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Noun Starting with N: English is a fascinating language, not only this, but it is also one of the most spoken languages in the entire world. It is a common language spoken for international communication in business, diplomacy, science etc. In this, comes the role of nouns, which are words that give names to people, places, feelings etc. Common nouns starting with N are nurse, Nelson Mandela, niece, nephew, nursery etc which you will come across. Keep reading this blog post to find more information on nouns starting with N to improve your English grammar.

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Before we begin with all the different types of nouns starting with the letter N. Check out this picture below where we have compiled some of the commonly used words starting with this letter. You can save and download this infographic which will be useful for future reference. 

Nouns starting with N

Different Types of Nouns Starting with the Letter N

We all know that nouns are describing words which are used in naming a person, place, thing etc. In simple words, they act like labels for everything around us! They are of various types: 

However, today we will be going through the list of nouns starting with N under all these categories. 

Proper Nouns that Start with N

Proper nouns are a specific noun that is used to single out a particular person, thing or place. Moreover, this type of noun acts as a unique identifier within the vast world of nouns. Check out the list of proper nouns starting with N along with examples. 

Proper Noun Starting with NExample Sentences
Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela, a champion for justice, spent 27 years in prison before becoming South Africa’s first black president.
NASAInspired by the Space Race, NASA launched the Apollo missions, culminating in the first human steps on the Moon in 1969.
National GeographicFor stunning wildlife photography and in-depth articles on global cultures, I always turn to National Geographic.
NetflixI spent all weekend curled up on the couch binge-watching my favorite show on Netflix
NikonThe wildlife photographer adjusted the settings on her Nikon before quietly approaching the sleeping tiger.
Nike The runner laced up her bright pink Nike sneakers before setting off for a morning jog.
The NotebookDespite their separation by social class, Noah reads from his worn copy of “The Notebook,” rekindling Allie’s memories of their passionate summer love.
The Night at the Museum In “The Night at the Museum,” a down-on-his-luck father becomes a night guard at a museum where the exhibits come alive after dark, leading to hilarious adventures.
Napoleon BonaparteA brilliant military strategist, Napoleon Bonaparte rose from a young officer to Emperor of France, conquering much of Europe before his eventual downfall.
Novak DjokovicWith his recent win at Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic has cemented his position as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

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Common Nouns that Start with N

Going by the name, one can easily make that common nouns are simply words that refer to general categories of people, things, places etc. They are known to be the building blocks which help us in describing the world around us in a better way. Similarly, we have compiled a table of all the common nouns starting with the letter N, do check them out. 

Common Noun Starting with NExamples
NephewMy nephew is always full of energy, so playing with him is a workout!
NieceSarah loves spending weekends baking cookies with her niece, who always brings a burst of laughter and flour to the kitchen.
NightingaleThe sweet song of the nightingale filled the air as twilight descended.
NecklaceShe clasped the delicate silver necklace around her neck, the tiny charm a reminder of her childhood summers by the lake.
NapkinShe dabbed her chin with a crumpled napkin after taking a bite of the juicy burger.
NoodlesSimmered in a rich broth with vegetables and succulent slices of chicken, the comforting noodles were perfect for a cold evening.
NotebookDuring class, Sarah reached for her worn leather notebook to jot down the important points.
NurseThe nurse checked on her patients throughout the night, ensuring they were comfortable and received their medication on time.
NestThe robin carefully built its nest out of twigs and leaves in the crook of the old oak tree.
NurseryThe brightly painted nursery walls awaited the arrival of the new baby with a crib, rocking chair, and cuddly stuffed animals.

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Abstract Nouns that Start with N

Abstract nouns are also referred to as the thinkers of the noun world. They simply refer to ideas, concepts, emotions, and qualities that are intangible. They exist in our minds and can’t be physically touched, seen, smelled, tasted, or heard (are part of our five senses). 

Abstract Nouns Starting with NExamples
NostalgiaThe flickering home movies sparked a warm nostalgia for simpler times.
NoveltyThe restaurant’s initial novelty drew in crowds, but they needed to focus on quality food to keep customers coming back.
NicenessThe teacher’s niceness created a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom.
NobilityThe firefighter’s act of rushing into the burning building exemplified the nobility of selflessness.
NurtureThe dedicated gardener nurtured the fragile seedlings, ensuring they received enough sunlight and water to thrive.
NaughtinessThe children’s uncontrollable giggling betrayed their naughtiness as they hid cookies behind their backs.
NeatnessShe prided herself on the neatness of her workshop, every tool meticulously placed for easy access.
NegotiationThe labour union entered into negotiations with management with the hope of securing a fair pay raise for its members.
NecessityFaced with a flat tire miles from town, they realized the necessity of a spare.
NeutralitySwitzerland’s long history of neutrality has made it a popular choice for hosting international peace talks.

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Nouns Starting with N to Describe a Person with Examples

English is a diverse language with a vast vocabulary of words to describe every situation. Similarly, we have compiled this list of nouns starting with N to describe a person. These words will help you improve your English grammar and use it wisely. 

Noun Starting with N to Describe a PersonMeaningExample
NaiveSomeone innocent, trusting, and perhaps a little too optimistic because they haven’t yet encountered the complexities of life.Believing anyone who flatters him, Mark comes across as a bit naive in office politics.
Narrow-mindedNarrow-mindedness describes someone unwilling to consider new ideas or perspectives different from their own. The narrow-minded teacher refused to allow any discussion methods in his classroom, believing rote memorization was the only way to learn.
NativeAnimal or a person born in a particular place or belonging to the original inhabitants of a place.The kangaroo is a native animal of Australia.
NaturalRefers to things that exist or occur in the environment without human intervention.The hike took us through a beautiful natural landscape filled with towering trees and a sparkling stream.
NeighbourlyFriendly and helpful in a way that is typical of good neighbours.It was very neighbourly of them to offer to mow our lawn while we were away.
NaughtySomeone who is not following the rules or behaving badly in a minor way, often playfully or mischievously.The puppy chewed on my slippers, the little naughty!
NarcissisticSomeone who has an inflated sense of their importance, a deep need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.The influencer’s constant selfies and bragging about his follower count revealed a rather narcissistic personality.
NauticalRelated to sailors, ships, or navigation at sea.The captain used a nautical chart to plan his course across the Atlantic Ocean.
NervousFeeling anxious, worried, or uneasy about something that might happen.She felt nervous before her big presentation.
NerdySomeone very interested in intellectual or academic pursuits.Sarah spent her Saturday afternoon happily nerding out over medieval history documentaries. 

Sentences of Noun Starting with N

Now that you are familiar with all the types of nouns starting with N, we have now compiled several sentences with such nouns which will give you ideas to form more such sentences. 

  • The nurse checked the patient’s temperature carefully.
  • The hungry neighbourhood cat waited by the back door for scraps.
  • Nadia wrote a detailed note in her new notebook.
  • The delicious noodles simmered in a rich nut broth.
  • The curious nightingale sang a beautiful song on the moonlit night.

Nouns Starting with N- Download PDF

If you are overwhelmed with all the words starting with N, worry not as we have compiled a quick list of all the types of nouns starting with the letter N. Check out the PDF below, you can save and download it for your future reference. 

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What are some nouns starting with the letter N?

Some nouns starting with the letter N include nobility, nourishment, nucleus, navigator and nominee. 

What things start with N?

A common list of things that start with N are Naan, nachos, nail clippers, nail polish, nail files etc.

What are some positive words starting with N?

Some positive words starting with the letter N are nice, noble, neat, nimble, novel, noteworthy etc.

This was all about the nouns starting with N and their meaning with examples. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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