5+ Challenges in Learning English as a Second Language

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When we talk about challenges in learning English as a second language(ESL) there are lots of them which make it difficult to learn. The students who are starting to learn English as a secondary language must keep some important things in mind such as improving their vocabulary. Practice is the key when you are learning it as a secondary language. There are huge advantages such as better employment opportunities, career growth etc. that the learners can get if they learn to speak the language. In the blog, we will discuss the challenges that learners face while learning English as a second language. 

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Challenges In Learning English as a Second Language

Learning English as a secondary language(ESL) requires the right resources and techniques to learn it well. Whether you want to be an English teacher or a certified trainer learning the language is crucial. Several challenges occur when people start to learn English as a second language:

Weak Vocabulary

One of the biggest challenges that learning English as a second language students face is weak vocabulary. If you are not having a strong vocabulary then you will face difficulties while learning English. The students find it difficult to understand written and spoken English. They could not express themselves while speaking the language. Students can do several activities to improve their vocabulary such as reading English newspapers, and articles, revision, and learning new words regularly.  Additionally, following the improvement techniques and methods can improve your English

Problem In Speaking and Writing

A major challenge that students face while learning English as a second language is unable to speak and write well. It causes hesitation in students to attend the lectures, understand them and freely speak English during the classes. They cannot express themselves during the classes due to weaknesses in the language. It can be addressed by providing the students an opportunity to speak English in front of the class. Additionally, building a supportive environment where the student would not hesitate to speak the language. 

Learning Styles

Every student has their own style of learning English so they find it harder to understand. They mostly know their primary language and have used it in connection with other people. To adapt the English as a second language they must be required to understand it better. They need to find the strategies so that they can excel in the language. The teachers should also start teaching the students in their own learning style so that they can learn the language at their own pace. 

Low Confidence

So many students who are ESL learners are facing this challenge as they are unable to get the confidence to speak up in class. They have low self-confidence as they think another fellow will laugh at them. Additionally, they were not able to generate the confidence to tell what was coming to their mind. They show a lack of participation in different activities and do not have enough opportunities. Teachers can encourage them to participate and learn through different activities. They can set targets for the students and reward them for achieving them.

Grammatical Mistakes

There is a huge importance in learning English as a secondary language but people tend to make grammatical mistakes at the start. They usually perform grammatical mistakes making it difficult to learn the language. Moreover, they find it difficult to understand basic grammar such as verbs, nouns, articles, adjectives, tenses, etc. The problems can be corrected by proper practising and learning of the grammar from the basic to the advanced level. It is crucial to first get perfect in basic grammar by proper practice and revision of the rules of English grammar.

Differences In Cultures

Differences in culture are a huge challenge when you are trying to learn English as a second language. Students coming from diverse backgrounds have different beliefs, cultures, languages, customs and communication styles. Learners should find ways to generate interest in learning and adjust accordingly. However, teachers can promote cultural awareness and activities so that the students can learn to adapt to the communication style of others. A culturally responsive environment will be beneficial for students coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

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How to Overcome Challenges In ESL?

Overcoming challenges in learning English as a second language can be a difficult task due to its nature. There is limited exposure that the people get about English as they mostly speak their primary language. If you want to overcome the challenges in ESL then you must study the language properly. 

Make sure to speak the language in front of the native speakers. Do the practice conversations, and perform the structured speaking tasks. It can improve the fluency when you are speaking the language. 

Additionally, learners can improve their vocabularies by indulging in reading activities. They can also attempt the exercises to test their level of proficiency in the English language. 


What are the challenges of learning English as a second language?

Some of the challenges of learning English as a second language are Weak vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking and listening skills. 

How you can learn English as a second language. 

Practice speaking and writing English excelling in the language every day. Start learning new words that make your level advanced in the language. 

What are the best books for learning English as a second language?

Some of the best books for learning English as a second language are – English Collocations in Use by Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell, Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies by Michelle Maxom, Essential English Grammar by Raymond Murphy, etc.

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