How to Learn English Quickly: Tips for Students and Adults

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How to Learn English Quickly

How to Learn English Quickly: English is a complicated language but at the same time, it is one of those languages which is spoken by millions of people in the world. In a world, where English language is required to be learned by pilots, corporate employees, and doctors, it is essential to learn it to even get a job. If you are also one of those who is currently struggling with this, worry not as we have got you. Keep reading this blog post as we talk about how you can learn English quickly by following some steps. 

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How to Learn English Quickly (Step by Step)

As we have talked before, English is a vast language, with so many rules, and exceptions it can become confusing about what to speak when or when to write what. So, to help you learn English we have compiled a few basic points which will at least get you started on this language-learning process. Take a look at the following points to learn English fast. 

Watch English Movies

If you are a cinephile and at the same time looking for ways to improve your English language speaking written skills then this one is for you. You can use this method to your advantage by watching movies which are not only interesting but also helpful at the same time. There are a plethora of documentaries which can be found online which you can watch and learn new words, how to frame sentences etc. 

Check out some of the Hollywood movies which you must give it watch to learn English quickly!

Forest GumpHarry Potter
Toy StoryThe Hunger Games
Men in BlackNotting Hill

Listen to English Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Another best way to learn English quickly is by constantly being exposed to English podcasts and YouTube channels. By doing so, you will not only gain knowledge but also come across new words which will eventually help you implement those in speaking, writing and on other occasions. Remember YouTube is free and you can use it to gain knowledge on any topic.

Here are some of the best YouTube/podcasts that you should check out to help you learn English quickly.

BBC Learning EnglishBritish Council
6 Minute EnglishLearn English with Bob the Canadian
Luke’s English PodcastThe English We Speak

Build Vocabulary

It has been rightly said, that you can’t build up a vocabulary if you never meet any new words. Similarly, you must learn at least 5 new words daily to enhance your English and stand out from others. One must actively encounter new words and record them in a diary which will help them to memorise and further them in the construction of sentences. 

Did you know that a new word is added every 98 minutes which means 14 new words are added to the dictionary in the entire day.  This makes for 4000 new words in the entire year. 

Join Online English Classes

One of the most classic and traditional ways to learn English quickly is by joining classes where a tutor will guide you, give you exercises, give you tests to check your knowledge and much more. This method might sound a bit boring for some but it might prove to be the best for others. 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology might have taken over the entire and has its downsides but it can be your friend too. Nowadays, there are several AI tools and apps that you can use to your advantage by allowing them to help you teach and guide you in learning and speaking fluent English. 

Check out some of the AI tools/apps that will help you learn English quickly and easily.

Talkpal AI ChatDuolingo
UniverbalTutor Lily
Makes You FluentLangBuddy

Use Shadowing to Learn English

Lastly, not many of you might be aware of this method but the term ‘shadowing’ simply means copying something that you have heard and imitating it. While some people might call it the listen-and-repeat method both are the same thing. This method of learning English is one of the best ways as it will also help you improve your accent, pronunciation skills and fluency when speaking.

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How can I learn English very fast?

Some of the best ways to learn English very quickly are: to speak English with your friends and family, build your own vocabulary, learn to make new sentences every day and watch movies to make learning fun. 

Can I study English for free?

Yes, you can learn and study English for free. This is possible as there are several apps and AI tools available which allow you to learn any language, or skill for free in the comfort of your home. 

How to read English easily?

To be able to read English easily, one must study the language, build vocabulary, use online translators to perfect oneself, active listening, and practice with native speakers among others.

This was all about “how to learn English quickly.” Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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