7+ Best Books For Learning English As a Second Language (ESL)

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Best Books for Learning English as a Second Language

When you are searching for the best books for learning English as a second language it requires lots of research. There are several countries where English is used as a second language such as Denmark, India, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, etc. A book for learning English should have an easy language and cover all the basic rules of it. It should provide an alphabet for learning, improve vocabulary, and help to learn English quickly. Additionally, if you want to gain a better learning experience then you can take these books for reference. In the blog, we will discuss some of the best books for learning English as a second language.  

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8 Best Books For Learning English as a Second Language

There are some best books for learning English as a second language for both adults and young readers that you can take to make the improvements. If you are starting to learn English as a secondary language and currently only know your primary language. In this scenario, the learning should start from basics where you have to learn about the alphabet and its usage. However, if you know English well then you should focus on improving it in various ways. Here, are the 8 best books for learning English as a second language. 

Teaching and Learning the English Language

This book by Richard Badger includes the fundamentals of the English language for the growth and develop essential skills. It provides both the social and psychological learning process improving the way of learning. Language assessment and evaluation are the key things in the book that help both the teachers and the students. Additionally, the book helps in the professional development of the teachers so that they can teach vocabulary, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, etc. Whether you want to learn English as a first, second, or third language it is suitable for all. 

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Word Power Made Easy

A popular book by Normal Lewis that includes the correct usage of words. If you are preparing for any competitive exam and want to crack the English part of it then this book is perfect. The book provides a simple and step-by-step method that makes you a master of the English language. It also helps in enhancing your vocabulary to a superior level. Additionally, a fine book when you are looking to learn English as a second language. 

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Developing Intermediate Vocabulary

The book by Simon Haines is designed for intermediate-level students to learn, practice, and discover words. It is a genuine book that improves the vocabulary of the readers. Additionally, the book contains idioms, phrasal verbs, word-building, and several other topics that help in improving your grammar. A wide range of exercises are also available in the book on various topics to help the students practice well and learn English as a second language. 

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The Practice of English Language Teaching

The Best Book for English Language Teaching by Jeremy Harmer is an essential guide for teachers who want to teach it. English language teaching practice is available that affects the teacher’s decision. It helps the teachers to manage the curriculum and teach grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary effectively. The book is suitable if you want to improve your reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. 

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Essential English Grammar

The Essential English Grammar Book by English teaching expert Raymond Murphy who has more than 17 years of experience. It covers grammar from the basic to the advanced level and has a high number of readers all around the world. An English language course that is designed to teach the learners. It follows a structured syllabus that includes all the English grammar topics. 

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Cambridge Grammar and Writing Skills

The book was written by Wendy Wren and Sarah Lindsay to improve their writing and grammar skills. There are different text types present in the book such as instructions, reports, dialogue, and recounts. The specific activities of the writing type help in practising the grammar of the students. Additionally, the elaborated writing tasks and the planning tools develop the essential learner’s skills that include planning, creative thinking, editing, and checking. 

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Natural Grammar: The keywords of English and how they work

The book by Scott Thornbury consists of explanations of each topic including the exercises. It is mainly divided into four sections: grammar patterns, set phrases, definitions, and collocations. There are enough exercises in the book for practice and it also contains natural phrases and idioms for study. 

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Conversation Gambits: Real English Conversation Practices

The conversation Gambits helps in improving the English grammar as their real conversation of the topics. It has enough phrases and words that help the students to learn the language. Additionally, it provides conversational ideas to the students so that they can talk at the professional level comfortably. You can start the conversation easily or generate new ideas during it. The gambits can be used to show what the people are trying to say. 

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Best Books to Read in English for Beginners

If you want to find the best books to read in English and you are a beginner then you should start with books that are easy to understand. The book should be easy to read, entertaining, and consist of small and medium chapters. Here, we have compiled the list of best books that you can read in English at the beginner’s level. 

The AlchemistPaulo Coelho
To Kill a MockingbirdHarper Lee
Animal FarmGeorge Orwell
Chicken Soup for the Soul books Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen
The House on Mango StreetSandra Cisneros
Charlotte’s WebE.B. White
Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandLewis Carrol
A Thousand Splendid Suns Khalid Hosseini
Diary of a Wimpy KidJeff Kinney
Catcher in the RyeJ.D. Salinger

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How do books help the students in learning English?

The books help the students in various ways as they provide the content and topics related to the language. They develop a deep understanding of the subject improving the speaking, writing, and reading skills of the students.

What are some of the best books for learning English as a second language?

Some of the best books for learning English as a second language are Teaching English to Children by Wendy Scott and Lisbeth Ytreberg, Practical English Usage by Michael Swan, Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis, etc.

How to teach English as a second language?

Teaching English as a second Language can be started by teaching the alphabet, pronunciation, phonics, and basic rules of grammar. They can later teach sentence construction, speak in simple language, encourage the students to learn, and provide exercises for the students to learn. 

This was all about the “Best Books For Learning English As A Second Language”. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar.

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