The main aim of the game is to find out the words and write them down for the game category you have chosen. Multiple rounds are there in the game and in each, a letter is needed to be selected from which word starts. Evaluation of the candidates will happen based on score.

Game Link: Scattergories

Monster Vocab

An important game to learn English is where you can practice simple vocabulary words. After listening to the audio you have to select the correct word associated with it. The images given in the game show context and meaning. Through both the audio and video you can learn English and some new words. The game can be divided into three parts first you have to click on the matching image by listening or reading the word. In the second part, you have to drag the image to match and in the third one, you have to look at the image and click on the matching word. 

Game Link: Monster Vocab


A game-based learning app that helps you level up the vocabulary. It helps in learning and teaching easier. The fun allows you to make lesson plans that keep the students busy. Knoword converts the definitions, words, and terms into a fully customizable game. You can select from the available word pack options or can choose your own. Additionally, it allows you to create vocabulary skills along with enjoyment. 

Game Link: Knoword

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Board Games to Learn English

Board Games are another way to learn English along with having all the fun. It is helpful for both the native and non-native speakers. During, their free time anyone willing to learn English can play these board games and enjoy. Let’s discuss some of the Board Games that will help you enjoy as well as learn English. 

  • Taboo
  • Scattergories
  • Jenga
  • Scrabble
  • Bananagrams
  • Boggle
  • Upwords
  • Apples to Apples
  • Balderdash
  • Funglish

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What are the best ways to learn English?

There are several ways to learn English such as downloading the English learning app, learning through YouTube, enrolling in a course, watching podcasts, etc. 

How you can learn English by playing games?

Playing games helps you to learn English in a fun and interactive manner. Games have interactive graphics and puzzles that help you to learn English and use it wherever required.

What are some of the popular games to learn English?

Some of the popular games to learn English are reverse charades, Scrabble, Taboo, Word Hunt, Crossword, etc. 

This was all about “Games to learn English: a new way of learning”. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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