What is the Noun for Decide: Meaning, Synonyms, & Examples

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Noun for Decide is ‘Decision’ which represents the act of choosing or making up your mind about something. So, when we talk about a “decision,” we are not talking about a specific thing you can hold in your hand, but rather the process of thinking about options and choosing one. 

The word “decide” comes from the latin word “decidere,” which is made up of two parts: “de,” meaning “off” or “away,” and “caedere,” meaning “to cut.” So the literal meaning of “decide” is “to cut off” or “to cut away.” 

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What is the Type of Noun for Decide? With Meaning

The noun word for ‘decide’ i.e. ‘decision’ will come under two types of noun: common noun and abstract noun. It will come under abstract noun as it represents the concept or idea of deciding, as the definition suggests. 


  • I need to decide which college to attend.
  • The jury took several hours to decide the verdict.

15+ Synonyms of Decide

Using synonyms can make writing more interesting and varied. Instead of repeating the same word over and over, you can swap it out with a synonym to keep things fresh. Synonyms all involve making a choice or reaching a conclusion about something. Let’s look into some of the synonyms for decide that will help students in their writing:

  • Choose
  • Opt
  • Determine
  • Figure
  • Resolve
  • Find
  • Conclude
  • Pick
  • Settle (on or upon)
  • Select
  • Rule
  • Elect
  • Prefer
  • Name
  • Decree
  • Adjudicate
  • Arbitrate
  • Contemplate
  • Consider

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Picture For Noun Of Decide

Now that we have understood the noun of decide clearly. Let’s look at the list of synonyms of ‘decide’ given below.

Examples of Noun for Decide in Sentences

As we have already explained what is the noun for decide and what is its form? Now let’s have a look at the sentence examples of decide and decision.

  • After much deliberation, Sarah finally decided to pursue a career in medicine.
  • The jury deliberated for hours before reaching a unanimous decision.
  • Tom couldn’t decide between the two options presented to him.
  • After weighing all the pros and cons, Jennifer made the difficult decision to end her long-term relationship.
  • The court’s decision to acquit the defendant shocked many people.

Noun Quiz for Decide

Instruction: Given below are questions to test your knowledge about the noun.

  1. Which sentence best illustrates “decision” as an abstract noun?

a) She made the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
b) The decision tree helped them choose the best option.
c) Deciding on a restaurant was difficult with so many choices.
d) Their decision-making process was meticulous.

  1. Identify the sentence where “decision” is pluralized correctly.
    a) He had to make many difficult decisions in his career.
    b) The committee voted on several decision.
    c) We reached a consensus on the decisions.
    d) Each team member provided their own decision.


  1. d) Their decision-making process was meticulous.
  2. a) He had to make many difficult decisions in his career.

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