Best Websites to Learn English in 2024

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Best websites to learn English in 2024

In today’s world, fluency in English is a valuable asset. With so many online resources available, learning English has never been easier.  Whether you want to learn English for business or as a career growth opportunity just go to a website and find relevant content to improve your English skills. This blog post explores some of the best websites to learn English in 2024, catering to a variety of learners and learning styles. Some of the most popular websites include British Council, Cambly, Cambridge English, Wyzant, Duolingo, and FluentU.

Whether you are a beginner seeking a fun and interactive experience or an advanced learner looking to perfect your grammar and pronunciation, there is a website out there to help you achieve your goals. Let’s explore some of the most reliable websites now!!

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7 Best Websites To Learn English in 2024

English has become an important tool for people worldwide, owing to its extensive use in the economic, geo-political, and academic spheres. So, to make yourself significant in any walk of life, you can start learning this universal language through some of the best websites to Learn English in 2024 like Preply, British Council, Cambridge English, etc. 


Preply website for learning covers nearly all aspects related to English. It provides engaging classes that are interactive for users who want to learn English. You can find the best tutor according to what you want to learn in English. After finding the right tutor who will engage and inspire you can start learning. You can also plan the next steps and learn to speak, write, and read English well. Corporate training is also provided on the website for different businesses. Several popular online English courses are available for everyone whether it is a kid, a business professional, or a student. 

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British Council

British Council is a popular website that provides you with different resources, methods, and study materials to learn English. The website has many features and plans available that you can choose according to your needs. You can learn English from the British Council teachers who are available 24/7 and provide both private and group classes. Additionally, you can gain confidence in speaking English as well improving vocabulary and pronunciation. The website has a feature where you can check your level of English by just entering your email address. Moreover, you can improve your level of English through various stages of the learning process. 

Cambridge English

Cambridge English is another popular and best website to learn English in 2024. You can easily test your level of English and perform several activities such as grammar, vocabulary building, speaking, reading, writing, and listening. One can learn with fun by participating in various quizzes and games online. The website is accessible through smartphones, laptops, and tablets where you can play interesting games along with English learning. Additionally, there are questions available in the exam format so that you can prepare for several tests.

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On the website, you can learn English as well as other subjects as there are more than 65000 tutors available. You can easily find a tutor on the website by sharing your goals and booking a lesson to learn. You can start learning from the starting price of USD 45 and for your first lesson, a money-back guarantee is available. It is the best place for one-to-one personal learning and an app is also available for it for a better learning experience.


The best website to learn English is where you can take online classes taught by native speakers. There are so many fantastic services available for adults, kids, and various businesses on the website. You can choose the plan according to your requirements from the kids, organizations, and the group lessons. Additionally, there are different courses available on the website including the IELTS speaking, basic, intermediate, and advanced conversational topics. 

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Duolingo is one of the best websites to learn English. You can easily learn English even if you are a beginner. They provide content in the language you know so that you can easily and interactively learn English. Students can check their progress on the website and can make improvements according to it. A personalised and fun experience including game-like features. You can also check your English level in the app and can improve through it. Additionally, check English proficiency by taking the Duolingo test which is accepted by more than 5000 universities across the globe.


FluentU provides engaging and authentic videos so that you can learn online. It gives a 14-day free trial for the learners which can be changed later. There are more than 10,000 interactive videos that a entertaining as well as a learning experience. A huge library of curated videos for all kinds of learners from beginner, intermediate to advanced levels. Moreover, the translations and subtitles are also available in the videos to get a better understanding of them. The courses are available along with video lessons and quizzes.

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What are the best available websites to learn English in 2024?

Some of the best available websites to learn English in 2024 are the British Council, Preply, BBC Learning English, Cambridge English, etc. 

How you can learn English through YouTube?

You can learn English by subscribing to channels that teach it such as Bob the Canadian, Preply, BBC Learn English, etc. It is important to learn English from start to end. 

What are the best books for learning English?

Some of the best books for learning English that you can read are the Harry Potter series, Animal Farm by George Orwell, Pride and Prejudice, Spoken English- By Alison Reid, etc.

This was all about “Best websites to learn English in 2024”. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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