What is the Adverb for Care: Meaning, Pictures & Examples

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Adverbs of Care: The word ‘care’ signifies that a task is done with utmost precision. When -ly is added to the word care, it becomes ‘carefully’ making it an adverb. Some common synonyms of ‘care’ are safekeeping, attention, concern, etc. If you want to learn, then continue reading this blog to learn about adverbs with synonyms and multiple examples. 

What is the Type of Adverb for Care?

The adverb ‘care’ or ‘carefully’ means to give a lot of attention to someone or something. For Example, They must be carefully handled and stored. The adverb of care comes under the category of Adverbs of Manner

Here, the word ‘care’ denotes that something can be done with utmost care. Another example of this word can be, ‘He listened carefully to the way people spoke.

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9+ Synonyms of Adverb Care

Here is the list of synonyms for the word ‘care’ that can be used by you if you are looking to expand your vocabulary in English. Students looking for more words can use the words below in the sentence. 

  • Safekeeping
  • Attention
  • Concern
  • Responsibility
  • Protection
  • Supervision
  • Management
  • Preservation
  • Maintenance
  • Tenderly
  • Cautiously
  • Precisely
  • Attentively

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Picture for Adverb Care

You can use the picture to memorize and download it for future reference.

Examples of Care as Adverb

Let us understand the usage of the word ‘care’ in sentences with the help of the following examples:

  • It is important to eat a carefully balanced diet.
  • Maria rose slowly and carefully.
  • He put the glass down carefully.
  • Please listen carefully.
  • He carefully aimed at his target.

Adverb Quiz

We have created a quiz for you which will test your knowledge.

  1. He picked up the glass ______.
  1. Carefully
  2. Hastily
  3. Immediately
  4. Care

      2. She chooses her words with ______.

  1. Care
  2. Carefully 
  3. Concern
  4. Cautiously

Check Your Answers Below

  1. Carefully
  2. Care

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This was all about the Adverb Care, its meanings, and examples. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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